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June 8th, 2015

Obama targets Gun Talk on Internet

There seems to be nothing sacred to Barack Obama, including free speech and private ownership of firearms. So says the the National Rifle Association, NRA, in an article in the Washington Examiner. Using federal bureaucracy and regulations, Obama is attempting to stop all blogs, chats, and even websites from talking about guns. The State Department is preparing to modify the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, ITAR, and the Arms Export Control Act, AECA, to restrict information on firearms. If it goes through, those who dispense even the most basic, technical information on guns and ammunition could face a fine of up to $1 Million dollars as well as a prison sentence.

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March 10th, 2015

ATF Reverses Ammo Ban, Claims ‘Publishing Mistake’

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, ATF, now say that they are not going to ban the so-called ′armor piercing′, green-tipped ammunition common;y used in the AR-15 rifle. That the alleged ban on the M855, 5.56mm NATO rounds was a ′publishing mistake′. A typo! This, despite the fact that they actually tried to justify the ban based on a law from 1986 against purpose-made ′armor piercing′ rounds which could be fired from pistols, or handguns, against law enforcement officers and federal agents wearing ′soft′ body armor. The green tipped ammunition, as I explained in a previous article on the subject, are tipped with a polymer which is designed to improve ballistic performance and actually make the round safer to use when hunting or target shooting.

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January 8th, 2015

Right Movie Review – Atlas Shrugged, Part III, Who Is John Galt?

So who is John Galt? Kristoffer Polaha stars as John Galt in the movie, Atlas Shrugged, Part III. The DVD came out on Tuesday, as well as being available ′On Demand′ through the cable service I subscribe to. The third and final portion of Ayn Rand′s marvelous tome, pitting Capitalism against Socialism came out last September but was only in some 242 theater screens, and briefly at that. So if you haven′t seen it yet, now is your big chance! But is it worth seeing? If for no other reason, we have the lovely Laura Regan cast as Dagny Taggart.

atlas shrugged part 3

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October 27th, 2014

50th Anniversary of Ronald Reagan ‘A Time For Choosing’ Speech (Video)

Today is the 50th anniversary of the ′A Time for Choosing′ speech that Ronald Reagan made on television for the Barry Goldwater campaign. The speech launched the political career for Reagan and set the foundation for the Conservative Movement. Reagan sums up the whole fallacy of Modern Liberalism in just under 30 minutes. In clear, simple language, Ronald Reagan exposed the entire failure and boat-load of lies concerning Big Government and the alleged altruism it claims it provides. He showed by numerous examples how government programs actually harm citizens, misleads them, abuses them and over-taxes them. How government programs are convoluted and completely illogical. Big Government, to Ronald Reagan, defies common sense and rational thinking.

a time for choosing speech

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April 27th, 2014

What? Guns Everywhere and No One Gets Shot???

The NRA convention has come and gone from my hometown, Indianapolis. The media gave it the predictable mixed bag coverage and now the grand debate on gun rights moves to another place and time. Meanwhile, the question that will go unasked, much less answered as the last Bible clinging, gun clutching right wing radical leaves the convention center isn’t what happened here, but what didn’t. Read the rest of this entry »

April 22nd, 2014

Palcohol, Powdered Alcohol, Needs a Bar Rescue

Calling John Taffer! Despite reports last week that the US government has approved the sale of Palcohol, a powdered alcohol that turns water into rum or vodka, it now seems that Uncle Sam has reversed course. The US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau announced Monday that the miracle of powdered alcohol, invented by Mark Phillips, has not been approved for sale to the public. One of the issues in the decision Monday, according to the Palcohol website, is that the ′Fill Level′ is not properly marked on the product′s bag and the amounts may have discrepancies. Phillips invented the substance so that people could make Lemon Drops and other cocktails while on camping trips or in other circumstances where carrying bottles of booze is an inconvenience. Critics say that Palcohol provides more access to alcohol for below-legal-age drinkers. I have to wonder what John Taffer, master of Bar Science and host of the hit TV series, Bar Rescue, thinks about the future of powdered alcohol?

palcohol powdered alcohol

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April 13th, 2014

Feds Pull Back In Nevada Cattle Ranch Standoff

Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy and his family can breath a sigh of relief, for the moment, as the Feds retreat on their standoff. For several days, tensions increased in Clark County outside of Las Vegas as the Bureau of Land Management began rounding open Bundy′s herd of cattle from public lands known as Gold Butte. While the initial claim that this was all about saving the allegedly endangered desert tortoise, what this whole affair really comes down to is money. The Feds claim that Bundy owes some $1 million dollars in graving fees. There are also reports that there may have been a ′land grab′ motive, that allegedly, Harry Reid had a deal cooking for a Chinese built solar farm for the property. Whatever the case, the standoff is over, though Bundy′s troubles with John Law are not.

nevada ranch standoff

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March 28th, 2014

What Would Jesus Do?

A few years ago that was a common question. Young kids wore homemade bracelets that carried that question. It was a fad that came and went but for faithful Christians it remains a daily question to be applied to our daily challenges as we seek a proper response to any given situation. Despite what nonbelievers would have you believe we could do a lot worse as a measuring stick by which to qualify and calibrate our daily actions.

The fact that President Obama was at the Vatican and met with Pope Francis puts a different spin on the question. Having just immersed myself in a three hour viewing of “The Bible” mini-series and thus reminding myself of Christ’s teachings while on earth I could not help but wonder if Pappa Francis asked himself, “What would Jesus do?”, when Obama asked to see him?

The Bible says that Christ had little use for the merchants and the money changers in the temple. In fact, when he visited the temple he wrecked it, flipping tables and knocking over scales. The Bible also says that Christ believed in giving to Caesar what was Caesar’s and giving to God what was God’s. Back then though, Caesar wasn’t taking quite as much as the modern Caesar that Pope Francis was asked to sit with. Obama is taking much more.

So all this brings me back to the original question; did Pope Francis perhaps take a moment to ponder what Jesus would do and say about Obama’s interest in sharing the spot light, and if he did, what were his conclusions? I won’t pretend to know the Pope’s mind on the issue, nor will I even attempt to ponder Christ’s current day reaction, but I do have a thought on the subject.

I’ve never understood the view of modern church leaders when it comes to dealing with some of the more scurrilous political types they are compelled to engage. Why, for instance any Pope would permit Nancy Pelosi or that rube Joe Biden on the grounds of the Vatican is beyond me. Obama takes the question to an entirely new level.

When I look back at Christ’s tendency to wade in to dens of thieves or stroll through rock fields to prevent a stoning I know he did so because there were souls there worth saving, people who regretted their actions and wanted to cleans their soul. Down deep they craved forgiveness. In that sense Christ would go anywhere and see anyone. Just as quickly however, he told his disciples to avoid those who flatly rejected his Word and to “shake the dust from their sandals” on the way out from those who would not be saved. Why then did the Pontiff grant Obama the self-serving visibility he sought knowing full well Obama neither seeks enlightenment nor forgiveness? Obama is an unapologetic persecutor of all things Christian and arguably the source of more human grief than any leader in modern American history.

As a life-long Catholic I can’t help but wonder what precisely one must do to incur the wrath of the Church these days? Nancy Pelosi constantly polishes her public badge of devotion to the Catholic Church while intentionally and flagrantly working to destroy human dignity, promote immoral behavior and undermine the teachings of the Church on every front. There was a time when substantially less satanic activity would get one excommunicated. Now days, albeit begrudgingly, these tools of satin are welcomed in grand audiences and permitted to feed off of the virtue and popularity of the modern representative of Christ here on earth.
Think of the message it would send, the impact it would have if the Pope ceremonially flipped a couple of tables by banishing a couple of these well-defined evil doers in plain sight of the faithful.

I saw a movie a while back that reminded me of an old saying…”One’s silence implies one’s consent.” When then will we see a leader of the faithful publicly declare that those who promote abortion, destruction of the family unit, the devaluation of human life and the loss of personal dignity are not to be celebrated? When will they shake the dust off their sandals and demonstrate how to address evil for what it is?

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