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February 23rd, 2015

Is Obama a Christian?

The Washington Post played ′gotcha politics′ with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker over whether or not Barack Obama is a Christian last week. This followed remarks taken out of context by Rudy Giuliani at a fund raiser for Walker on whether or not Obama loves America. Walker answered the Post saying he he didn′t know if Obama was a Christian. Liberal writer and pundit John Hielemann commented on MSNBC′s Morning Schmoe today that Walker should have said that he takes Obama at his word about being a Christian. However, that, in a nutshell, is the whole problem, taking Obama at his word. He may say he′s a Christian and loves America, but the truth is that over 90% of what Obama says is a lie. A stopped clock is more honest than Obama.

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February 20th, 2015

Rudy Giuliani says Obama Doesn’t Love America

So former New York City mayor and presidential candidate, Rudy Giuliani says that Barack Obama doesn′t love America the same way any other president may have. Who can argue that? Its not like Giuliani said Obama hates America. Nor is it like when ′The Great One′, Mark Levin said last night on his radio show that Obama should go get some bananas. I′m surprised this morning that that is yet to hit the radar screens of the Liberal Media. I would have thought that the whole Liberal press machine would be accusing Levin of being a racist for that comment. But then some bright chap might play the whole opening monologue where Levin criticized Obama and his dummy spokes people for saying little about how the Islamic State is involved in the mass, sexual abuse of girls, even Muslim girls, as young as 8 years old.

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July 17th, 2011

Giuliani Considering Entering Presidential Race

Our long national nightmare may soon be over. That’s right, Rudy Giuliani is weighing whether to run for President again in 2012. As we recall, Rudy was the front-runner for the Republican nomination for a brief time in 2007. He campaigned heavily in New Hampshire that year, but when he saw that McCain would defeat him, he left that state. Then, perhaps under the illusion that most Republicans in Florida were expatriated New Yorkers, he threw all of his eggs into the Sunshine State basket. When he got annihilated in that primary, he had little recourse but to swiftly get out.

467px Rudy Giuliani 1

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June 29th, 2011

Tea Party Poll: Rick Perry On Top

According to a McClatchy-Marist poll from Wednesday, Texas Governor Rick Perry is the Tea Party favorite to be president of the Untied States in 2012.

Perry has not made any announcement of running as of yet, but he comes in above Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann and the others either announced or mulling still.

The poll shows that Perry garners 20% support with Mitt Romney coming in second at 17%. Palin comes in third at 16% while Michele Bachmann rings in at 12%.
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June 21st, 2011

CNN Poll: Americans More Libertarian

A new CNN Poll charts a steady rise in Libertarian views amongst Americans between 1992 to 2011. Conducted nationwide with 1,015 adult respondents by Opinion Research Corporation the first week of June, the numbers indicate a major shift in economic and political thinking in the United States. Oddly enough, among potential 2012 presidential candidates, Sarah Palin and even Mitt Romney still beat out the icon of the Libertarian movement, Congressman Ron Paul. The big winner, however, is former New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani, walking away with a 55% favorable. But perhaps the most interesting number is that 63% of Americans think the government is doing too much, up from 61% this time last year, and only 52% in 2008.


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June 9th, 2011

Giuliani Is Running for President in 2012

According to an article by Bill Kristol in the Weekly Standard, Rudy Giuliani, the former Mayor of New York City, plans to enter the 2012 Republican Presidential race soon. This comes as a surprise to many since there hasn’t seemed to be a groundswell of support calling for this to occur.

467px Rudy Giuliani

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May 29th, 2011

Rudy Giuliani Tops New Poll

After the 9/11 attacks, he was called “America′s Mayor”. Now, a new poll by CNN and Opinion Research Corporation has Rudy Giuliani in first place of a list of Republican Party candidates for the 2012 presidential race. Getting 16% support from a field of 12 potential candidates, Giuliani edges out Mitt Romney, at 15%, Sarah Palin at 13% and Ron Paul at 12%. Of the rest of the pack, businessman Herman Cain tops the rest with 10%, with the remainder, including Newt Gingrich, all in the single digits. The national poll consisted of 1007 American adults, not likely voters, and claims that 473 of the respondents were Republicans. Oddly enough, of the 476 Democrats polled, only 79% believe that Barack Obama should be renominated. About 19% would prefer another option.

Rudy Giuliani

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June 6th, 2010

Sir Elton John Sings At Rush Limbaugh Wedding

Conservative radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, 59, married Kathryn Rogers, 33, yesterday in Palm Beach, Florida. The wedding party was at the fashionable Breakers Hotel and featured Sir Elton John, who was reported to have been paid $1 Million dollars to sing at the affair. This is Limbaugh’s fourth marriage. Kathryn Rogers, an events coordinator, is a direct descendant of America’s second president and Founding Father, John Adams.

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