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February 4th, 2017

Week 2 of President Donald Trump – America Getting Greater!

After just two weeks, President Donald J. Trump continues to ′Make America Great Again′! There are plenty of indicators for this. Perhaps the most obvious is the sharp increase in ′Liberal Hysteria′. We saw not one but two college campus riots just this past week as Far-Left kooks went violent over a couple of Libertarian speakers. First was Milo Yiannopoulos, a Libertarian homosexual who is the technology editor for Breitbart News and the other riot at NYU was a reaction to Gavin McInnes, Libertarian actor/comedian and co-founder of Vice Media. Both men are British Anglos and one would think that the Far-Left would like them. Especially McInnes, whose Vice Media has the most Left-Wing news show on cable and also runs their own network, Viceland TV. Most of its programming is focused on marijuana use and extremist Liberal views. One show, ″Desus and Mero″, brags about how they never have White males on as guests!

trump flag convoy

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January 25th, 2017

Liberal Woman Kicked Off Airliner, Viral Video

An irate, Liberal woman who apparently hates President Donald Trump was kicked off an Alaska Airlines flight after causing a commotion. Scott Koteskey was just sitting in his window seat on the Baltimore to Seattle flight after attending the inauguration. The Liberal woman then verbally attacked him, threatening him with her own vomit, ″I′m going to throw up right in your lap!″ She continued on her tirade, drawing the attention of flight attendants and others seated around her. As a TSA officer escorted the Liberal woman as she was kicked off the airliner, the other passengers cheered!

liberal woman kicked off airliner

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January 22nd, 2017

Madonna drops F-Bombs at Women’s March on Washington 2017

I have to wonder if the Secret Service will be paying Madonna a visit sometime soon? The overrated, has-been, celebrity singer dropped many F-bombs during her speech at the Women′s March on Washington 2017 event yesterday. She also admitted publicly that she has been thinking a lot about ″bombing the White House″! Oh-oh! Naughty-naughty! Aside from the fact that you shouldn′t be thinking of such things in the first place, if you are a rational, mentally stable person, you REALLY shouldn′t be shouting about it in front of a large crowd. You never know what nut-job you may inspire. So why was there a Women′s March on Washington 2017? What do they hope to accomplish? I shall explain this in plain, simple terms…

Madonna Women's March

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December 13th, 2016

United Nations Fires Wonder Woman!

No, believe it or not, this is NOT ′Fake News′! This is SILLY NEWS! The United Nations has actually decided to fire Wonder Woman as their Ambassador for Gender Equality. That′s right! The Amazonian princess of Themyscira, or Paradise Island, was chosen some two months ago by the UN to promote gender equality to the world. The comic book character created by DC Comics in the 1940s to promote women participation in World War Two was recently selected for this new role. However, many UN staffers opposed the decision on the grounds that she is ″an overtly sexualised image″ and is ″the objectification or women and girls″. More specifically, many within the United Nations were upset about her excessive cleavage and ″thigh-high boots″. A petition signed by some 45,000 people called for the UN to dump Wonder Woman as their Ambassador for Gender Equality.

UN fires Wonder Woman

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September 29th, 2016

Hillary Clinton Supporter Porn Star

During Monday night′s debate, Hillary Clinton attempted to smear Donald Trump about his treatment of women by bringing up 1996 Miss Universe, Alicia Machado. Clinton claims that Trump called Miss Machado ″Miss Piggy″ and said other derogatory things about her. Alicia Machado even made the rounds on many TV news shows attacking Trump. But, as it turns out, Trump may have been right about attacking this particular woman. Several British newspapers, like the Daily Mail and The Sun, are now reporting that Alicia Machado is something of a porn star! She apparently has performed sex on a reality TV show called, ″La Locas″, or ″The Farm″. Even CNN dug up an old story about how Miss Machado may have allegedly been involved in a drug-related murder. According to a New York Times article on the matter, she was accused of driving the getaway car. Even accused by the Venezuelan judge presiding over the case of threatening him.

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August 10th, 2016

Why Hillary Clinton is Bad for Women

Hillary Rodham Clinton is a liar when she pretends to care about issues concerning women. She lies when she pretends to care about children, or anybody else, too! Hillary Clinton is little more than a thief. A corrupt politician looking for news ways to obtain graft. She, and her husband Bill Clinton, want to be billionaires. Currently, they are only worth about $100 Million, though I suspect much more is tucked away in off shore banks. Bill and Hillary Clinton have only one principle in life, that of Fred C. Dobbs…, ″I need dough and plenty of it!″

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July 16th, 2015

Is Planned Parenthood Selling Body Parts from Aborted Babies?

There has been quite an uproar on some websites about a video showing a Planned Parenthood doctor talking about harvesting body parts from aborted babies. Some say that this is proof that they are selling such parts, like hearts, lungs and kidneys, which is a violation of not just U.S. law, but also international law. I watched the video myself and at no time did the wording by the doctor indicate that this was so. Planned Parenthood did issue a statement, admitting that they do harvest body parts from aborted babies and provide the items to medical researchers. There is no charge involved in this other than some research labs do offer to pay for the shipping costs. So while there may be smoke, there is no fire. However, what is truly disturbing in this video is the doctor describing how abortionist doctors do take such care as to not crush the babies so they can be harvested. Makes me wonder if they have the mother′s health and well being as their top priority? But this episode also raises another question, are the same corporations and groups who are bashing the Confederate flag still supporting Planned Parenthood? After all, Planned Parenthood has a history tied with racism, eugenics and even the Klu Klux Klan!

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May 16th, 2015

Girl Scouts to allow Transgender Boys

The Girl Scouts of America, GSA, have decided to now accept as members transgender boys. The announcement was made on their official website. ″If the child is recognized by the family and school/community as a girl and lives culturally as a girl, then Girl Scouts is an organization that can serve her in a setting that is both emotionally and physically safe.″ The American Family Association has drafted a petition opposing this new policy, which, they say ″…undermines the trust that parents place in the GSA′s leadership to make wise decisions and the obligation the GSA has to protect their daughters.″ Needless to say, the GSA decision is being hailed by the LGBT community and by Liberals in general. Meanwhile, Penny Nance of the Concerned Women for America calls the new GSA policy as ″…just one more slap n the face of Christian parents.″

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