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April 15th, 2016

Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders in Brooklyn Democratic Debate Brawl

The gloves almost came fully off last night when CNN aired the Brooklyn Democratic Debate. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bernie Sanders brawled in a shouting match as each tried to out do each other in giving away the nation. The debate precedes next Tuesday ′all important′ New York State primary. Part of the reason things got testy was due to remarks made by a Sanders supporter Wednesday night at a campaign rally, referring to ″corporate Democratic whores″. The Sanders campaign spent much of Thursday trying to walk that one back as not being a direct attack against Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, across the river on Manhattan, a GOP governor′s dinner featured the three remaining active, presidential candidates for the Republican Party. The audience was pro-Trump and gave Lyin′ Ted Cruz the cold shoulder.

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March 11th, 2016

Republican Debate Eclipsed by Ben Carson Endorsement of Donald Trump

Last night was the 12th 2016 GOP presidential debate, aired by CNN from some auditorium at the University of Miami, Florida. Jake Tapper, Dana Bash, Hugh Hewitt and some other wang questioned Trump, Rubio, Cruz and Kasich. Unlike the previous debates, especially last week′s, the Showdown in Motown, this one was fairly mild mannered. Donald J. Trump wore the velvet glove and the rest of the pack behaved themselves. Even the Media bozos asked more real questions than usual. Overall, very little new information was revealed and the effect on next Tuesday′s primaries will probably be minimal. But the big news today is Dr. Ben Carson endorsing Donald Trump for president! Trump will also be endorsed by Phyllis Schlafly, founder of the Eagle Forum, the first, major Conservative activist group. Schlafly will make her endorsement at a rally in St. Louis today.

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March 4th, 2016

Who Won the Fox News GOP Debate in Detroit?

The Fox Theater in Detroit, Michigan was the setting for 11th GOP debate aired on the Fox News Channel last night. The four remaining Republican Presidential candidates faced Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace and Bret Baier. The affair comes after two events earlier yesterday, the anti-Trump speech by Mitt Romney and Roger Ailes dumping Marco Rubio as the Fox News pick. Good timing, too! The cowardly Mitt Romney speech only made Donald J Trump stronger as the anti-Establishment candidate. Meanwhile, Little Marco Rubio proved once again that he is a true lightweight. Science even proved that Rubio lied about the size of Trump′s hands, and most likely other anatomical appendices. John Kasich probably came off as the most adult, rational, level-headed candidate, or in other words, the most dull! Ted Cruz continued to lie, he even lied about how many states he has finished first in!

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February 26th, 2016

Who Won Republican Debate Last Night?

So who won the 10th 2016 Republican presidential debate aired last night on CNN? Donald Trump, of course! He held off attacks by both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, as well as more feeble efforts by the likes of Hugh Hewitt. Even the dopey broad from Telemundo TV tried to trip up the Trump, but failed miserably. Rubio tried some new material, going after Trump University and telling viewers to Google ′donald trump polish workers′. There was an increase of searches for that string of about 300%. But Trump′s overall search was up some 1,700 %, giving him the day on the Internet. At the Drudge Report poll, Trump won with over 54% with Cruz well behind at 20%. Donald J Trump scored the best hit of the night when he blasted all of his competitors saying that he is the only one on stage who has actually hired anyone, creating real jobs. All in all, it was classic Trump all the way!

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February 25th, 2016

GOP Debate #10 Tonight on CNN – Can Rubio, Cruz Stop Donald Trump?

The tenth GOP debate of the campaign season will be on CNN tonight, live from Houston, Texas. Wolf Blitzer will be the host with the most as the Republican presidential candidates compete once again just before the SEC Super Tuesday primaries on March 1st. There is much speculation as to whether or not it is already too late for Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, John Kasich or even Ben Carson to stop Donald J Trump from winning the GOP nomination? Some think this may be their last chance to derail the ′Trump Train′ as it barrels towards total victory. Even Mitt Romney is getting in on the act, raising unsubstantiated concerns about Trump′s tax records. Nut a political scientist from Stony Brook University, Professor Helmut Norpoth, says its a done deal! Norpoth has modeled the elections and has concluded that Donald Trump has a 97% probability of defeating Hillary Clinton in November. Against Bernie Sanders, the odds go up to 99%!

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February 14th, 2016

GOP Debate – Thunderdome! 6 Men Enter, No One Leaves

The GOP presidential debate on CBS last night was a raucous affair. Donald Trump did his best to fend off attacks from all sides at the Peace Center in Greenville, South Carolina. I half expected President Merkin Muffley from Stanley Kubrick′s ″Dr. Strangelove″ to shout at the candidates, ″Gentlemen! You can′t fight in here, this is the Peace Center!″ But fight they did with the Palmetto State primary just a week away. The battle on stage also left wounds on Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz. Only John Kasich and Ben Carson escaped damage as they tried to take the ′high road′ of civility. What impact, if any, will this debate have on the South Carolina primary next Saturday? How did the sudden news of the death of Justice Antonin Scalia effect the debate? Let us review the action…

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February 13th, 2016

Republicans to Battle at GOP Debate on CBS

There will be a hot time at the Peace Center in Greenville, South Carolina, tonight! CBS will air the ninth GOP debate at 9pm Eastern. The remaining six Republican presidential candidates will square off with just one week before the South Carolina primary. The latest poll by OpinionSavvy shows Donald J Trump building his lead in the Palmetto State to 36.3%, almost double that of second-place Ted Cruz at 19.6%. Marco ′Roboto′ Rubio is third at 14.6%, with low-energy Jeb ′Exclamation Point′ Bush 4th at about 10.9% . John Kasich and Dr. Ben Carson bring up the rear with 8.7% and 4.7%, respectively. A national poll by Morning Consult shows Trump passing the rest of the pack with 44%, including double-digit leads amongst Blacks and Hispanic voters. Given the turmoil in the Democratic nomination race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders over the minority vote, Donald Trump could start having a major impact on their campaigns, as well.

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February 7th, 2016

New Hampshire Republican Debate – Christie Blasts Rubio, Trump Blasts Donor Class

The GOP debate in Manchester, New Hampshire yesterday could be described as the ′Night of the Governors′. Well, maybe two governors. John Kasich did well staying out of the wrestling matches while Chris Christie went all ′New Jersey′ over Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio got hammered so hard he became stuck on one talking point about Obama which he repeated four times in the space of about an hour. Twice during one exchange! Meanwhile, Jeb Bush needed help from Mommy as he tried to act less ′low energy′ during an exchange with Donald J Trump over eminent domain. Guac-Bowl Man repeated the same old lie Ted Cruz had been flinging about Trump, but the Donald nailed him over the difference between ′public′ and ′private′ construction. Apparently, Jeb Bush thinks that the private, Canadian company who wants to build the Keystone XL Pipeline is somehow a part of the United States federal government. Hmm? When the audience booed Trump for telling Jeb to ″shush″, The Donald fired back, informing the TV viewers that the audience was largely comprised of donors for the RNC and the other candidates.

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