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February 7th, 2016

New Hampshire Republican Debate – Christie Blasts Rubio, Trump Blasts Donor Class

The GOP debate in Manchester, New Hampshire yesterday could be described as the ′Night of the Governors′. Well, maybe two governors. John Kasich did well staying out of the wrestling matches while Chris Christie went all ′New Jersey′ over Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio got hammered so hard he became stuck on one talking point about Obama which he repeated four times in the space of about an hour. Twice during one exchange! Meanwhile, Jeb Bush needed help from Mommy as he tried to act less ′low energy′ during an exchange with Donald J Trump over eminent domain. Guac-Bowl Man repeated the same old lie Ted Cruz had been flinging about Trump, but the Donald nailed him over the difference between ′public′ and ′private′ construction. Apparently, Jeb Bush thinks that the private, Canadian company who wants to build the Keystone XL Pipeline is somehow a part of the United States federal government. Hmm? When the audience booed Trump for telling Jeb to ″shush″, The Donald fired back, informing the TV viewers that the audience was largely comprised of donors for the RNC and the other candidates.

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February 6th, 2016

The Big Show – First Nationally Televised 2016 GOP Presidential Debate Tonight on ABC

ABC News will host the very first nationally televised GOP presidential debate for 2016 tonight at 8pm Eastern. Seven candidates will take the stage; Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, John Kasich, Chris Christie, and low-energy Jeb ′Exclamation Point′ Bush. Rand Paul did qualify but dropped out and for some reason, ABC is keeping Carly Fiorina from appearing. Maybe she gives them a headache? The other alleged candidate not invited is former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore. The debate will take place in Manchester, New Hampshire, which holds it′s primary on Tuesday. The moderators will be David Muir and Martha Radditz.

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February 5th, 2016

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Battle during MSNBC Democratic Debate

Who won the Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders battle last night during the MSNBC Democratic debate? Depends on who was the bigger Progressive-Socialist? Bernie says he is while Hillary challenged his street cred. Sanders was more interested in how cozy Clinton was with Wall Street? I would say, VERY COZY! But, you know, getting $225,000 per 45-minute speech from Goldman Sachs is nothing special, if you believe Hillary Rodham Clinton. Even if you do three such speeches in one year! Bernie Sanders, along with moderator Chuck Todd demand that Hillary release the transcripts from those speeches, so we all can learn the truth. Was Hillary Clinton paid such sums for her insights and wisdom? Or was it just bribes for access?

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January 29th, 2016

Donald Trump Crushes Fox News GOP Debate

The latest battle between Donald J Trump and the Fox News Channel ended in a Trump victory during the GOP debate yesterday evening. Without Trump on stage, the debate was dull, so dull that even the guac-bowl-selling, low-energy Jeb-Exclamation-Point wound up being the winner. Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace and Bret Baier beat up Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio enough to hand Trump a probable win for the Iowa Caucus on Monday. Meanwhile, about 3 miles away at Drake University, there was high-energy as Donald Trump honored our nation′s veterans and raised $6 million dollars in just one day. The pro-veterans rally peaked when Trump introduced a real American hero, former Special Forces Sgt. 1st Class John Wayne Walding. He gave a long, rousing speech on how he has handled losing a leg during a firefight in Afghanistan. Walding then introduced two US Marine friends, Jeff Kyle and Jacob Schick. Schick heads the #22Kill Project, a veterans group working to help vets suffering from PTSD. He presented Trump with an ′Honor Ring′ in thanks for helping raise money and awareness of their cause, as well as for 21 other veterans groups.

Donald Trump Crushes Fox News

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January 28th, 2016

Donald Trump vs Bill O’Reilly, No Deal! Veterans Benefit at Drake U on CNN Opposite Fox Debate

As Admiral Ackbar would say, from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…, IT′S A TRAP! Donald Trump was almost trapped by Bill O′Reilly last night during an interview on ″The O′Reilly Factor″. One would think that Trump would refuse to appear on the Fox News Channel after being insulted by Roger Ailes and some PR wang. But, The Donald is a man of his word, and he had promised his old buddy, Lord Haw-Haw O′Reilly to be a guest on his show Wednesday night. The focus of which was Trump′s decision to skip tonight′s GOP debate on Fox News. But the chat became a trap as Big Bill apparently went back on his word to not beg Trump to reconsider. O′Reilly did indeed beg, shamelessly so, offering to excuse Trump of a debt of 17 vanilla milk shakes Trump owes Bill. But Donald J Trump stood firm and admonished O′Reilly for going back on his promise. Trump will host a benefit for veterans tonight at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa at 9pm and CNN plans to carry it live, opposite the Fox News debate!


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January 27th, 2016

Donald Trump Debate Boycott of Fox News, More Than Just Megyn Kelly

The fur is flying after Donald Trump decided to skip the Fox News debate tomorrow. FNC issued a statement trying to prove that this is all about Megyn Kelly, whom Trump dislikes after she attacked him on unfounded charges of being disrespectful of women during the first Fox debate. But the Trump campaign has released two letters that were exchanged between FNC and the candidates. There is little doubt that the Fox News Channel was planning yet another ambush against Donald J Trump. For example, this upcoming debate will feature questions from a ′random selection′, including a Muslim woman activist and a Mexican immigrant ″who made good″ after coming to America. Their questions directly attack Trump on his stance on temporarily halting Muslims obtaining visas to enter the United States and Trump′s plan to build a wall along the border with Mexico.

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January 26th, 2016

WAR! Donald Trump to Skip Fox News Debate!

BREAKING NEWS! CNN is reporting that Donald J Trump will indeed skip appearing on Thursday′s GOP debate to be hosted by the Fox News Channel. This came just one hour after FNC announced the line up for the debate. Oddly enough, Fox News has decided to go backwards, allowing the full field of 12 candidates to appear. They even changed their metrics to allow Rand Paul a podium on the prime-time stage! Hmm, I haven′t noticed any sudden surge in his poll numbers since the Fox Business Network bumped Paul to the ′kiddie′ debate a couple weeks ago. During which Rand skipped that to appear on The Daily Show. Trump spoke at a press conference before his latest rally tonight, saying that he ″probably″ will not attend the debate and instead hold an event to raise money for wounded veterans. So what is this all about? Is Trump making the right decision at this point in time?

Donald Trump skips Fox News debate

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January 18th, 2016

Bernie Sanders Beats Hillary Clinton in 4th Democratic Debate

Somebody ate their Wheaties last night! Bernie Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton in the 4th Democratic debated, aired by NBC News. The two front runners duked it out over guns, taxes and healthcare. But the hardest blows came when Sanders pounded Hillary on her cozy ties with Big Banking. Namely, receiving $600,000 for a speech to Goldman Sachs executives. Ouch! I guess Ted Cruz isn′t the only candidate on their payroll. Even Martin O′Malley tried to get a few jabs in. Worse yet for the former First Lady is that Google has determined that the most asked question online is ″Will Hillary Clinton be prosecuted?″ My answer to that is if we lived in a world where Justice is truly blind and all are equal under the law, Hillary Clinton would have already been indicted on multiple counts. Many, many, multiple counts!


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