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September 29th, 2016

Hillary Clinton Supporter Porn Star

During Monday night′s debate, Hillary Clinton attempted to smear Donald Trump about his treatment of women by bringing up 1996 Miss Universe, Alicia Machado. Clinton claims that Trump called Miss Machado ″Miss Piggy″ and said other derogatory things about her. Alicia Machado even made the rounds on many TV news shows attacking Trump. But, as it turns out, Trump may have been right about attacking this particular woman. Several British newspapers, like the Daily Mail and The Sun, are now reporting that Alicia Machado is something of a porn star! She apparently has performed sex on a reality TV show called, ″La Locas″, or ″The Farm″. Even CNN dug up an old story about how Miss Machado may have allegedly been involved in a drug-related murder. According to a New York Times article on the matter, she was accused of driving the getaway car. Even accused by the Venezuelan judge presiding over the case of threatening him.

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September 27th, 2016

Donald Trump Wins 1st Debate 2016

Donald Trump squared off with Hillary Clinton last night in the first presidential debate of 2016. From the results of all but one on-line poll, Donald Trump was the clear winner. Most polls, like those of The Slate, CBS News and Time Magazine, had Trump beating Hillary around 65% to 35%. Drudge Report had the largest ′turn out′ for its poll showing Trump winning with more than 80%. Only the CNN, Clinton Noodle News, showed Hillary winning 61% to 39%. Neither candidate made any major gaffes, so one could call it a tie. Even the Bravo TV poll during ″Watch Whats Happening Live″ showed only 4% might change their vote after viewing the 90-minute debate. So last night was pretty much Round One in this match-up with Trump earning a ′technical′ win. He stayed on message, he didn′t do anything kooky, and Trump was generally very polite and well mannered.

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September 26th, 2016

Trump, Clinton Tied in Polls before 1st 2016 Presidential Debate Tonight

With less than a dozen hours before the first 2016 Presidential Debate, Donald J. Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton are virtually tied in some of the latest polls. Two polls show them dead even in the states of Pennsylvania and Colorado, states once thought as ′firewalls′ for Hillary Clinton. In Virginia, another state once thought solidly supporting Hillary, Donald Trump has slashed her lead in half from 12 to 6 points. Trump continues to gain ground in genuine ′swing states′ like Florida, Ohio, Nevada and North Carolina. Nationwide, some polls have Trump well out in front by 5 points or more. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is losing support from Millennial voters, going from a 29-point advantage down to just 10 points.

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September 25th, 2016

Mind Games – Clinton, Trump to Invite Cuban, Flowers

The first 2016 Presidential Debate to be held at Hofstra University on Long Island, NY is shaping up to be a battle of the mind games. Hillary Clinton has invited Mark Cuban, a long time critic and Twitter opponent of Donald Trump. In response, Trump joked that he may invite Gennifer Flowers, former mistress of Bill Clinton. She has accepted the potential invitation. Another woman, Juanita Broaddrick, who claims that Bill Clinton allegedly raped her also wants a front row seat! Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign is stirring up the pot with preemptive charges of sexism if NBC News guy Lester Holt asks Hillary a ′tough question′. They are also unhappy with the debate rules, such as no bathroom breaks, no stool for the weak, sickly Hillary Clinton to rest on, and no breaks should Hillary start coughing. Will Hillary wear a big enough diaper or urine bag to get her through 90 minutes?

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September 8th, 2016

Trump vs Clinton in NBC Commander in Chief Forum

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton sort of squared off last night during the NBC ′Commander in Chief′ forum, hosted by Matt Lauer. I say ′sort of′ as both appeared separately. Team Trump won the coin toss and choose to go second. Hillary was questioned for the first 30 minutes, then Trump. The event took place aboard the USS Intrepid ′floating museum′ in New York harbor. A studio audience of veterans were allowed to ask some questions of the presidential candidates. The focus of the forum was national security, the military and veterans affairs.

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April 15th, 2016

Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders in Brooklyn Democratic Debate Brawl

The gloves almost came fully off last night when CNN aired the Brooklyn Democratic Debate. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bernie Sanders brawled in a shouting match as each tried to out do each other in giving away the nation. The debate precedes next Tuesday ′all important′ New York State primary. Part of the reason things got testy was due to remarks made by a Sanders supporter Wednesday night at a campaign rally, referring to ″corporate Democratic whores″. The Sanders campaign spent much of Thursday trying to walk that one back as not being a direct attack against Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, across the river on Manhattan, a GOP governor′s dinner featured the three remaining active, presidential candidates for the Republican Party. The audience was pro-Trump and gave Lyin′ Ted Cruz the cold shoulder.

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March 11th, 2016

Republican Debate Eclipsed by Ben Carson Endorsement of Donald Trump

Last night was the 12th 2016 GOP presidential debate, aired by CNN from some auditorium at the University of Miami, Florida. Jake Tapper, Dana Bash, Hugh Hewitt and some other wang questioned Trump, Rubio, Cruz and Kasich. Unlike the previous debates, especially last week′s, the Showdown in Motown, this one was fairly mild mannered. Donald J. Trump wore the velvet glove and the rest of the pack behaved themselves. Even the Media bozos asked more real questions than usual. Overall, very little new information was revealed and the effect on next Tuesday′s primaries will probably be minimal. But the big news today is Dr. Ben Carson endorsing Donald Trump for president! Trump will also be endorsed by Phyllis Schlafly, founder of the Eagle Forum, the first, major Conservative activist group. Schlafly will make her endorsement at a rally in St. Louis today.

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March 4th, 2016

Who Won the Fox News GOP Debate in Detroit?

The Fox Theater in Detroit, Michigan was the setting for 11th GOP debate aired on the Fox News Channel last night. The four remaining Republican Presidential candidates faced Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace and Bret Baier. The affair comes after two events earlier yesterday, the anti-Trump speech by Mitt Romney and Roger Ailes dumping Marco Rubio as the Fox News pick. Good timing, too! The cowardly Mitt Romney speech only made Donald J Trump stronger as the anti-Establishment candidate. Meanwhile, Little Marco Rubio proved once again that he is a true lightweight. Science even proved that Rubio lied about the size of Trump′s hands, and most likely other anatomical appendices. John Kasich probably came off as the most adult, rational, level-headed candidate, or in other words, the most dull! Ted Cruz continued to lie, he even lied about how many states he has finished first in!

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