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November 15th, 2015

Hillary Clinton calls for more Syrian Refugees at 2nd Democratic Debate after Paris Attacks

French officials now confirm that at least one of the Islamic terrorists involved in the Paris attacks Friday night did enter Europe hiding among the flood of Syrian refugees. Authorities believe that several others, whom made up the three groups of jihadi attackers, perhaps 10 to 12 men in total, may also have been part of an organized smuggling effort by the Islamic State, or ISIS / ISIL. Meanwhile, Saturday night in Des Moines, Iowa, CBS News hosted the second of only six debates for Democrat Party presidential candidates. The subject of the Paris attacks and of the Syrian refugee crisis were addressed. But front runner Hillary Rodham Clinton wants to increase the 10,000 refugees which Barack Obama has pledged to admit into the United States. Is Hillary Clinton insane? Has she flipped her ′wig′?

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November 11th, 2015

Who Won the 4th GOP Debate aired on Fox Business Network?

So who won the 4th GOP presidential debate last night on the Fox Business Network? The viewers, of course! What viewers they had. FBN is not on most cable and satellite basic packages. Unlike CNBC and Bloomberg, which few people actually watch, the Fox Business Network is usually only carried by those with upgraded TV packages. We′ll see how many people watched last night. I suspect that most will catch it on the Internet. Neil Cavuto and his team of questioners did a good job staying on subject. There were no ′gotcha′ questions, and little bias against the Republican Party candidates. Maria Bartiromo got booed by the audience in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for implying that Hillary Clinton actually has some genuine experience during a question to Marco Rubio. Naturally, Rubio punched back that everything Hillary touched either is broken or tainted.

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November 2nd, 2015

GOP Candidates Meeting, Revolt after RNC – NBC – CNBC Debate Debacle

Sunday evening, staff members from most of the 2016 GOP presidential candidates held a meeting in Alexandria, Virginia. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss seizing control over aspects of the televised debates. This follows the RNC suspending NBC News and Telemundo from hosting a debate on February 26 after the CNBC debate debacle. Even some members of the Liberal Media admitted that the bias and hostility towards Republicans by the moderators were all too obvious. The Republican National Committee was not invited to Sunday′s meeting, though the debates are their responsibility. Several proposals were agreed upon by those who did attend and will be presented formally to the networks this week.

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October 29th, 2015

CNBC GOP Debate Results – Cruz Slams Media, Trump Smashes Kasich, Rubio Squashes Bush

CNBC hosted the third 2016 Republican presidential debate last night in Boulder, Colorado. The two-plus-hour affair had plenty of fireworks, though less inter-candidate bashing than the two previous debates. Ohio Governor John Kasich attempted to go after the two frontrunners, Donald Trump and Ben Carson over their so-called ″fantasy tax plans″. But Trump clobbered Kasich raising the Governor′s former job with the failed mega-bank, Lehman Brothers. Jeb Bush later attempted to take down his fellow Floridian, Marco Rubio, over absenteeism from the floor of the US Senate. Rubio′s response was to compare himself with Barack Obama and John Kerry, which any other candidate might have been able to use to complete the ′kill′ on Rubio. But not the milquetoast Jeb Bush! Bush fumbled the interception, compounded later by getting suckered into giving a ′serious′ answer to a question about online, fantasy football gambling. Not only did Rubio survive Jeb′s attack, but Bush ended the night looking like he just had the fork stuck in him.

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October 28th, 2015

Third 2016 GOP Debate on CNBC Tonight

″Once more unto the breach, Dear Friends, once more, or close the wall up with our English dead!″ Here we go again. Tonight on CNBC we have the third 2016 Republican presidential debate. Chucky Todd (Correction: John Harwood) will moderate the affair being held in Denver (Correction: Boulder), Colorado. Things are heating up as Donald Trump and Ben Carson appear to be neck-and-neck in Iowa. One new poll, CBS-New York Times actually shows Carson leading Trump nationally. However, its well within the margins and the sampling is on the small side. An earlier poll from CBS-YouGov showed Trump building a huge lead over the other GOP candidates, breaking the 40% mark. So who will Chuck Todd target tonight? Will he go after Carson? Trump? Both? Will any of the others light a fire in their dwindling campaigns?

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October 13th, 2015

1st 2016 Democrat Debate on CNN Tonight

CNN will begin tonight′s first debate of the 2016 Democrat presidential candidates at 8:30pm EDT. The CNN-Facebook debate will livestream also at CNNgo and there will be a live chat on Twitter with #DemDebate. Live from the Wynn Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, only five candidates will be on stage. Front runner Hillary Clinton will have the center podium with Socialist-Democrat upstart, Bernie Sanders, to her right and Martin O′Malley to her left. James Webb will be on the right end with Lincoln Chafee on the ′Far-Left′ end. Ratings are not expected to be very high since Donald Trump will not be attending. Though he will be a main topic for the evening as the CNN moderators avoid any conflicts amongst the candidates. This will be essentially a two-hour ′bash-Republicans′ affair as far as the questioning goes. CNN does have one extra podium on hand should Joe Biden change his mind and participate in tonght′s debate.

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September 17th, 2015

Who Won, Lost CNN 2nd GOP Debate in 2015?

Who won or lost the 5-hour long, 2nd GOP debate in 2015 on CNN last night? The biggest loser was host/moderator Jake Tapper. He was simply dreadful. The producers of the CNN debate also get a big ′L′ for their foreheads due to the format. Seriously, it was lopsided with only 4 candidates on the afternoon debate followed by 11 candidates for the main event. Yet, time-wise, the ′Funky-Four′ got to split up nearly 2 hours of face time. Seeing as how CNN bent their own rules to allow Carly Fiorina on the evening debate, they should have bumped at least two or three from prime-time to drive-time. While many of the professional pundits are claiming Lindsey Graham won the ′Kiddie′ debate, I think Bobby Jindal won that one, hands-down! He was ′high-energy′ and far more passionate about going after Planned Parenthood than Carly was during her ′big moment′. As predicted, Donald Trump was attacked during both debates by nearly everyone. But Trump came through just fine with both the Time Magazine and Drudge polls giving him the win.

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September 16th, 2015

Donald Trump Faces Debate Gauntlet

Expectations are running high tonight as Donald J. Trump faces a gauntlet of attacks at the 2016 GOP debate on CNN. The prime-time event begins at 8pm EDT, preceded by the ′Kiddie Debate′ at 6pm. Eleven Republican Party candidates will square off this evening, with only four debating during the cocktail hour. Everyone expects the 3 moderators and ten other candidates to assault Donald J. Trump, who has been leading the GOP presidential polls for the past 65 days. This debate will be the last one for 2015 before the real voting starts. For many candidates, tonight is ′do-or-die′. After Rick Perry suspended his campaign last week, several others face the chopping block. Their only hope is to somehow take Trump down a notch. But can they?

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