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February 3rd, 2014

Is It Time To Connect The Dots?

At the risk of igniting a firestorm of accusations that I’m a radical right wing extremist bent on promoting conspiracy theory, consider the following and see what you think.

For months now stories have been leaking out regarding long range government planning. These stories have related to everything from marshal law to mass crowd control, not to mention HUGE purchases of ammunition by otherwise docile government entities. Perhaps, in and of themselves these things can be explained away. Maybe there is something there, maybe not and it’s all just folklore. But what if it isn’t. When you link just a few strings together some scary things pop out. Read the rest of this entry »

December 9th, 2013

A Contract Not Enforced Is No Contract At All

Apparently, no written agreement is without wiggle room. Apparently, no written contract is entirely rock solid or totally immune to collapse if no one is prepared to enforce it; not even the United States Constitution.

To most people, the Constitution is a revered document. Most of us hold it to be one of the most brilliant documents ever written by mortal man. To those who have studied it the Constitution is not merely the parchment upon which a government was built, but a culmination of the work done by some of the finest minds of its time. More than just the foundation of a government, it is the vision of free minds enhanced by the fresh clarity of having just come out from under the yolk of tyranny. It was penned by people mindful of the horrible price that would be paid to bring it to life. The writers knew it had to be worthy of that price and they delivered.

Part of the reason the Constitution has survived all these years is that we as a people have believed in it. We have understood and appreciated not only the words but the spirit of the document. That is all changing now. Today the Constitution is seen as an obstacle to federal power, and lacking congressional approval to alter it, this administration has it under assault. By default, they also have the freedoms inherent within it under assault.

It is impossible to imagine any of the founding fathers agreeing with the massive increases in spying, ceaseless attacks on the second amendment, socialization of healthcare, explosive growth in regulation, near total erosion of border protection, shear noncompliance with budgeting, the religious persecution and the political targeting we have experienced. It is also likely they would be most disturbed to learn that all of this was being done by a self-proclaimed Constitutional expert. Read the rest of this entry »

November 25th, 2013

Threats to Our Freedom are More Domestic Than Foreign

The quality of a personnel defense session I attended on Saturday was second only to the discussion held in the car on the way home. The topic was “freedom”, but a better description would have been “the lack thereof.”

One of the good friends with us Saturday has long believed that while we speak frequently of how our fine young men and women “fight for freedom” on foreign shores, they really don’t. That is not to imply that our warriors are any less heroic or worthy of our admiration, but consider this – as my friend does – “where do real threats to our personal freedom come from?” Read the rest of this entry »

October 17th, 2013

House Stenographer Outburst During Government Shutdown Vote, Accuses Freemasons for Godless America

Dianne Reidy, a longtime Congressional stenographer, apparently had enough during last night′s vote in the House of Representatives on ending the government shutdown. The House stenographer took to the microphone and began a rant, accusing Freemasons for writing the Constitution, creating a Godless nation. She praised her Savior, Lord Jesus Christ as she was dragged away. According to Capitol Police, Reidy was taken to a local hospital to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. So was she crazy or has our failed political system driven her to the breaking point? Does she have a point? That the divided nation and our massive debt is due to the Constitution? Will we begin to see more and more of such outbursts as the outrage towards politicians builds?

house stenographer

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July 30th, 2013

When Will Obama Declare – ‘We Have Homemade Meatballs’?

Barack Hussein Obama is continuing his latest ′income-inequality′ tour until he departs for his multimillion-dollar vacation at Martha′s Vineyard on August 9. Obama is doubling down on promoting his healthcare nightmare, as well as attacking House Republicans for ′phony scandals′ and other national ills. Perhaps the oddest admission of the past week was when Obama also blames the Liberal Media for his failed administration. He said that the press tells him that his ideas are good, so therefore they must be, right? WRONG! Obama needs a dose of tough love and a reality wake-up call. The sort we see in some of my favorite TV shows, ′Kitchen Nightmare′ and ′Bar Rescue.′

obama photo

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June 30th, 2013

Is There A Marco Rubio – George Soros Connection?

There has been a good deal of ′buzz′ on the Internet as to whether or not there is a connection between George Soros and Marco Rubio. Much of this centers about the Editorial Advisory Board of The International Economy magazine, which does in deed list both Soros and Sen. Rubio′s chief of staff, Cesar Conda. The Daily Caller contacted the magazine′s publisher, David M. Smick, who responded via email that Soros has no financial interest in the magazine and has not contributed any articles since the late 1980s. There is no direct evidence that Conda ever worked for Soros, nor any that they even ever met with one another. Likewise, there is no evidence that Rubio ever worked for Soros, nor met with him. So does this wash away all of the rumors?

Marco Rubio George Soros

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June 27th, 2013

Michael Savage – Obama a Dictator, Calls for General Strike

Dr. Michael Savage, host of the talk radio program, The Savage Nation, has declared Barack Obama a fascist dictator. Last night, Dr. Savage called upon the Tea Party and other citizens concerned about Obama′s coup d′eta to organize a general, nationwide strike to send a message to our political and corporate masters that we are as mad as hell and we aren′t going to take it anymore! For several months now, Savage has been reluctant to even talk about politics during his radio show. The Great One, Mark Levin, often chides Savage for discussing meatloaf recipes instead of the Constitution. Other talk radio hosts simply ignore the good doctor. But the recent revelations about the NSA domestic snooping programs, along with the recent move by the Obama administration to essentially federalize the New York City Police all spell fascism to the Golden Gate gabber. Talk about ‘psychological nudity’, YOWZAH!

michael savage obama dictator

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June 12th, 2013

Edward Snowden Fired as NSA Leaker gets Trashed by Establishment

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden was fired by Boos Allen Hamilton on Tuesday. The defense and intelligence contractor issued a statement saying that Snowden was fired, ″for violations of the form′s code of ethics and firm policy.″ Well, what did you expect them to say? Since BAH is a private corporation, they are less likely to hand out bonuses and promotions to employees who bend the rules and break the law. Unlike those who do so in the Barack Obama administration, IRS, GSA or State Department. Meanwhile, the NSA leaker is getting raked over the coals by the Establishment media. After Guardian reporter Glen Greenwald made sport of MSNBC bubble-brain Mika Brzezinski, she, and apparently the rest of the network, are refusing to call Snowden a whistleblower. Joe ′Schmoe′ Scarborough even went as far as to describe Snowden as looking like a weasel. I wonder if he thinks Ben Affleck is also a weasel for sporting the ′unshaved′ look?

edward snowden fired

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