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December 4th, 2016

Green or Greed Party? Jill Stein Wants More Cash

Was Jill Stein the 2016 presidential candidate of the Green Party or the GREED Party? That is the question we need to ask as Stein is asking supporters to give her another $1 Million dollars. Apparently, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will undertake no action to begin a vote recount until Jill Stein, or one of her cohorts, provides $1 Million dollars up front. As a result, Stein is now looking at filing a lawsuit in federal courts to force a recount in Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, the Wisconsin vote recount which began on Thursday has thus far produced only 7 additional votes, 2 for Hillary Clinton and 5 more votes for Donald Trump, who won the state by some 22,000 votes. A vote recount in Michigan is set to begin on Tuesday and could wind up costing Michigan taxpayers as much as $12 Million dollars!

Jill Stein

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November 23rd, 2016

Will Donald Trump Prosecute Hillary Clinton?

Will President-Elect Donald J. Trump prosecute Hillary Clinton? The obvious answer is ″No″! Trump is not a lawyer, nor does he even play one on TV. Aside from that, as President of the United States, it is simply not his call to make, even after taking the oath of office. That is reserved for the Department of Justice and the Attorney General. So any comments made by Trump or any of his surrogates is a rather pointless at this point in time. For those in The Media to bother asking the question is likewise ridiculous. There are still 4 FBI field offices investigating the Clinton Foundation plus at least two Congressional committees investigating the Benghazi attack and the Hillary Clinton private email server scandal. The DOJ will decide the matter in due course when appropriate. If the trail of evidence leads as I believe it will, we will eventually hear those words, ″Lock Her Up!″

Trump Clinton

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November 15th, 2016

Facebook, Google React to Fake News

Here′s a laugher! Facebook and Google are looking into alleged ′fake news′ articles which they think may have helped Donald Trump win the 2016 election. They claim that social media was bombarded by fake news stories which may have influenced voters. Stories of websites from Macedonia spreading rumors that Donald Trump won the popular vote is one item they point to. Seeing as how that would have been a post-election story, not sure how it helped Trump get elected? Another claim is that this is part of a broader issue concerning website content. The use of trending items as ′click bait′, thereby manipulating advertising programs like Google′s AdSense. That is a problem Google and Facebook created all by themselves!

fake news

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November 7th, 2016

WikiLeaks Bombshell – Chelsea Clinton Used Foundation Cash

The latest WikiLeaks bombshell that came out yesterday was an email from Doug Band to John Podesta charging that Chelsea Clinton may have allegedly used charity money to fund her lavish lifestyle the past ten years. Even pay for her wedding and helping her husband start a hedge fund! Keep in mind that her husband, Marc Mezinsky, is the son of Edward Mezinsky, who was found guilty of fraud in 2001. Seems that Daddy Mez was a busy guy, embezzling some $10 Million dollars in Ponzi schemes and was even involved in those silly Nigerian email scams. He wound up pleading guilty to 31 of the 69 felony charges he was indicted with, and served about 5 years. The apple may not have fallen far from the tree since Marc′s hedge fund, Eaglevale Partners, is going down the tubes after losing around 90% of its portfolio!

Chelsea Clinton Wedding

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November 6th, 2016

Extremely Careless! Hillary Clinton Maid had Access to Classified Material

FBI Director James Comey was very correct when he said back in July that Hillary Clinton was ″extremely careless″ when handling classified material. The New York Post today is reporting that at times, Hillary had her maid print up documents emailed to her private server. Did the maid have security clearance? Did she go through the usual, lengthy background check? Nope! Hillary Clinton is not only a national disgrace, but is too irresponsible to hold any elected or appointed office. She certainly should have her security clearance revoked and not allowed within 100 miles of any federal facility. Except, perhaps, a super-max prison where I′m sure we can accommodate her for the rest of her life in an 8ft by 6ft prison cell.

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November 5th, 2016

John Podesta to host ‘Spirit Cooking’ on Food Network?

No, John Podesta is not going to have his own TV show about spirit cooking on the Food Network! Though I would be amused if Alton Brown were to do one of his ′scientific′ takes on the subject. With just three days left to go before the 2016 Election Day, if you thought this campaign could not get weirder, it just did! Thanks to WikiLeaks, #PodestaEmails 27, we now know that the CEO of the Hillary Clinton campaign is a Satanist! Or a Wiccan, or some sort of dabbler in the ′Dark Arts′. We also learn that when Podesta is thinking about ordering a pizza, he doesn′t mean some baked bread dough covered with cheese, sauce and other toppings.

Spirit Cooking

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November 1st, 2016

One Week to go in Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Campaign

There is now just one week left to go in the 2016 Presidential race. With Election Day drawing near, both the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton campaigns are in overdrive. While Hillary scrambles to repel new accusations amid the FBI email probe, the New York Times is attempting to stir up more innuendo about Trump′s taxes. Not that the tax issue worked much before in hurting Trump, the new story still lacks any criminal intent. I guess the Democrats and their allies in The Media have run out of women to accuse Trump of sexual harassment. Hardly anyone took notice of the last few, especially after one turned out to be a porn star.

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October 31st, 2016

PANIC! Democrats Dumping Hillary Clinton, Constitutional Crisis!

The Hillary Clinton campaign is in a state of panic after the renewed FBI probe into her secret email server was announced on Friday. Huma Abedin has gone into hiding. James Comey, highly praised by those of the Democratic Party since July, are now vilifying him. Last night during a panel discussion on Fox News, Democratic Party Insider, Doug Schoen, declared that he is reconsidering his support for Hillary Rodham Clinton! He cites his reason as being that the American nation cannot afford 4 years of a Constitutional Crisis! If she is elected, then the United States Government will be effectively shutdown as investigations and counter-probes bring the country to a halt and drag into into a swamp.

Hillary Arrested

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