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August 6th, 2014

Jimmy Carter Supports Hamas Terrorists

File this under ′What Else Is New?′ Former U.S. president, Jimmy Carter, co-wrote an op-ed piece with the former president of Ireland, Mary Robinson, in Foreign Policy magazine. The article called for the United States government, as well as those in Europe, to recognize Hamas as a legitimate ′political force′. Carter and Robinson go on to attack Israel for their bombing of civilians in Gaza, ignoring the rocketing and terrorist attacks staged by Hamas against the Jewish nation. That the U.S. and E.U. need to recognize the ′legitimacy of Hamas as a political actor′ over Israel is just plain stupidity. Israeli Defense Forces are only acting in self-defense to the aggression by Hamas. During the past five attempts at a cease fire, Hamas broke the peace each time. Even the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank is having a hard time dealing with the rouge government in Gaza.

jimmy carter

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July 26th, 2014

Joan Rivers Slams Media, Selena Gomez on Israel-Gaza War (Video)

Joan Rivers is at it again! Go, Joan, go! This time its about the fighting between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. TMZ caught Joan at LAX where they were asking celebrities about the conflict. Joan Rivers launched into a rant, slamming the Media, namely the BBC and CNN, for their misleading coverage of the fighting. She says that a partial truce is not a solution and that those critical of Israel are ″all insane″. When prodded about the deaths of Palestinian civilians, Rivers blamed Hamas as they put weapons in civilian homes. The TMZ reporter mentioned that Selena Gomez tweeted on Twitter for all to ″Pray for Gaza″. Joan dismissed Gomez as being a fool. Way to go, Joan! Watch the Joan Rivers rant video embedded below!

joan rivers gaza rant

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November 25th, 2013

Iran Nuclear Agreement – Historic Deal or Mistake?

Late Saturday, John Kerry announced that the Iran nuclear agreement had been reached after two whole days of talks in Geneva, Switzerland. He and Barack Obama call it a ″historic deal″, while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls it a ″historic mistake″. The deal itself will limit Iran from enriching uranium to just 5% for the next six months as a team of international inspectors are allowed access to Iran′s nuclear facilities. Production of plutonium will also cease during this test period while economic sanctions against Iran are eased. The spinners of truth are trying to convince us that this is all possible because of the recent election in Iran of ′moderate cleric′ Hassan Rouhani as the new president. But the Associated Press reports that there have been secret talks between Iran and the U.S. held in Oman for some ten months before. So is Iran now a friendly nation or are they buying time to complete a usable weapon system?

iran nuclear agreement

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November 9th, 2013

Barack Obama – ‘Modest Relief’ to Iran or Betrayal of Israel?

Barack Obama says ′modest relief′ will be given to Islamic Republic of Iran if they slow down their nuclear program. Secretary of State John Kerry say no deal has been reached yet, despite reports that the White House has been talking with Iran for several months. The Obama administration seems determined to ease economic sanction on Iran, perhaps compelled by Obama′s closets adviser, the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu say that the talks will lead to a ′Bad Deal′ if followed through. Another MidEast nation concerned is Saudi Arabia, which is already upset with Obama on the crisis in Syria. Reports that talks are underway between the Saudis and Pakistan to obtain nuclear technology and weapons are all pointing towards the United States being perceived as willing to give Iran a free hand to take over the entire region. Is Obama setting the stage for the Biblical ′End Times′ and Armageddon?

barack obama modest relief

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June 4th, 2013

Female Israeli Soldiers Bare All in Facebook Photos

Commanding Officers in the Israeli military are not happy about some female Israeli soldiers posting racy photos of themselves on Facebook. Five women serving in Southern Israel are being charged with ′unbecoming behavior′ as their barracks room hijinks puts them in hot water. The ladies bare more than their firearms in a series of sexy pictures. How will this impact discipline within the ranks of not only the Israeli military, but also for U.S. Armed Forces as the Obama administration expands the role of women serving in our combat units?

female israeli soldiers

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May 5th, 2013

Israel Bombs Syria in Second Wave of Airstrikes

Tensions in the Middle East are rising as Israel bombs Syria for a second day. The Israelis claim that they are targeting long-range rockets and missiles which the Bashar Assad regime is transferring to terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Syrian State TV claims that the airstrikes hit a science research facility. So far, Barack Obama and the United States State Department are not saying much about the actions taken by the Israeli government, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The news of the airstrikes comes as the Pentagon confirmed that we have modified our largest ′bunker-buster′ bombs, the Massive Ordnance Penetrator or MOP, to deal with Iran′s nuclear program, presumably to let Israel know we are on the ball. Between Iran, Syria and growing problems in Egypt, Israel is once again facing a potential war, surrounded on all sides.

israel bombs syria

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March 22nd, 2013

Obama Heckled by Israeli Student

Barack Obama was heckled by an Israeli student while giving a speech in Jerusalem. Appearing before some 600 college students at the International Convention Center yesterday morning, Obama was delivering a Saul Alinsky style speech about pressuring political leaders for change. According to the New York Times, a 24 year old man, Rabiyah Aid, did not shout out a remark about Jonathan Pollard, who was convicted in 1986 on espionage charges for selling US secrets to Israel, as other news services initially reported. Speaking in Hebrew, Aid allegedly began asking Obama if his visit was ″to give Israel more weapons to kill the Palestinian people with?″ He was removed by security after Obama made light of the distraction saying, ″We actually arranged for that because it made me feel at home. I wouldn′t feel comfortable if I didn′t have at least one heckler.″

obama heckled

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March 21st, 2013

Obama Limo Towed in Israel

You know things are bad when you see the Obama limo towed away because somebody in the Secret Service apparently put diesel in the fuel tank instead of gasoline. Barack Obama arrived in Israel yesterday, met by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Ben Gurion Airport outside of Tel Aviv. Edwin Donovan, spokesman for the Secret Service, said, ″We experienced mechanical trouble with one of the cars.″ The car in question was Obama′s limo, known as ′The Beast′, probably because of how similar he looks like Satan.

obama limo towed

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