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September 11th, 2014

Obama Addresses the Nation on Syria, ISIL-ISIS Plan – Prick and Yawn

How embarrassed was I as I watched Barack Obama as he addresses the nation on his plans against Syria, Iraq, and the dreaded ISIL-ISIS army of ′The Islamic State′? I was so embarrassed that I would rather have been watching Josh Flagg sell multimillion dollar homes while wearing slippers on Bravo-TV! And, oh, by the way, Josh Flagg did do just that by the end of the episode! At least Josh stopped using his gold-plated wheelchair to get around! Ah, progress! Meanwhile, Obama has taken America from the hey-day of ′Shock & Awe′ to the New Normal of ′Prick & Yawn′. Last night, Obama laid out his four point strategy for downsizing ISIL. Too bad that the plan stinks and will utterly fail.

obama addresses nation on syria

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September 8th, 2014

Republican Midterm Edge for Senate

The latest polling data in key battleground states shows a Republican midterm edge for winning control of the U.S. Senate. In Arkansas, Democrat incumbent Mark Pryor is slightly behind his challenger, Rep. Tom Cotton. In Alaska, incumbent Democrat Mark Begich was doing well until he ran an inflammatory ad against Dan Sullivan which caused such an outrage that the Begich campaign had to withdraw it. In other states with incumbent Democrat senators, like West Virginia and South Dakota, the GOP has a distinct lead in those races. North Carolina may turn out to be a nail-biter, as well as states like Michigan where the Democrats thought they would have a certain victory. Currently, based on polling numbers, the GOP looks to win at least 51 senate seats and possibly 53 to 55. Between 5 to 6 states are so close that results may not be able to call a winner on election night.

republican midterm edge

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September 6th, 2014

13 Hours In Benghazi – The Truth Comes Out, Again

Friday night, the Fox News Channel aired its special documentary, ′13 Hours in Benghazi′, hosted by anchorman Bret Baier. Based on the new book by Mitchell Zuckoff, we finally hear from eyewitnesses who were actually on the ground during the attacks in Benghazi, Libya the night of September 11, 2012. Three private security contractors who were part of the CIA annex security team were interviewed by Baier at length, telling their story of the terrorist attacks on our diplomatic consulate and CIA annex. We hear from their own lips about the frustration about not being permitted to rush to the consulate to save Ambassador Chris Stevens and his consulate staff. Also, about the long, anxious hours that followed as they called repeatedly for air support, which never came.

13 hours in benghazi

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September 5th, 2014

Hillary Clinton – ISIS Less a Threat than Global Warming

Hillary Clinton was out to lunch when she appeared before the National Clean Energy summit on Thursday in Las Vegas with George Soros henchman, John Podesta. She continued to spread the same old lies about global warming being the most serious and urgent threat to our world. She even still believes that the polar ice caps are melting! Too bad she hasn′t read the latest reports from the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center. As reported in the UK Daily Mail (see picture below), the polar ice cap is growing! Oops! Not only has it increased some 50-plus percent over the past two years, but according to the University of Illinois Cryosphere Project, the ice cap in the Northern hemisphere is getting thicker, too! Meanwhile, ISIS is beheading journalists, which may not be such a bad thing since the American media is ignoring the reality that there is no global warming while radical Islam is spreading like wildfire. With 11 missing jetliners lost in Tripoli, Libya, we can expect something big to happen soon in the War on Terror.

polar ice cap growing
The UK Daily Mail ran a terrific story about how the latest data shows that the northern polar ice cap is growing, not melting. Where is the American press? Image Credit: UK Daily Mail.

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September 2nd, 2014

Obama Briefed on ISIS for Past Year

Last Thursday, Barack Obama admitted that he has no strategy concerning the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also known as either ISIL or ISIS (Iraq and Syria). Fox News is reporting that a former Pentagon official says that Obama was being informed on the growing threat of ISIS during his daily security briefings. As we all know, Obama has a habit of skipping those, even though the White House has rescheduled for 10am every morning. I guess Obama has a hard time even showing up to work at 10am! This Sunday, the senior California Democrat, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, chimed in during her talk show appearances, criticizing Barack Obama and his ′cautious approach′. Meanwhile, UK Prime Minister David Cameron laid out his strategy on Monday to improve security and respond to the growing threat that ISIL poses on the world.

obama briefed on ISIS

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August 31st, 2014

ISIS Plots Bubonic Plague, Obama No Strategy

While Barack Hussein Obama proclaims that he has no strategy to combat the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, the army of ISIL, commonly called ISIS, is plotting to use the bubonic plague as a weapon of mass destruction against the West. So says a ′moderate′ Syrian rebel commander, Abu Ali, who shared the contents of a captured laptop computer with a reporter in Dubai. ISIS hopes that by using infected animals they can recreate that period of history often called The Black Death which killed about half the people in Europe. Magnus Ranstorp, the research director of the Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies at the Swedish National Defense College, told Foreign Policy magazine that making such a weapon is difficult from the standpoint of distribution, but concedes that it is within the capabilities of ISIL to produce. Meanwhile, the King of Saudi Arabia warns that ISIL may attack Europe and or the United States within the next month. So are you worried?

obama no strategy

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August 26th, 2014

IRS Scandal – Lois Lerner Emails Not Lost

Those missing emails from Lois Lerner concerning the IRS scandal of targeting Conservatives and Tea Party groups apparently are not missing at all. So says Judicial Watch after a Department of Justice attorney informed them that there is a back-up computer system that holds all government data. It would seem that when IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, an appointee of the Barack Obama administration, told Congress that he moved heaven and earth to find the missing emails, he was either mistaken or outright lying. Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, spilled the beans about the back-up system on Monday and the Justice Department gave them the news on Friday. So is this just laziness on the part of Obama appointees, following the laziness of Obama himself? Or is this another feeble attempt to cover up the truth by the White House that failed?

lois lerner IRS emails

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August 24th, 2014

Harry Reid to Asians – I’m Sorry

Does the senior senator from Nevada, Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid, hate Asians? Apparently so! Reid joked to an audience of Asians at a meeting of the Asian-American Chamber of Commerce in Las Vegas last Thursday. He said, ″Wongs ain′t smarter than anyone else″. Oops! On Friday, Reid apologized for his remarks, especially since using the term ′Wong′ is about the equivalent of using the dreaded ′N-word′ when referring to African-Americans. Is the gaffe just the ramblings of a senile, old man who took one too many punches to his head during his brief boxing career? Or is Harry Reid just so full of himself he thinks he can say anything he likes and get away with it?

harry reid asians

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