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December 17th, 2014

Judge Declares Obama Immigration Action Unconstitutional

On Tuesday in Pittsburgh, US District Court Judge Arthur Schwab ruled that the Barack Obama immigration executive order is unconstitutional. The federal judge issued the rule in a criminal case pending against an illegal immigrant from Honduras. Judge Schwab ruled that Obama′s executive action amounted to an ″unilateral legislative action″, well beyond any presidential powers authorized by the United States Constitution. The judge also said the executive order violated the ′Take Care Clause′, which requires the president to ′take due care′ while executing laws. Naturally, the White House and Justice Department reaction is that the judge erred and the ruling will be overturned. Liberal legal pundits are pointing out that Judge Schwab is a Republican and is misinterpreting the separation of powers.

obama immigration 1

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December 12th, 2014

Did Senate Democrats or CIA Misled Public on Torture?

One of the B-I-G stories this week was the report released by Senate Democrats on how the CIA misled the public on torture. Led by California Senator Dianne Feinstein, the Senate Intelligence Committee issued a scathing document, hundreds of pages long and costing some $50 Million dollars condemning the Central Intelligence Agency usage of water-boarding and other means of torture. However, as many critics, including CIA Director John Brennan point out, there was no ′torture′. The ′Enhanced Interrogation Techniques′, or EIT, were deemed as perfectly legal. Furthermore, the report′s investigators, mainly Democrat senatorial staffers, never interviewed any key members of the CIA, Bush administration or even CIA field agents. Instead, they ′cherry-picked′ emails and cable communications. So, who is misleading whom?

cia misled public

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December 6th, 2014

Hillary Clinton Smart Power – Empathy with Enemies

Seems shocking that just days before the tragic death of American hostage Luke Somers, murdered by Al Qaeda during a rescue raid in Yemen, that Hillary Clinton gave a speech calling on us to have empathy with our enemies. Is this the sort of mentality we want for a president? Hillary says that it is ″smart power″ to understand and sympathize with those who hate and wish to kill us. Is she just stupid? Is this a sign that Hillary buys into the Liberal mindset of moral weakness? Or could it be related to Hillary suffering from an off-shoot of the ′battered-wife-syndrome′. She had been publicly humiliated by her husband, Bill Clinton, philandering. Does Hillary deliberately walk about with blinders on hiding the truth from her?

hillary clinton empathy

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December 4th, 2014

National Debt Tops $18 Trillion

This week saw the National Debt clock tick past the $18 Trillion dollar mark. In less than six years, Barack Obama has added some 70% to the debt, which, as we all should know, is just the ′on-budget′ debt. Beyond the federal budget we have that mystery world of ′Commitments and Contingencies′, which includes such long term obligations such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. The actual debt to the American people is somewhere between $60 Trillion to over $200 Trillion dollars, depending on who you ask. Thanks to the ultra-low interest rates set by the Federal Reserve Bank, the National Debt has not been a real ′pocket-book′ issue. But one of these days, the interest rates will increase back to a normal level, from 0.5% to 4.5%. When that happens, look out! The cost of servicing the National Debt will demand tax increases.

 18 Trillion debt

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December 3rd, 2014

#BlackLivesMatter – Tell Planned Parenthood

On Monday, Barack Obama held a conference at the White House with Al Sharpton and others to discuss the Ferguson protests and riots. That same day, Eric Holder spoke in Atlanta on Ferguson, vowing to end racial profiling by the police. Apparently, they all seem to think that there is some epidemic of Blacks being gunned down by police across America. Or, at the very least, an epidemic of mistrust towards the police in Black communities. Oddly enough, the pro-abortion group, Planned Parenthood, has come out in support of the Ferguson protests. Why do I find this odd? Could it be because some 14 million Blacks have been slaughtered via abortions? That Planned Parenthood has about 75% of their clinics in minority neighborhoods? If there is an epidemic of death and mistrust, its pointed in the wrong direction!

black lives matter

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November 28th, 2014

Ferguson Protests – A Particle or a Wave?

After three nights of violence, the Ferguson protests of the grand jury decision on the Michael Brown case are quieting down. There are still plenty of agitators ginning up anarchy, such as in Los Angeles, St, Louis and New York City. But in Ferguson, Missouri, Thursday night was peaceful with no arrests made by police. Unlike the horror of Monday night, when some 60 businesses burned, looted or vandalized by angry mobs. Dozens of cars were also set on fire, including some 11 police cars, following those immortal words by Michael Brown′s stepfather, ″Burn this b*tch down!″. I have to wonder if some law enforcement agency will have the guts to arrest him for inciting a riot? But then again, his whole family was in on the act, not to mention the Obama White House apparently interfering in the deployment of National Guard troops.

ferguson protests

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November 26th, 2014

Obama Admits ‘Changed The Law’

Queue the Parry Mason theme music! We have our ′Ah-Hah!′ moment. On Tuesday while in Chicago, Barack Obama gave a speech on immigration and admitted, ″I just took an action to change the law.″ Oops! Obama was responding to a heckler seated behind him demanding that he stop deportation of illegal immigrants. Something he′s been doing all along anyway even before signing an Executive Order last week. But no matter, some people are never satisfied. The White House has been arguing that Obama has not changed any immigration laws, but now even Obama admits that he has.

obama changes law

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November 25th, 2014

Burn, Baby, Burn! Ferguson Protests, Riots, After Grand Jury Decision

Late last night, after 9pm EST, St. Louis County District Attorney Robert McCulloch announced the Grand Jury decision which absolved any criminal wrong-doing by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. Weighing the physical evidence and testimony of some 60 witnesses, the Grand Jury declined to indict Wilson and all possible five counts, ranging from 1st Degree Murder to Involuntary Manslaughter over the shooting death of Michael Brown. In Ferguson, the decision sparked protests and riots, resulting in about two dozen buildings being set on fire and many stores and businesses being looted. Many cars were over-turned and some, including police cars, were put to the torch. In a number of cities across America, organized protests also took place. Barack Obama addressed the need for calm while still playing up to the protesters. Henchman Eric Holder assured all that a federal investigation into the shooting was still ongoing.

ferguson riots

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