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September 26th, 2014

Eric Holder Resignation, Don’t Cheer Just Yet

So yesterday, Barack Obama and the White House confirmed that Eric Holder has turned in his resignation as Attorney General and head of the Justice Department. But before you cheer, let us look at why he is resigning now. On Tuesday, federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson has ordered the Department of Justice to release documents to be used in the Operation Fast and Furious lawsuit by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. We also have the added incentive that Obama wants to appoint a new Attorney General while the Democrats still hold control of the U.S. Senate. Obama is getting assistance from none other than Al Sharpton, of all people, in selecting a new AG.

Eric Holder resignation

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September 24th, 2014

Obama Latte Salute – Disrespectful? (Photo)

Just hours before sending American military personnel into harms way, Barack Obama gave a latte salute to Marines as he arrived in New York City on Monday. He may be the Commander in Chief, but military protocol forbids holding anything in the same hand, even a coffee cup, when saluting. So was Obama disrespecting our troops once again? Or is this just another sign of what a thoughtless moron we have in the White House?

obama latte salute

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September 23rd, 2014

WAR! US Air Strikes on ISIS in Syria

Monday night, the US launched air strikes on some 20 ISIS and Al Qaeda targets in northern Syria. Five Arab countries contributed assets as well. Four countries provided aircraft, those being Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Jordan. Qatar also provided some support. United States Air Force bombers were involved, along with US Navy F-18 Hornets from the aircraft carrier George H.W. Bush stationed in the Persian Gulf. Tomahawk cruise missiles were also launched by a Navy destroyer in the Red Sea. Targets included the headquarters for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, ISIL, as well as some 5-6 targets of an Al Qaeda group operating in Syria. The White House confirms that a phone call was made ahead of time to Syria, notifying them of the attack. President Barack Obama was said to have been monitoring the activity through the evening and had contacted Speaker of the House John Boehner and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

US air strikes on ISIS

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September 21st, 2014

Right Review – Ken Burn’s ‘The Roosevelts: An Intimate History’

So how did I waste my evenings this week? I watched the new Ken Burns documentary on PBS, ′The Roosevelts: An Intimate History′. The 7-part, nearly 14-hour long series was little more than a homage to the Progressive movement. That transformative notion that America needs a strong, powerful, central government to tell us ′Little People′ how we should live our lives. Yes, we are too stupid to be self-reliant and practice individual liberty. The timing of this series could not be more planned as we are weeks away from the 2014 midterm elections. So why I am so critical of this series? Sit back and enjoy. I will be ′Deee-lighted′ to tell you!

the roosevelts an intimate history

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September 17th, 2014

Benghazi Hearings Begin Amid Latest Cover-Up Allegations

Today on Capitol Hill, the Benghazi Select Committee begins to hold hearings on the 2012 attack by terrorists in Libya, resulting in the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Led by Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC), the select committee will seek to resolve the many unanswered questions that exist. For example, why was there no additional security sent despite two earlier attacks and who started the whole ′blame-the-video′ story? This all comes as new allegations of a cover-up in the State Department have been made by former official Raymond Maxwell who claims that he saw staffers sifting through documents in order to conceal them from the Accountability Review Board, or ARB. The Obama administration, as well as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, along with their allies in the Progressive-Liberal Media, often refer to the ARB report as a ′case-closed′, protecting Obama and Clinton from any blame. Of course, the ARB not only apparently did not have full access to all documents, as Maxwell alleges, but they also never interviewed Hillary Clinton, nor other key staff members in the State Department, nor even those who were in Benghazi during the attack!

benghazi select committee

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September 16th, 2014

The War on Poverty, a $22 Trillion Dollar Failure

How does it feel to spend $22 Trillion dollars on something and have nothing to show for it? If you think that is bad, that something, the War on Poverty, has even gotten worse after all of that money was spent. Begun 50 years ago by then President Lyndon Baines Johnson, the War on Poverty was meant to help the least fortunate in America. As wars go, this was the most expensive, costing three times more than all ′military′ type wars the United States have fought since the American Revolution through today. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, which released a new study on the subject, the War on Poverty has been a total failure. The poverty level is at 14% in America today, exactly the same as it was in 1967. One-third of U.S. citizens now receive some form of welfare, including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, costing taxpayers an average of $9,000 per recipient. Yet, according to the Census Bureau, in today′s inflated economy, it would cost five times more than the nearly $1 Trillion dollars spent annually to make a dent in the poverty level. Are you ready to pay 5 times more in taxes?

war on poverty

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September 11th, 2014

Obama Addresses the Nation on Syria, ISIL-ISIS Plan – Prick and Yawn

How embarrassed was I as I watched Barack Obama as he addresses the nation on his plans against Syria, Iraq, and the dreaded ISIL-ISIS army of ′The Islamic State′? I was so embarrassed that I would rather have been watching Josh Flagg sell multimillion dollar homes while wearing slippers on Bravo-TV! And, oh, by the way, Josh Flagg did do just that by the end of the episode! At least Josh stopped using his gold-plated wheelchair to get around! Ah, progress! Meanwhile, Obama has taken America from the hey-day of ′Shock & Awe′ to the New Normal of ′Prick & Yawn′. Last night, Obama laid out his four point strategy for downsizing ISIL. Too bad that the plan stinks and will utterly fail.

obama addresses nation on syria

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September 8th, 2014

Republican Midterm Edge for Senate

The latest polling data in key battleground states shows a Republican midterm edge for winning control of the U.S. Senate. In Arkansas, Democrat incumbent Mark Pryor is slightly behind his challenger, Rep. Tom Cotton. In Alaska, incumbent Democrat Mark Begich was doing well until he ran an inflammatory ad against Dan Sullivan which caused such an outrage that the Begich campaign had to withdraw it. In other states with incumbent Democrat senators, like West Virginia and South Dakota, the GOP has a distinct lead in those races. North Carolina may turn out to be a nail-biter, as well as states like Michigan where the Democrats thought they would have a certain victory. Currently, based on polling numbers, the GOP looks to win at least 51 senate seats and possibly 53 to 55. Between 5 to 6 states are so close that results may not be able to call a winner on election night.

republican midterm edge

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