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August 31st, 2014

ISIS Plots Bubonic Plague, Obama No Strategy

While Barack Hussein Obama proclaims that he has no strategy to combat the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, the army of ISIL, commonly called ISIS, is plotting to use the bubonic plague as a weapon of mass destruction against the West. So says a ′moderate′ Syrian rebel commander, Abu Ali, who shared the contents of a captured laptop computer with a reporter in Dubai. ISIS hopes that by using infected animals they can recreate that period of history often called The Black Death which killed about half the people in Europe. Magnus Ranstorp, the research director of the Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies at the Swedish National Defense College, told Foreign Policy magazine that making such a weapon is difficult from the standpoint of distribution, but concedes that it is within the capabilities of ISIL to produce. Meanwhile, the King of Saudi Arabia warns that ISIL may attack Europe and or the United States within the next month. So are you worried?

obama no strategy

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August 26th, 2014

IRS Scandal – Lois Lerner Emails Not Lost

Those missing emails from Lois Lerner concerning the IRS scandal of targeting Conservatives and Tea Party groups apparently are not missing at all. So says Judicial Watch after a Department of Justice attorney informed them that there is a back-up computer system that holds all government data. It would seem that when IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, an appointee of the Barack Obama administration, told Congress that he moved heaven and earth to find the missing emails, he was either mistaken or outright lying. Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, spilled the beans about the back-up system on Monday and the Justice Department gave them the news on Friday. So is this just laziness on the part of Obama appointees, following the laziness of Obama himself? Or is this another feeble attempt to cover up the truth by the White House that failed?

lois lerner IRS emails

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August 24th, 2014

Harry Reid to Asians – I’m Sorry

Does the senior senator from Nevada, Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid, hate Asians? Apparently so! Reid joked to an audience of Asians at a meeting of the Asian-American Chamber of Commerce in Las Vegas last Thursday. He said, ″Wongs ain′t smarter than anyone else″. Oops! On Friday, Reid apologized for his remarks, especially since using the term ′Wong′ is about the equivalent of using the dreaded ′N-word′ when referring to African-Americans. Is the gaffe just the ramblings of a senile, old man who took one too many punches to his head during his brief boxing career? Or is Harry Reid just so full of himself he thinks he can say anything he likes and get away with it?

harry reid asians

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August 21st, 2014

Journalist James Foley Beheaded as Obama Plays Golf

The beheading of James Foley caused Barack Obama to interrupt his golf game yesterday as he took 5 minutes out from his vacation to address the matter. Internationally, the James Foley beheadiing has had other reactions, such as UK Prime Minster James Cameron cutting his vacation short to return to work at 10 Downing Street. Earlier this week, the French foreign minister called on Obama to end his vacation due to rising trouble in Iraq from the terror army of ISIS. After Obama made his remarks on the James Foley murder, the White House released news that an attempt was made by U.S. Special Forces to rescue Foley and another American journalist believed to being held by ISIS.

james foley obama

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August 21st, 2014

Rick Perry Indictment Mugshot Photo – He Who Smirks Last, Smirks Best

Charged with two felony counts of abusing the powers of his office, the Governor Rick Perry indictment mugshot was taken when Perry turned himself in on Tuesday to be booked. He is accused of waging a political vendetta against Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg, a Democrat, by vetoing funds for her office which focuses on investigating political corruption. Perry threatened the veto after Lehmberg was arrested for drunk driving and resisting arrest. Photos released by the Travis County Sheriff′s Office show Lehmberg out of control, requiring her to be restrained, including wearing a spit bag over her mouth as she fought with deputies. Perry says that he will fight the indictment, which was handed down by a second judge after the first threw the case out. Many legal experts, including the Liberal Democrat professor from the Harvard Law School, Alan Dershowitz, say that the felony charges against Texas Governor Rick Perry are ridiculous.

rick perry mugshot
Dueling mugshots? Rick Perry smirks while Rosemary Lehmberg appears to be ready for an insane asylum.


August 18th, 2014

National Guard Sent to Ferguson, MO

The Democrat governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, has ordered the state′s National Guard into the town of Ferguson only hours after doing 5 Sunday talk shows complaining about police militarization. For over a week, the town has been a scene of utter chaos following the shooting death of a black teenager, Michael Brown by a white police officer, Darren Wilson. The incident has sparked racial tension and civil unrest, resulting in looting, terror, violence and many arrests. Some of the protestors are from out of town, like the New Black Panther Party, stirring up more trouble. Efforts to enforce a curfew have led instead to more violence as hooligans throw Molotov cocktails at police.

national guard ferguson

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August 11th, 2014

Hillary Clinton on Obama Failure in Foreign Policy

So Hillary Clinton blames Barack Obama for his failure in foreign policy for all of the havoc in the Middle East. This comes during an interview by Jeffrey Goldberg in the Atlantic Monthly. The former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, believes that the United States must support Israel over Hamas and other enemies. She also blames Obama for the crisis in Syria and Iraq, as well as the rise of ISIL and their ISIS army. She is not alone as Senator Lindsay Graham spoke about Iraq, making a dire prediction that America may be a target for terrorism sponsored by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. The question we have to ask is Hillary Clinton just trying to distance herself from Obama as the 2016 presidential campaign draws near, or does she real think her old boss was a moron?

hillary clinton obama failure

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August 10th, 2014

More Russian Bombers in U.S. Airspace

As more Russian bombers in U.S. airspace are being reported, 16 times in just the past 10 days, it is beginning to look like the Cold War all over again. The Washington Free Beacon reported on the latest event when several Russian bombers, escorted by a MiG-31 jet fighter, were intercepted by U.S. Air Force jets near Alaska. This time, the Russian bombers did not actually enter U.S. airspace, but were turned back while still well out in the Pacific Ocean. But in the past week some have crossed the line, including once entering Canadian airspace as well. The war of words between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin has resulted in an unusually sharp increase of numerous flight encounters between Russian aircraft and U.S. forces. The Russians are claiming today that they chased an American submarine away from their coast line. So is Obama leading us into a war?

russian bombers U.S. airspace

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