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April 16th, 2014

Rove Super PAC Raises $5 Million in One Month

Watch out, Liberals! IRS beware! The Karl Rove Super PAC, American Crossroads GPS, or whatever they call themselves, has raised over $5 million dollars in just one month. In 2013, they raised $5.5 million in three months time. So apparently, all is forgiven from Conservatives who were misled by Rove in 2012. I guess Karl doesn′t need to bother Mitt Romney for the $300 million anymore as seen in the old SNL skit.

rove super pac

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April 13th, 2014

Feds Pull Back In Nevada Cattle Ranch Standoff

Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy and his family can breath a sigh of relief, for the moment, as the Feds retreat on their standoff. For several days, tensions increased in Clark County outside of Las Vegas as the Bureau of Land Management began rounding open Bundy′s herd of cattle from public lands known as Gold Butte. While the initial claim that this was all about saving the allegedly endangered desert tortoise, what this whole affair really comes down to is money. The Feds claim that Bundy owes some $1 million dollars in graving fees. There are also reports that there may have been a ′land grab′ motive, that allegedly, Harry Reid had a deal cooking for a Chinese built solar farm for the property. Whatever the case, the standoff is over, though Bundy′s troubles with John Law are not.

nevada ranch standoff

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April 11th, 2014

Shoes Thrown At Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

Somebody must be pretty mad to have shoes thrown at Hillary Clinton. The former Secretary of State was addressing a convention in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Hotel for the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries. Police and Secret Service took the Hillary Clinton shoe thrower, a woman, and have yet to release her identity or reason. Hill-Dog took it all in stride, joking, ″Is this part of Cirque de Soleil?″

hillary clinton shoe thrower

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April 10th, 2014

Congress Plays Chin Music for Lois Lerner

Yesterday, the all-powerful House Ways and Means Committee pitched a fastball high and tight over the plate. With a 23-to-14 vote along party lines, Republicans vote for a criminal probe of Lois Lerner. Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) has now ordered a recommendation to Eric Holder and the Justice Department to start a formal criminal investigation and prosecution of Ms. Lerner over her involvement in the IRS scandal. Potential charges range from contempt of Congress to allegations of criminal wrong doing, such as the releasing of private tax documents of Conservative, Tea Party and religious groups to Liberal-Progressive groups. Included are a new batch of emails between Ms. Lerner and IRS officials in Texas concerning auditing the Karl Rove group, Crossroads GPS (Grassroots Policy Strategies). So will this action lead anywhere, or is it DOA at the DOJ?

lois lerner criminal probe

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April 8th, 2014

Jeb Bush: Illegal Immigration Often ‘An Act of Love’

Speaking this weekend at the 25th anniversary of his father′s presidency with Shannon Bream of Fox News, Jeb Bush said that illegal immigration is ″often an act of love.″ That people who break the law by entering the United States are driven to do so to better their families. Jeb Bush is considering a run for the White House in 2016 and said that he will decide by the end of the year whether or not to begin campaigning. Jeb is viewed by many in the Republican Party as a potential candidate who may have the ′right stuff′ to win a general election. Practically every voice in the Mainstream Media, from the Washington Post to MSNBC would agree. But will Jeb Bush′s stance on illegal immigration, Common Core and other issues past the mustard with GOP primary voters?

jeb bush act of love

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April 4th, 2014

Bill Clinton on Aliens from Outer Space (Open Thread)

Between earthquakes, Obamacare and another Fort Hood shooting, the brightest piece of news this week came from the Jimmy Kimmel Live show when Bill Clinton spoke about aliens from outer space. The former president told Kimmel and the world that while in the White House, he reviewed all of the documents about Area 51 and the famous alleged crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. While Clinton said that there was no evidence of a UFO crash at Roswell or aliens held at Area 51, he did believe that aliens existed. Clinton said, ″If we were visited someday I would′t be surprised.″ Clinton went on to talk about the vastness of space and the discovery of many Earth-like planets, leading to the obvious conclusion that intelligent life probably exits elsewhere in the universe.

bill clinton aliens

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April 3rd, 2014

Supreme Court Strikes Down Cap On Political Donations

In a 5 to 4 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court strikes down cap on political donations. The case ruled upon was brought by Shaun McCutheon against the Federal Elections Commission, FEC. This overturns a law limiting campaign contributions directly to federal candidates of only $5,200 to a total of nine, or $48,600. as well as an overall limit of $123,200 per campaign cycle to parties and PACs. Chef Justice John G. Roberts wrote the majority opinion, stating that, ″Money in politics may at times seem repugnant to some, but so too does much of what the first Amendment vigorously protects..″ Citing acts such as flag burning and other demonstrations by hate groups, Chief Justice Roberts adds that the First Amendment, ″…surely protects political campaign speech despite popular opposition.″ This was the most significant ruling on political campaign financing since the victory in the courts by Citizens United vs the FEC.

supreme court strikes down cap

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April 1st, 2014

Bob Beckel says Obamacare ‘Will Last For Hundreds of Years’

No, this is not an April Fools joke! On Monday′s edition of ′The Five′ on Foxy News, Bob Beckel actually declared that Obamacare ″will last for hundreds of years.″ This comes as the Obamacare Website went down as the sign up deadline arrives. The Billion-dollar website was again plagued by glitches. But this did not stop the White House from proclaiming success at enrolling some 7 million people at Healthcare.gov. If there is an April Fools joke here, it is coming from the Barack Obama administration. Many believe that the White House has cooked the books as their numbers are ′squishy′.

bob beckel obamacare

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