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July 30th, 2015

New Polls – Donald Trump Leads in FLA, Hispanics Nationwide

Its a another day and another batch of fresh polls shows Donald Trump continuing to lead the pack of now 17 GOP candidates for the 2016 race for the White House. You gotta wonder why former Virginia governor, Jim Gilmore, has even bothered to file the paperwork to join the fray? The only way he, or others like Chris Christie would ever win the 2016 presidential nomination is if the rest of the candidates all suddenly died. Weeks ago, the professional political class thought that Trump was finished due to his stand on illegal immigration. That he would be unable to secure enough of the Hispanic vote to make a contest of the election. But in a new survey of registered voters by the Public Policy Poll, PPP, Trump leads all of the GOP contenders amongst Hispanic and Latino voters voters. The Donald scored a 34% favorable rating, with Jeb Bush coming second at 31%, Ted Cruz at 30%, Walker and Rubio at 29% and Fiorina at 25%. By comparison, Hillary Clinton scored 50% and Bernie Sanders 38% in the same poll. In Florida, the new St. Pete Poll has Trump leading home-boys Bush and Rubio. Even Scott Walker edged out Marco!

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July 28th, 2015

To Obama from Huckabee – Iran Deal ‘Idiotic’

Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee are in a sand kicking contest over the Iran nuclear deal. Huckabee called it ″idiotic″ and says that Obama is leading Israel to the ″oven doors″. Obama fired back that Huckabee′s Holocaust reference was inappropriate and claims that ″99% of the world″ thinks its a good deal. Certainly is a good deal for Iran! I wonder if that 99% includes all 57 states? Then Obama attacked all of the GOP candidates and the Republican Party in general for opposing his Iran deal. As usual, Obama acted like he was still on the campaign trail. He even bragged that if he ran again, he would win. Is that what this is all about? Does Obama fear about no longer being front page news?

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July 27th, 2015

Donald Trump Leads Polls – Takes GOP to the ‘Danger Zone’

A fresh series of surveys by Zogby, CNN and NBC show that Donald Trump leads the polls, even after the big, John McCain dust-up. There seems to be no stopping him. With the first GOP presidential debate just ten days away, many seasoned candidates are facing being shut out as Trump keeps rolling up his score. No wonder considering how weak and feeble many career politicians appear these days. I can′t tell if Lindsey Graham is a ′Cuckservative′ or a ′Cluckservative′? Graham′s knee-jerk ways come off as that of a chicken on its way to a fryer. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has more ′machismo′ than ″Machete″! If he were younger with darker hair, Trump could play Sterling Archer in a live-action version of ″Archer″. Do the latest polls indicate that Donald Trump is taking the Republican Party down a ″Highway To The Danger Zone″?

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July 20th, 2015

Donald Trump to John McCain – No Apology!

Does Donald Trump owe John McCain an apology? Does John McCain owe the people of Arizona an apology for calling some ″a bunch of crazies″? Or to the families of missing Vietnam veterans for opposing the release of documents about MIAs? Does John McCain owe an apology to his former shipmates of the USS Forrestal after a misfired rocket knocked a bomb off from his A-4 jet and caused an explosive, fiery accident costing 134 lives and 161 injuries, almost sinking the aircraft carrier? I could go on, but you get the drift. Donald Trump and John McCain have never liked each other, so there is little point in getting sucked into this fight. Naturally, other 2016 candidates will attack Trump as he is sucking the wind from their sails. Even Hillary Clinton is starting to worry about Trump!

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July 16th, 2015

Donald Trump – the ′$10 BILLION DOLLAR′ Man

Some new polls are out and we also have the ′cover sheet′ of the FEC financial statement filed by GOP candidate Donald Trump, showing him being worth more than $10 Billion dollars. Wednesday was the filing deadline with the Federal Elections Committee and the Trump campaign for the 2016 White House race fulfilled its obligations in time. One less excuse now for Fox News to ban Trump from the upcoming debates. The Donald is also doing great in the latest polls. Nationwide, his favorables have soared to 57% amongst Republicans, only 6 points behind Jeb Bush in a poll by the Washington Post and ABC News. Among all voters, Trump climbed from just 17% to 33%, with Bush is at 38%. Look out Hillary Clinton, who saw her favorables drop to just 39% among all voters. In the new nationwide poll by Suffolk University and USA Today, Trump is Number One with 17% of GOP voters to Jeb Bush in second place with 14%.

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July 13th, 2015

Scott Walker Announcement Today, Joins 2016 White House Race

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker makes it official today with an announcement that he will run for president in the 2016 White House race. He had promised his constituents that he would not declare his candidacy until after the completion and signing of the state budget, which covers the next two years. The budget bill was passed and Walker signed it on Sunday. But earlier there was a premature Twitter leak by a staffer of Scott Walker announcing his 2016 campaign run. Walker joins a crowded field of GOP candidates seeking to represent the Republican party as nominee.

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July 11th, 2015

Donald Trump Leads Polls, Big Illegal Immigration Speech in Phoenix, Arizona

Two new national polls show Donald Trump in or tied in first place against Jeb Bush for the GOP presidential primaries. His rapid rise to the top of the pack of some 16 contenders is due to Trump′s stand on illegal immigration, which has dominated the news cycle. Today, The Donald will deliver a major speech on the subject of illegal immigration and border security in Phoenix, Arizona. The rally is expected to have thousands in attendance. On Friday, Trump was in Los Angeles, California, where he met and spoke with families who have suffered from crimes by illegal immigrants. Among those Trump met with was the father of Jamiel Shaw, a 17-year old African-American young man who was murdered by two Hispanic gunmen who were apparently illegal immigrants seeking to join a drug gang and ordered to kill someone as part of their initiation.

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July 6th, 2015

Right Book Review – ′The Selfie Vote′ by Kristen Soltis Anderson

The nice folks at Broadside Books, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishing, has sent me another advanced copy of a book to review. ′The Selfie Vote′ by Kristen Soltis Anderson goes on sale tomorrow, July 7, 2015. The book′s subtitle says it all – ′Where Millennials Are Leading America (And How Republicans Can Keep Up). Anderson is a political analyst who writes for The Daily Beast and was named by Time Magazine in their Top 30 Under 30. She began working in politics in 2005 analyzing data from public opinion polls in search of voting trends. This book details her experiences and the results of studying the subject of how and why people vote the way they do. Prepare to enter the universe of micro-marketing, micro-targeting and macro-outreach!

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