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February 24th, 2017

President Donald Trump to address CPAC 2017

What a difference a year makes! President Donald J. Trump will be addressing the CPAC 2017 gathering today at about 10:20am EDT. The American Conservative Union is hosting its annual Conservative Political Action Conference once again in Maryland at the Gaylord Convention Center. Last year, Candidate Trump passed on appearing there. Rumors abound about how a hostile crowd was planning on pelting him with vegetables on stage. CPAC 2016 could have been called ′Cuck-PAC′, as most of those attending were a mix of ′Never-Trump′-ers, and supporters of either Rand Paul or Ted Cruz. But, this year, the taste of victory has changed everything!

CPAC 2017

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January 26th, 2017

Build That Wall! President Trump Acts on Immigration, Sanctuary Cities

President Donald J. Trump signed executive orders yesterday to begin the process of securing our borders, thus fulfilling yet another campaign promise! Actions were taken to start setting the stage to build ′The Wall′, hire 5,000 more ICE agents, deporting illegal immigrants whom have committed other crimes while here and to penalize ′Sanctuary Cities′. Other moves, both legislation before Congress and more executive actions are forthcoming. President Trump signed the orders yesterday while visiting Homeland Security. Among his guests were parents of victims by illegal immigrants. They were very pleased to see President Trump begin taking action to make America safe again!

trump immigration wall

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January 3rd, 2017

115th Congress Goes to Work

At noon today, Eastern Daylight Time, the 115th Congress will be sworn into office. With elections and vacations over, it is time for Washington, DC to get back to work. There are some new faces in both the House and Senate. Many items are on the agenda for the 115th Congress, including the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. President-Elect Donald J. Trump ran on the promise of getting rid of Obamacare and replacing it with something better. Presumably a free-market solution. But Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are not happy about this. The Democrats are expected to resist efforts by Republicans to make good on their campaign promises. Will the GOP avoid the pitfalls by lobbyists and others to deliver the goods?

115th Congress

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October 12th, 2016

Donald Trump Free of Paul Ryan, Shackles Are Off!

With just 27 days before Election Day, and early voting already underway in many states, Donald Trump is now free of the shackles of Paul Ryan and John McCain. So says Trump in a series of Twitter tweets the past 24 hours. While most of ′The Media′ and Establishment pundits are already writing Trump′s political obituary, could this ′un-cucking′ be the strategic move needed to achieve victory in November? Practically every poll taken in the past decade or more shows that the American People believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction. Even while Barack Obama enjoys a high approval rate, the sentiment across America is that our nation is in trouble and needs a major change of real reform.

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September 24th, 2016

Ted Cruz Endorses Donald Trump, or did he?

My ′Spidey-senses′ tingled when I heard the ′news′ that Ted Cruz has endorsed Donald Trump. Did he really? Will Ted Cruz truly vote for Trump? Or is he just saying this because he knows that he has become a total pariah and faces annihilation in the coming ′Age of the Sh*t Lords′? Cruz is definitely plotting his 2018 reelection campaign for his US Senate seat in Texas. He now is slated to appear on the Glenn/Glenda Beck show to explain himself. Glenn/Glenda was so upset upon hearing of Cruz′s decision that he may bandit it up to the hills and hide in the mountains once the ′Sh*t Lords′ take over. Oh, trust me, THEY WILL!!!

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September 14th, 2016

Donald Trump Outlines Child Care Plan

There is an old, ′Vulcan′ saying, ″Only Nixon could go to China.″ Last night in Pennsylvania, Donald Trump proved that he is the only GOP presidential candidate this election cycle who could have proposed a ′YUGE′ Child Care program. Ted Cruz would never have even considered it. Jeb Bush might have, but only for illegal immigrants which he would give amnesty to. Guided by his daughter, Ivanka, Donald Trump unveiled his plan to aid working families to provide child care for their children, and also a plan to help care givers assisting their elderly parents. The plan, which was crafted with the help of several Republican Congresswomen, includes 6 weeks of paid maternity leave, tax credits, individual child care accounts, and even matching funds for the poor via the Earned Income Credit program. Cynics would say that this was only done to curry favor with women voters. But this is part of a larger plan to transform the GOP into a political party for the working class.

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September 7th, 2016

A Referendum on America’s Political Intelligence

We hear plenty of talk about the meaning of this year’s election. Some say the result will indicate whether American voters were more strongly motivated by their hopes or by their fears. But to cast the choice we face in terms so simple and so obviously suggestive—for who among us wouldn’t prefer hope to fear?—is to obfuscate things that ought to be recognized by all who possess any measure of political intelligence and who, consequently, feel a measure of political responsibility. All of us, that is, who care to take into consideration the true, long-term interests of our country, rather than merely to cast our votes according to whatever we perceive to be our own immediate interests, should recognize, for instance, that hopes may be sound or unsound; that fears may be reasonable or unreasonable; and, that by thinking things through we may well increase our chances of distinguishing the ones from the others. So I submit that, rather than the relative strength of any of our hopes or fears, the result of our election will indicate Americans’ political intelligence—or lack thereof.
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September 6th, 2016

Conservative Icon Phyllis Schlafy Dead at 92

Conservative, Republican icon, Phylis Schlafy, died Monday at the age of 92. A political activist with a background as a Constitutional lawyer, Schlafy starter the Eagle Forum in 1972. Even before that, she campaigned for Barry Goldwater in 1964, and began a newsletter, ″The Phylis Schlafy Report″, in 1967. Her first major success was in blocking the Equal Rights Amendment, which she saw a step backwards. Her ′STOP ERA′ campaign pointed out that the ERA would have ended many norms of society, such as separate, public restrooms for men and women. Traditional roles for women, including being a housewife and a mother, would have been impacted. Schlafy was also a major critic against Liberal judges in our courts, the Soviet Union and detente, as well as the coming age of Globalization. Phylis Schlafy supported the campaign for Donald Trump, standing against many so-called ′Conservatives′. Her voice will be sorely missed.

Phylis Schlafy

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