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July 26th, 2015

Hillary Clinton Email Scandal – DOJ Criminal Probe Called For

Two Inspector Generals, one from the Department of State, the other from the “Intelligence Community” have requested that the DOJ launch a full probe on the matter of Hillary Clinton using a private email server for her official work. The IGs have apparently found a sufficient number of issues concerning whether or not any classified material was mishandled by Hillary Clinton, a potentially criminal offense, back when she was Secretary of State. That some classified material may have been sent to her via her private email server, was stored and redistributed by said server. Such would be a violation of federal law on how classified material should be handled. This could be a major blow to the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Her polling numbers are continuing to slip as she is viewed as being untrustworthy.

(Corrected and Updated, see below)

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July 19th, 2015

Martin O’Malley Apologizes to Netroots Nation – #WhiteLivesDontMatter

Former Mayor of Baltimore and ex-Governor of Maryland, Martin O′Malley, got himself into some hot water at the Liberal-Progressive conference held by Netroots Nation held in Phoenix, Arizona. Speaking before a super-Left-Wing crowd, O′Malley was asked about the Baltimore police. O′Malley defended the police during his tenure as mayor, then echoed the familiar ′hash-tag′, Black Lives Matter. Then O′Malley added ″White lives matter″ and ″All lives matter″. This was met with a chorus of boos and protests by the militant audience. At one point, O′Malley stood on stage dumb-founded as Tia Oso, a member of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, got on stage and addressed the audience, educating them about ″Black love″ and Black refugees trapped in Arizona. Another Democrat hopeful for 2016, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, had spoken earlier to the crowd and was also heckled for not being Black enough. Martin O′Malley tried to make amends later, apologizing both to the crowd at Netroots and again on a digital broadcast of the show, ″This Week in Blackness″.

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July 16th, 2015

Donald Trump – the ′$10 BILLION DOLLAR′ Man

Some new polls are out and we also have the ′cover sheet′ of the FEC financial statement filed by GOP candidate Donald Trump, showing him being worth more than $10 Billion dollars. Wednesday was the filing deadline with the Federal Elections Committee and the Trump campaign for the 2016 White House race fulfilled its obligations in time. One less excuse now for Fox News to ban Trump from the upcoming debates. The Donald is also doing great in the latest polls. Nationwide, his favorables have soared to 57% amongst Republicans, only 6 points behind Jeb Bush in a poll by the Washington Post and ABC News. Among all voters, Trump climbed from just 17% to 33%, with Bush is at 38%. Look out Hillary Clinton, who saw her favorables drop to just 39% among all voters. In the new nationwide poll by Suffolk University and USA Today, Trump is Number One with 17% of GOP voters to Jeb Bush in second place with 14%.

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July 12th, 2015

Obama Fairness in Housing Scheme, Diversity at Gunpoint

A few weeks ago, Barack Obama vowed to squeeze every drop of his power to continue pushing his agenda of transforming American society. On Wednesday, the squeezing began with new housing rules to force diversity in wealthy neighborhoods and communities. The Department of Housing and Urban Development, HUD, has added some 377 pages of new federal regulations and rules, augmenting the Fair Housing Act which was a section of the Civil Rights Act of 1968. The new rules will force communities to modify their zoning laws to allow for low-income housing and set up a HUD program of issuing housing vouchers to enable those of various racial groups and income levels to buy or rent in wealthy or gated communities. Critics will argue that this is just more social engineering or a scheme to change voting patterns in favor of Democrats.

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July 11th, 2015

Donald Trump Leads Polls, Big Illegal Immigration Speech in Phoenix, Arizona

Two new national polls show Donald Trump in or tied in first place against Jeb Bush for the GOP presidential primaries. His rapid rise to the top of the pack of some 16 contenders is due to Trump′s stand on illegal immigration, which has dominated the news cycle. Today, The Donald will deliver a major speech on the subject of illegal immigration and border security in Phoenix, Arizona. The rally is expected to have thousands in attendance. On Friday, Trump was in Los Angeles, California, where he met and spoke with families who have suffered from crimes by illegal immigrants. Among those Trump met with was the father of Jamiel Shaw, a 17-year old African-American young man who was murdered by two Hispanic gunmen who were apparently illegal immigrants seeking to join a drug gang and ordered to kill someone as part of their initiation.

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July 2nd, 2015

Bernie Sanders draws 10,000, Hillary Clinton in Trouble

In Madison, Wisconsin yesterday, Sen. Bernie Sanders drew a record-breaking crowd of nearly 10,000 people at his presidential campaign event. Earlier this week, Sanders drew a crowd of about 5,000. The Vermont senator has been steadily growing in popularity as he squares off against Democrat front-runner, Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, the Hillary 2016 campaign announced that it has so far raised some $45 million dollars. A far cry from the $2 Billion she hopes to raise, but still much more than the $8 million Sanders has in his war chest. Recent polls in some primary states show that Clinton′s huge lead is evaporating, with Sanders closing fast in a one-on-one race. A new CNN/ORC poll shows that nationwide, Hillary is still large and in charge over Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

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June 17th, 2015

Bernie Sanders Closes Gap on Hillary Clinton in NH

Vermont′s independent senator, Bernie Sanders, is narrowing the gap with Hillary Clinton according to a new poll in New Hampshire. Conducted by the Suffolk University Political Research Center in Boston, Hillary Clinton′s huge lead has evaporated to being just 10 points ahead of Sanders, 41-31. She is still strong with female Democrat voters, but Democrat men now favor Bernie. Another poll question focused on voters who are familiar with both candidates, Hillary only has a 3-point lead over Sanders, 38-35. This is not good news for Hill-Dog.

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May 13th, 2015

Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill?

A Liberal group called ′Women on 20s′ held a vote and the winner to replace President Andrew Jackson was for Harriet Tubman to be on the $20 bill. The other three finalists were Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks and Wilma Mankiller. The group will send their petition to the White House, seeking action by Barack Hussein Obama. There has been several groups seeking to remove ′Old Hickory′ from the ′sawbuck′ over the years. Even Ronald Reagan′s name has been mentioned. The loudest voices against Andrew Jackson have been by Native American Indians, as he was responsible for the ′Trail of Tears′ when many Cherokees died while being forced to relocate from the Southeast to Oklahoma. Indeed, many Indian casinos refuse to carry $20 bills because of this.

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