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December 5th, 2016

CNN Fake News about #Pizzagate Fake News

I really had to chuckle this morning when I watched ″New Day″ on CNN spend most of its first half-hour blathering on about ′Fake News′. They, like the Washington Post and New York Times, have taken ′Fake News′ to a whole new level. Pretty much about 90% of their stories about the Donald Trump 2016 campaign were ′Fake News′. So, now they are all bent out of shape because of a ′Fake News′ story which originated on 4chan of all places. This one was about a conspiracy theory which tied a Washington, DC pizzeria called COMET PING PONG with #Pizzagate. That aspect began after emails from John Podesta released by WikiLeaks alluding to ′pizza parties′ which were actually code words for various types of sex. The code depended on the topping of the said pizza, which referred to the age, gender and even ethnicity of the desired sexual partners.


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November 6th, 2016

Extremely Careless! Hillary Clinton Maid had Access to Classified Material

FBI Director James Comey was very correct when he said back in July that Hillary Clinton was ″extremely careless″ when handling classified material. The New York Post today is reporting that at times, Hillary had her maid print up documents emailed to her private server. Did the maid have security clearance? Did she go through the usual, lengthy background check? Nope! Hillary Clinton is not only a national disgrace, but is too irresponsible to hold any elected or appointed office. She certainly should have her security clearance revoked and not allowed within 100 miles of any federal facility. Except, perhaps, a super-max prison where I′m sure we can accommodate her for the rest of her life in an 8ft by 6ft prison cell.

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November 5th, 2016

John Podesta to host ‘Spirit Cooking’ on Food Network?

No, John Podesta is not going to have his own TV show about spirit cooking on the Food Network! Though I would be amused if Alton Brown were to do one of his ′scientific′ takes on the subject. With just three days left to go before the 2016 Election Day, if you thought this campaign could not get weirder, it just did! Thanks to WikiLeaks, #PodestaEmails 27, we now know that the CEO of the Hillary Clinton campaign is a Satanist! Or a Wiccan, or some sort of dabbler in the ′Dark Arts′. We also learn that when Podesta is thinking about ordering a pizza, he doesn′t mean some baked bread dough covered with cheese, sauce and other toppings.

Spirit Cooking

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October 31st, 2016

PANIC! Democrats Dumping Hillary Clinton, Constitutional Crisis!

The Hillary Clinton campaign is in a state of panic after the renewed FBI probe into her secret email server was announced on Friday. Huma Abedin has gone into hiding. James Comey, highly praised by those of the Democratic Party since July, are now vilifying him. Last night during a panel discussion on Fox News, Democratic Party Insider, Doug Schoen, declared that he is reconsidering his support for Hillary Rodham Clinton! He cites his reason as being that the American nation cannot afford 4 years of a Constitutional Crisis! If she is elected, then the United States Government will be effectively shutdown as investigations and counter-probes bring the country to a halt and drag into into a swamp.

Hillary Arrested

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October 25th, 2016

Obamacare Premium Hike By Double Digits

The Department of Health and Human Services, DHHS, admitted Monday in a released report that come 2017, the so-called Affordable Care Act, ACA, will see a double digit hike in premium prices. Obamacare insurance providers in the 39 states that use the HealthCare.Gov website will increase prices by 22% to 25%. About one-in-five consumers will have only one provider available, too, as several insurance companies pull out of the program. Barack Obama′s signature, legacy program to insure all Americans has become a complete failure. Only a handful of state exchanges are expected to remain as the rest have closed due to being too expensive. Few young consumers have participated, which was a major element to make the program viable. Obama lied to the American people about the ACA from the very beginning, and now, those lies have become apparent.

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October 24th, 2016

WikiLeaks Confirmed, Media Polls Rigged

Those of us who watch politics regularly already knew that many polls are heavily skewed to achieve a desired outcome. The ongoing release of John Podesta emails by WikiLeaks confirms this, taking out of the realm of conspiracy or wishful thinking and into hard-core fact! One email in particular included a 37-page instruction book from a Progressive group called Atlas Project employee, which helps Democratic Party candidates with a full range of campaign data services. The original email with the how-to handbook was from an employee of Atlas Project, Crystal King, and is dated from January 17, 2008.

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October 18th, 2016

Bombshells! FBI on Hillary Clinton Email Fix, Video Proof Trump Protests Staged

Two new bombshells exploded in the news yesterday that may spell more trouble for Democrats. First, we have another document dump by the FBI on the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Turns out that a State Department official, Patrick Kennedy, offered a ′Quid Quo Pro′ deal for the FBI to change the email classification. In particular, one email concerning the Benghazi attack. Kennedy offered to add additional posts for FBI agents at our embassies around the world. The second bombshell came from the James O′Keefe group, Project Veritas. They secretly recorded a conversation with Scott Foval, well known within the Democratic Party. His Foval Group was paid to stage the Donald Trump protests, including the one in Chicago where violence broke out, forcing Trump to cancel his rally. Foval bragged in the video about being paid for these actions by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC with the approval of the Barack Obama White House.

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October 17th, 2016

Obscenity: Tool of Soft Despotism

How should we understand the moral outrage (or pretension thereto) with which the publication of Donald Trump’s aptly self-described “locker room talk” was met? It is hypocritical, of course, as countless others have already pointed out. Especially ridiculous to me were the first lady’s tearful “heartfelt” remarks on the matter: for sufficient proof of the defectiveness of her own moral compass, recollect her declaration that distinguished White House guest Beyonce makes a fine role model for her daughters. Yes, this is the same Beyonce who literally bends over backwards on stages across the country to expose her money-making derriere to crowds of thousands. What, then, does this Beyonce model for girls like Mrs. Obama’s daughters, besides how to behave like a slut, or how to reduce oneself into a sex object? A recent video featuring the elder Obama daughter “dancing” in a self-degrading manner at a college party suggests that she has, alas, taken the example of her “role model” to heart.
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