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February 8th, 2016

Will Young Women ‘Go To Hell’ If They Vote For Bernie Sanders?

You just know that Hillary Clinton is in deep trouble when she is forced to play the ′Sky-God′ card! At a rally in New Hampshire before tomorrows primary, Hillary supporter Madeleine Albright said the if young women do not vote for Clinton, they will go to a ″special place in Hell.″ Meanwhile, noted feminist Gloria Steinem says that young women are only campaigning for Bernie Sanders because they are looking for men. Hillary Rodham Clinton does appear to have a serious problem with the youth vote, a key demographic for Democrats. After the close shave in the Iowa Caucus, the national polls are showing Bernie Sanders closing in on Hillary Clinton. Prompting some old hands in the DNC to resurrect the ′Draft Joe Biden′ campaign. Has Hillary over stayed her welcome in politics?

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February 5th, 2016

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Battle during MSNBC Democratic Debate

Who won the Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders battle last night during the MSNBC Democratic debate? Depends on who was the bigger Progressive-Socialist? Bernie says he is while Hillary challenged his street cred. Sanders was more interested in how cozy Clinton was with Wall Street? I would say, VERY COZY! But, you know, getting $225,000 per 45-minute speech from Goldman Sachs is nothing special, if you believe Hillary Rodham Clinton. Even if you do three such speeches in one year! Bernie Sanders, along with moderator Chuck Todd demand that Hillary release the transcripts from those speeches, so we all can learn the truth. Was Hillary Clinton paid such sums for her insights and wisdom? Or was it just bribes for access?

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February 3rd, 2016

Rand Paul Out, Trump and Sanders Lead in NH

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has decided to drop out of the 2016 GOP presidential campaign for the White House. He will now focus on getting reelected to the US Senate. Meanwhile, the first post-Iowa Caucus poll from New Hampshire by UMassLowell/7News shows Donald Trump still maintaining a 24-point lead over his nearest competitor, Ted Cruz, with 38% to 14%. Bernie Sanders has a 31-point lead over Hillary Rodham Clinton. There is word that some polls expected out shortly may show some very different results, particularly for Trump. The New Hampshire primary is just 6 days away so we won′t have long to wait to find out what will really happen. Plus, Trump has promised to attend the next GOP debate Saturday night on ABC-TV, the first Republican presidential debate to be carried on a broadcast network.

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February 2nd, 2016

2016 Iowa Caucus Results – Lies, Ties and Coin Tosses

An initial glance shows that the 2016 Iowa Caucus results ′appear′ to have Ted Cruz and Hillary Rodham Clinton as the ′declared winners′. However, just as in 2012, there are issues. So many new, first time voters participated that a definitive result may not be available for days, perhaps weeks. If you watched the tally on TV, you may have seen results that were derived with ″99%″ of the Republican caucus counted. But, that ′99%′ is based on an expected turnout of some 155,000 for the GOP. A new high for the records as it shattered the 2012 GOP turnout at about 122,000 voters. So far, the estimates are that about 180,000 people voted in the Republican caucus with still more to come. Over on the Democratic Party side, they are not even telling us the raw vote numbers! Instead, they only give us the ′Iowa State Convention Delegate Equivalent′. The DNC is so convoluted that CNN claims that Iowa has 44 state delegates for the national convention, along with 6 super-delegates, while MSNBC says Iowa has 42 ′normal′ delegates and 8 super-delegates. Don′t ask me what Fox News says, I stopped watching them last week!

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February 1st, 2016

Who will Win 2016 Iowa Caucus Today, Monday?

The moment of truth has finally arrived. We shall find out tonight, Monday, February 1st, who will win the 2016 Iowa Caucus? The latest polls show Donald Trump up by 5 to 6 points over rival Ted Cruz on the Republican side of the ballot. Trump has been surging the past three weeks, sending the Cruz campaign into panic mode. They may be in some hot water over a mailer charging ″Voter Violations″ to recipients. The Secretary of State of Iowa says that the mailer ″misrepresents″ the officials running the department. Marco Rubio also dispatched a mailer which is intended to scare or shame voters. Meanwhile, for the Democrats we have high drama as Hillary Rodham Clinton is in a nearly dead heat with Bernie Sanders. All of this as the FBI investigations probes deeper into her private email server, searching for more top secret documents. Turn out is king in Iowa, which is facing a major snow storm later this evening.

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January 30th, 2016

22 Hillary Clinton Emails Top Secret, ‘Too Damaging’ for Release

The United States Department of State announced yesterday that some 22 Hillary Clinton emails are ′Top Secret′ and contain information ″too damaging″ to be released to the public. Even in a redacted format, according to a State Department spokesman. This news comes as Hillary Rodham Clinton faces a tough race against Bernie Sanders for the Iowa Caucus on Monday. Many polls show them in a statistical dead heat. Meanwhile, there are growing rumors that the FBI will recommend that both Hillary Clinton and her top aide, Huma Abedin should be indicted by the Department of Justice over the mishandling of classified emails on the Clinton private server.


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January 25th, 2016

7 Days Till Iowa Caucus, Trump, Sanders Lead Polls

Welcome to Campaign Death Spiral 2016! With just seven days left before the Iowa Caucus, Donald J Trump and Bernie Sanders are building leads in the Hawk Eye State. The latest Fox News poll shows Trump passing Cruz and taking first place, 34% to 23%, a 15-point shift in just one week. The new CBS/YouGov poll shows Trump at 39% and Ted Cruz at 34%, a 14-point swing since December. The same poll shows Bernie Sanders overtaking Hillary Rodham Clinton 47% to 46%, a 6-point swing since the end of last year. The CBS/YouGov poll also shows Sanders building momentum in New Hampshire, 57% to 38%, a 5-point boost. In South Carolina, once seen as Hillary′s ′firewall′, Sanders is gaining, up 14-points, trailing Hillary′s 60% with ′The Bern′ at 38%. The talk now is that Hillary Clinton may fizzle out even earlier than she did in 2008! The panic in the DNC has forced them to add a town hall in Iowa tonight to be carried by CNN at 9pm EST. This as Donald Trump is poised for a clean sweep, running the table and winning all 50 GOP primaries and caucuses!


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January 21st, 2016

Will Hillary Clinton be Prosecuted?

Hillary Clinton is in trouble. Very big, deep, deep trouble! The question on many people′s minds right now is will Hillary Clinton be prosecuted? I think that the answer is already before us, YES! If you have been paying attention to the whole email scandal thing, there is little doubt that federal laws were broken. The mere fact that there was classified material on her private email server is a violation of the Espionage Act as the material was mishandled. That, by itself, is a felony, and could earn one to three years per offense. So far, there have been some 1,340 such documents found in the emails reviewed. But the situation goes well beyond just that, according to the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, Mr. Charles McCullough III.

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