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October 18th, 2016

Bombshells! FBI on Hillary Clinton Email Fix, Video Proof Trump Protests Staged

Two new bombshells exploded in the news yesterday that may spell more trouble for Democrats. First, we have another document dump by the FBI on the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Turns out that a State Department official, Patrick Kennedy, offered a ′Quid Quo Pro′ deal for the FBI to change the email classification. In particular, one email concerning the Benghazi attack. Kennedy offered to add additional posts for FBI agents at our embassies around the world. The second bombshell came from the James O′Keefe group, Project Veritas. They secretly recorded a conversation with Scott Foval, well known within the Democratic Party. His Foval Group was paid to stage the Donald Trump protests, including the one in Chicago where violence broke out, forcing Trump to cancel his rally. Foval bragged in the video about being paid for these actions by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC with the approval of the Barack Obama White House.

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October 17th, 2016

Obscenity: Tool of Soft Despotism

How should we understand the moral outrage (or pretension thereto) with which the publication of Donald Trump’s aptly self-described “locker room talk” was met? It is hypocritical, of course, as countless others have already pointed out. Especially ridiculous to me were the first lady’s tearful “heartfelt” remarks on the matter: for sufficient proof of the defectiveness of her own moral compass, recollect her declaration that distinguished White House guest Beyonce makes a fine role model for her daughters. Yes, this is the same Beyonce who literally bends over backwards on stages across the country to expose her money-making derriere to crowds of thousands. What, then, does this Beyonce model for girls like Mrs. Obama’s daughters, besides how to behave like a slut, or how to reduce oneself into a sex object? A recent video featuring the elder Obama daughter “dancing” in a self-degrading manner at a college party suggests that she has, alas, taken the example of her “role model” to heart.
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October 12th, 2016

More Hillary Clinton WikiLeaks Emails

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks is making good on his promise and has released two more batches of emails from John Podesta, campaign manager for Hillary Clinton. Some of these new emails show the same old corruption which has plagued the Clinton campaign from the start. Of rigging and collusion between the campaign, the DNC and members of The Media. In one such email released by WikiLeaks, we have Donna Barsile, once CNN paid commentator and current chair of the DNC, tipping off Hillary Clinton on questions to be asked during a debate between Hillary and Bernie Sanders. In another, we learn that the Obama Justice Department gave the Clinton campaign a heads up about how a federal judge would rule on the release of emails from Hillary and her staff while working at the State Department. We even have an email from Jake Tapper of CNN congratulating John Podesta for getting the job as the head of the Clinton campaign!

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October 8th, 2016

WikiLeaks Releases Excerpts from Hillary Clinton Wall Street Speeches

Julian Assange came through with part of his ′October Surprise yesterday. WikiLeaks released an email which went to Clinton campaign manager, John Podesta, providing excerpts some of the speeches Hillary Rodham Clinton gave to Wall Street Banks. For example, during a speech to Goldman Sachs and Black Rock back on February 4, 2014, Hillary Clinton admits that, ″… I′m kind of far removed because the life I′ve lived and the economic, you know, fortunes that my husband and I now enjoy…″. During a speech to the National Multi-Housing Council on April 24, 2013, Hillary admitted that she lies to the public when she said, ″So, you need both a public and a private position.″ On May 16, 2013, Hillary Clinton told the Banco Itau that, ″My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders…″. There were plenty of other excerpts that delve into the true, inner feelings of Hillary Clinton, and highlight why she is just a tool for the super wealthy, global elites.

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October 1st, 2016

Hillary Clinton Hates Millennials – ‘Baristas’, ‘Living in Parent’s Basements’

A newly leaked audio recording may explain why Hillary Clinton is doing so poorly with Millennial voters. During a fund raising event back in February, Hillary described Millennials who supported Bernie Sanders as a bunch of ″baristas′ and people ″living in their parents′ basements″. Once again, we see how the Hillary Clinton campaign is one based on hate. Using the DNC to foil Bernie Sanders and using white-noise machines at the DNC convention to drown out Sander supporters was just one facet of this hatred. Even way back in 1992, Hillary led her husband′s campaign efforts to silence former girlfriends, hiring private eyes to harass and threaten them. Using surrogates like James Carville to attack such women, calling them trailer-park trash. On Friday, the Hillary Clinton campaign announced it was pulling out of Ohio, a move explained by the New York Times as being because ″Ohio no longer matters″ as it is ′too White′.

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September 10th, 2016

Hillary Clinton and the ′Basket of Deplorables′

Hillary Rodham Clinton invoked more racist dribble last night at a fund raiser in New York City. Clinton told the gathering of the wealthy and celebrities that half of Donald Trump′s supporters were part of the ″basket of deplorables″. Consisting of racists, homophobes, xenophobes, Islamophobes, etc. This ′broad brush′, condemning millions of Americans, follows her husband Bill Clinton speech on Wednesday that Trump′s slogan of ′Make America Great Again′ is also racist. Funny, since Bill Clinton, himself, used the very same phrase often when he was running for president in 1992.

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September 7th, 2016

A Referendum on America’s Political Intelligence

We hear plenty of talk about the meaning of this year’s election. Some say the result will indicate whether American voters were more strongly motivated by their hopes or by their fears. But to cast the choice we face in terms so simple and so obviously suggestive—for who among us wouldn’t prefer hope to fear?—is to obfuscate things that ought to be recognized by all who possess any measure of political intelligence and who, consequently, feel a measure of political responsibility. All of us, that is, who care to take into consideration the true, long-term interests of our country, rather than merely to cast our votes according to whatever we perceive to be our own immediate interests, should recognize, for instance, that hopes may be sound or unsound; that fears may be reasonable or unreasonable; and, that by thinking things through we may well increase our chances of distinguishing the ones from the others. So I submit that, rather than the relative strength of any of our hopes or fears, the result of our election will indicate Americans’ political intelligence—or lack thereof.
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September 1st, 2016

A Preview of Donaldian Diplomacy

Last week in Reno, Hillary Clinton replayed, for the umpteenth time, one of the only cards she seems to have in hand. She reiterated her contention that her opponent has built his campaign on “bigotry” and “hate”—including and especially on anti-Hispanic or anti-Mexican “rhetoric.”
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