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May 13th, 2015

Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill?

A Liberal group called ′Women on 20s′ held a vote and the winner to replace President Andrew Jackson was for Harriet Tubman to be on the $20 bill. The other three finalists were Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks and Wilma Mankiller. The group will send their petition to the White House, seeking action by Barack Hussein Obama. There has been several groups seeking to remove ′Old Hickory′ from the ′sawbuck′ over the years. Even Ronald Reagan′s name has been mentioned. The loudest voices against Andrew Jackson have been by Native American Indians, as he was responsible for the ′Trail of Tears′ when many Cherokees died while being forced to relocate from the Southeast to Oklahoma. Indeed, many Indian casinos refuse to carry $20 bills because of this.

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April 28th, 2015

Baltimore Riots 2015, City Burns, Mayor Blamed

The Baltimore riots of 2015 may be the most obvious failing of Liberal Democrat leadership. Anybody and everybody knew there would be trouble on Monday as a funeral service was held for Freddie Gray in the morning. Sure enough, a ′meme′ was posted on social media calling for students to gather at a shopping mall after 3pm. Despite the police asking the mall to be closed at 1pm, by 3:15pm, a large group of students began clashing with police near the mall. In less than an hour, the situation spun totally out of control as police retreated and regrouped. Many now recalled the words of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake from Saturday when she acknowledged ordering that police give protesters who wanted to ′destroy′ the ′space to do it′. By 8pm Monday night, as looting and structural fires raged, the mayor back-peddled, blaming the Media for twisting her own words.

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April 23rd, 2015

From Russia With Love – More Bill and Hillary ‘Clinton Cash’ Trouble

Just yesterday, I vowed not to write any further articles about the new book by Peter Schweizer, ′Clinton Cash′, until there was something new to add. After all, Bill and Hillary Clinton have a long history of surviving scandals and allegations. But, this morning we have a flurry of news reports that point the way to potential problems for the Clintons, especially Hillary′s 2016 presidential campaign. In my somewhat twisted mind, I have to wonder if Hillary is waking up this morning and regretting that, ′I sure picked the wrong day to stop taking Quaaludes!′ So let us review the latest news…

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April 15th, 2015

Hillary Clinton ‘Scooby-Doo’ Van causes Iowa College Lockdown

On the campaign trail in Monticello, Iowa, Hillary Clinton and her ′Scooby-Doo′ van arrived at the Kirkwood Community College. In what was supposed to be her first big event in her White House race bid, only 22 students and teachers were selected to attend. The rest of the college went on lockdown, confining students to their classrooms. More reporters attended the event than potential Iowa caucus voters. The whole thing was staged well beyond the point of absurdity.

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April 11th, 2015

Hillary Clinton Announces Presidential Campaign on Social Media

Hillary Clinton is to announce her presidential campaign run for 2016 today via Twitter. There will also be a video from her as well as a ′tweet′. She is expected to make a live appearance during the week in Iowa and New Hampshire. Some say that her goal is to upstage Marco Rubio, who is announcing his run for the White House this week. But it probably has more to do with the recent rental of office space for Hillary For America, which means that under FEC rules, she has to declare officially within 15 days. So why is Hillary Clinton just tweeting her announcement without an immediate, follow-up live appearance on Sunday? Is she afraid of facing questions by the press? Or are they having a hard time trying to arrange a venue with thousands of supporters?

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March 21st, 2015

Strength Through Joy – Hillary Clinton ‘Fun Deficit’ Adult Camps

Avoiding questions on her email scandal, Hillary Clinton takes on the ′Fun Deficit′ calling for national program for building adult camps. According to Hillary, Americans are not having enough fun these days, so a government program is needed to solve this problem. Sounds like a page from another Socialist regime once known as ′Kraft durch Freude′, or KdF, German for ′Strength through Joy′. Started in 1933 by the Nazi Party under their German Labour Front, the Deutsche Arbeitsfront, or DAF, some 45 million Germans got free vacations by 1939. Many were provided with holidays aboard specially built cruise ships, but the KdF also built parks, libraries, theaters and other recreational facilities. Other aspects included after work activities, such as fitness and sport clubs, even dancing classes, all to make the German people happier and more physically fit. Nazi Germany promoted their scheme internationally, showing what a great place Germany was for tourists through advertising produced by the Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. Is this what Hillary Clinton has in mind?

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March 20th, 2015

Obama wants Mandatory Voting just like North Korea

King Papa Doc Barack Obama now wants mandatory voting just as in North Korea. This guy simply can′t keep his big mouth shut! Almost every day, Obama says something new that is so ludicrous, one has to consider just how sane he might be. Now Obama is talking about mandatory voting, thinking that such would have prevented the Democrats from losing the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014. He claims that the poor don′t vote enough. When did Obama ever care about the poor? Certainly not lately! This year, 7 taxes dealing with Obamacare take effect, targeting those who earn less than $25,000 per year. So much for Obama saying he has never raised taxes on the poor and middle class. He also shut down an IRS program for assisting the poor in filing tax returns, redistributing the funds to Democrat organizations, many of which evolved from his old favorite, ACORN.

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March 15th, 2015

Is Obama behind Hillary Clinton Email Scandal?

Is the Barack Obama administration behind leaks to the press about Hillary Clinton and her email scandal? That is what Edward Klein of the New York Post is writing about. According to Klein and his anonymous sources, Obama′s top White House adviser, the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, has been very busy the past few weeks leaking dirt about Bill and Hillary Clinton. That not only has Jarrett been feeding the press with info on foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation and Hillary′s use of a private email account while serving as Secretary of State, Valerie also has met with potential 2016 candidates, like Elizabeth Warren. One of Klein′s sources, an alleged friend of Bill Clinton, claims that Bill told him, ″The Obamas are out to get us.″

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