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May 24th, 2016

Bernie Sanders War with Debbie Wasserman Schultz

The battle lines are growing deeper in the war of words between Bernie Sanders and Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The independent Socialist senator from Vermont says that if he becomes president, he will fire Schultz as the DNC chairperson. Sanders is now also publicly supporting Schultz′s Democratic primary opponent, Tim Canova in Florida′s 23rd Congressional District. The fight between Sanders and Schultz has been brewing since last summer when the Democratic National Committee took a number of steps to benefit the campaign of Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton. These steps include limiting televised debates to just a handful, and scheduling them to be seen on weekend nights when TV viewership is low.

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May 18th, 2016

Sanders, Clinton Split Democratic Primary Election Results

Bernie Sanders and Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton split last night′s Democratic Party primary election results. Clinton appears to have won the 2016 Kentucky primary by about 1,800 votes, though the Sanders campaign has yet to rule out requesting a recount. Meanwhile, Bernie won a decisive victory in the 2016 Oregon primary, blowing away Crooked Hillary by double-digit margins. Donald J. Trump also easily won the Oregon GOP primary, though Cruz and Kasich each got about 16%. This is largely due to Oregon being a open primary that relies completely on a mail-in ballot system. Many had voted before the other Republican Party candidates had suspended their campaigns. But the narrow split in the closed primary of Kentucky may spell bigger trouble as the Democratic Party is still reeling from the violence of the Nevada State Democratic Convention on Saturday.

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May 15th, 2016

Democratic Convention in Nevada Turns Violent

Tension over fairness and delegates turned ugly as violence broke out at Saturday′s Democratic Party Convention in Nevada. The battle between Bernie Sanders supporters and those of Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton erupted into at least one fistfight and police were forced to make several arrests. One person was seriously injured during the brawling and required medical attention. The event took place at the Paris Hotel and Casino. There was much discontent, including Sanders supporters booing Sen. Barbara Boxer, a Clinton flunky. Crooked Hillary won the Nevada Caucus back on February 20, getting 12 delegates to Sanders 10. But yesterday, the remaining 12 unpledged delegates were split, with Clinton getting 7 and The Bern receiving 5.

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May 14th, 2016

States React to Obama Transgender Bathroom Use Rules

Several states are reacting to the new Barack Obama transgender bathroom use rules issued by the White House on Friday. North Carolina and Mississippi, which have passed legislation on the matter, have been joined by Texas in rejecting the new mandate. The Obama decree requires public schools to allow for transgender bathroom use. One of the main problems with the rules deals with the definition of who is transgender? Under the White House guidelines, all one needs to do is declare themselves as ″feeling″ like one gender or the other. Some states and previous court cases require much more, including a state recognition of medical procedures, be it hormone therapy or actual surgery, to alter one′s gender physically.

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May 13th, 2016

Did Bill Clinton Give Charity Cash to Alleged Girlfriend?

The Wall Streeet Journal reported this week that the Clinton Global Initiative handed out large sums of cash to many of Bill and Crooked Hillary Clinton′s friends. Some may have been more friendly to Bill Clinton, according to the New York Post. They claim that $2 Million dollars from the Clinton charity went a company called Energy Pioneer Solutions, 29% of which is owned by Julie Tauber McMahon. She is allegedly the blonde divorcee described in the Ronald Kessler book, ″The First Family Detail″ as the ′Energizer′. Bill′s latest alleged girlfriend who visits Bill while Hillary is away and is on good terms with the Secret Service by bringing them treats like cookies. All rumors aside, if she were Bill′s newest ′squeeze′ she is certainly a step up from the usual trailer trash he′s been known to pursue.

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May 11th, 2016

Is Hillary Rodham Clinton Destroying the Democratic Party?

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders won the West Virginia primary by decisive numbers yesterday as he continues to challenge ′Crooked′ Hillary Rodham Clinton. Sanders is still far behind Crooked Hillary in the 2016 Democratic Party presidential race to be the nominee. By current numbers, he would need to win some 66% of remaining ′pledged′ delegates, then sway hundreds of super-delegates already committed to Hilldog. Despite his big win last night, The Bern and Hillary are basically splitting the delegates 50-50. Talk about a rigged system!

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May 5th, 2016

Romanian Hacker ′Guccifer′ Tells All to Fox News on Hillary Clinton Email Server Hack

Fox News Channel reporters Catherine Herridge and Pamela K. Browne interviewed Marcel Lehel Lazar, the Romanian hacker known as ′Guccifer′. Currently held in a detention center by federal authorities in Alexandria, Virginia, the 44-year old told all about how he hacked the private email server of Hillary Rodham Clinton. With no formal computer training, Guccifer was able to use readily available hacker programs and proxy servers in Russia to access Clinton′s server. He first succeeded in hacking into the private, AOL email account of Clinton friend, Sidney Blumenthal in March of 2013, then ′data mined′ Blumenthal to break into Hillary′s email server. Guccifer claims to was easy once he saw the pattern of traffic from IP addresses. The FBI is currently investigating the use by Hillary Clinton of a private email server which we now know held at least 2,200 emails with classified material, as well as 22 emails considered ′Top Secret′ and a potential threat to National Security.

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May 4th, 2016

Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders Win Indiana Primary, Ted Cruz Quits Race

Billionaire businessman Donald J. Trump is now just one step away from the White House after winning the 2016 Indiana GOP primary. Perhaps the only person who might stop Trump from becoming the next President of the United States of America is Hillary Rodham Clinton. That is, if Hillary can ever finish off Bernie Sanders, who beat her winning the Indiana Democratic primary. Poor Hillary not only is facing Trump and The Bern, but also James Comey, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the FBI. Meanwhile, Lyin′ Ted Cruz decided to call it quits after Donald Trump utterly destroyed him. Cruz won only two counties and still lost all 9 Congressional Districts in Indiana, despite having a lukewarm endorsement from Governor Mike Pence. The past few days have been rough ones for Cruz as his campaign imploded with several acts of lunacy.

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