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July 31st, 2014

Obama to GOP: ‘Stop Just Hating All The Time’

House Republicans passed the bill yesterday to file a lawsuit against Barack Obama for exceeding his executive powers. While giving a speech in Kansas City, Obama replied to the GOP, ′Stop just hating all the time′. What else did we except from him? We have the most corrupt White House in ages. The Obama administration even surpasses that of Nixon′s in breaking the law and manipulating the Constitution. Knowing that the vote was coming, Obama and the Democrats began a campaign last week warning supporters that impeachment was next. The scare tactic worked, raising millions of dollars for Democrat candidates. With the annual summer vacation period approaching, Obama is setting the stage for another major abuse of executive power, acting on the current border chaos to give amnesty to illegal immigrants.

obama to gop

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July 22nd, 2014

Federal Appeals Court Rules Against Obamacare Subsidies

The District of Columbia Federal Appeals Court today ruled against Obamacare subsidies, dealing the so-called ′Affordable Care Act′ a potential death blow. The court′s panel of three judges determined that the language of the ACA prohibits subsidies among those seeking insurance coverage in the 36 states that elected to not set up their own health insurance exchanges. This will impact more than 5 million of the nearly 9 million who have signed up for Obamacare. This ruling will guarantee more chaos within the Internal Revenue Service and will eventually put Barack Obama and his signature legislation back in front of the Supreme Court. The decision today will also spell a major increase in the cost of Obamacare to its subscribers. So much for the myth that the ACA will lower the cost of health insurance.

appeals court obamacare

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July 15th, 2014

Is the Border Crisis Obama’s Waterloo?

The flood of illegal immigrants across our southern border has put the Barack Obama administration on the defensive yet again. While the many other Obama scandals, such as the VA hospital and IRS scandals, continue to produce a steady drip of bad news for the White House, the border chaos may be the straw that broke the camel′s back. With a growing number of Democrats publicly criticizing Obama on his handling of the border chaos, we saw this weekend the usual response from Team Obama. Send out Eric Holder to call any critics of Obama as being racists. But this time it may not be enough, as in Chicago, one group of African-Americans, known as The Manchild Movement, took to the streets to complain about Obama spending money on children from Central America while another wave of violence claimed dozens of young lives in the Windy City (see video below). A few members spoke on camera calling Barack Obama the worst president in history, repeating the results of a recent national poll. So is the border crisis Obama′s Waterloo?

obama waterloo

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July 7th, 2014

Obama Dumping Hillary for 2016?

Ed Klein, hated by the Far-Left, is claiming that Barack Obama is working to derail Hillary Clinton, again, in her possible 2016 presidential bid. That Obama′s top adviser, the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, is courting Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to run for the White House. According to Klein, Obama wants Warren over Clinton as Hillary may undo some of his transformation of America. Klein claims that Bill Clinton has said that Obama wants a ′Mini-Me′ to take his place. Meanwhile, Hillary is also apparently beginning to move away from Obama and his agenda. Are we about to see another civil war within the Democrat Party as the 2016 election cycle nears?

barack obama hillary clinton

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May 21st, 2014

McConnell Beats Bevin in Busy Primary Election Results

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell easily defeated Matt Bevin in the Republican U.S. Senate primary election results in last night. Along with Kentucky, five other states – Ohio, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Arkansas – also held primary elections. In addition to the McConnell-Bevin race, another campaign showdown got significant national attention, that being the GOP Senate race in Oregon. Dr. Monica Wehby, an early critic of the Affordable Care Act, beat the four other challengers in her bid to be the Republican U.S. Senate candidate this November, despite some dirt laundry being aired by ex-husbands. Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, Chelsea Clinton′s mother-in-law, Marjorie Margolies, lost her campaign to rejoin the House of Representatives even though both Bill and Hillary Clinton campaigned heavily for her.

mcconnell beats bevin

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May 14th, 2014

John Conyers Lacks Signatures For Ballot

Democrats in disarray? Say it ain′t so! But there is quite a bit of turmoil within the Democrat Party these days. Here in Detroit, veteran Congressman John Conyers lacks the signatures to be on the 2014 primary ballot in August. Seems that a couple of his hired guns to obtain signatures were not registered voters at the time, so all of their signatures got tossed, along with a bunch of others from non-registered voters. Oops! Last week we saw turmoil in Washington as Minority Leader Nancy ′Fancy′ Pelosi appeared to be having a hard time keeping her caucus unified. A number of Democrats in the House jumped ship and voted with Republicans to find former IRS executive Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress and even more went along to forward the charges to the local prosecutor. A bunch also jumped ship to vote on approving the select committee for the Benghazi investigation.

john conyers lacks signatures

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March 24th, 2014

Alternate Universe – Obama says Nancy Pelosi will Go Down as Greatest Speaker

On Thursday at a fundraiser in Florida, Barack Hussein Obama praised Nancy Pelosi saying she, ″will go down in history as one of the greatest speakers.″ Are Obama and Nancy Pelosi living in an alternate universe? The House Minority Leader is still trying to convince America that Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, is the best thing since sliced bread. She even thinks it will help Democrats hold on to the Senate and win back seats in the House, calling it a ″political winner″. Pelosi and Obama apparently have yet to figure out that if the ACA was so wonderful, why then is Obama postponing as much of it as possible until after the 2016 elections? Are they the biggest liars on Earth or simply just insane?

nancy pelosi go down


March 5th, 2014

Texas Primary Election Results 2014

The 2014 Texas primary election results are in and as expected, Greg Abbott will face Wendy Davis in the November gubernatorial race as Davis defeated her other Democrat opponents. Meanwhile, Republican Senator John Cornyn beat Rep. Steve Stockman as Cornyn fights to keep his seat in the U.S. Senate. His Democrat opponent remains unclear as there were five and so far none appear to have a sufficient majority. So there will most likely be a special run-off election on May 27. The Bush dynasty won last night with George P. Bush, son of Jeb Bush, defeating businessman David Watts fto be the Republican nominee for Texas State Land Commissioner. He′ll be facing the Democrat John Cook, former mayor of El Paso. Another famous name, Kinky Friedman, won his nomination run and will face Democrat Jim Hogan for state agriculture commissioner.

Texas primary election results

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