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September 2nd, 2015

Hillary Clinton Wrote, Sent 6 Classified Emails

Gleaned from the latest document dump by the State Department, were found at least six emails written and sent by Hillary Clinton which contained classified material. Back in March while speaking at the United Nations, Hillary proclaimed that she never wrote, nor sent, any emails with classified material using her private server. At least one of the six emails allegedly contains data from spy satellite images of North Korean nuclear weapons facilities. Obviously classified, and not just the ′mundane′ ranking of ′Confidential′. No, that sort of data is clearly ′Top Secret′ or higher and there is no way that Hillary Clinton could not have known that at the time. Not unless she had slept through her briefings on the handling of classified material which all new Secretary of State appointees undergo when they take the office.

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August 28th, 2015

Hillary Clinton compares GOP Candidates to Terrorists

On Thursday, Hillary Clinton said that Pro-Life, GOP candidates were like Islamic extremist terrorists. She didn′t use Islamic, but her reference could only be taken one way. Clinton attempted to fan the flames of a ′War on Women′, as it is her only option since her email scandal broke. The poll numbers for Hillary have been steadily declining as the story unfolds. She did say that the stand by some Republican candidates on defunding Planned Parenthood is part of the issue. Talk about acting like terrorists! The latest videos, #7 and #8, from the Center for Medical Progress show Planned Parenthood baby parts buyers chuckling as they want more intact, whole babies and even the severed heads of infants to experiment on. Allow me to make this point again! PLANNED PARENTHOOD IS SELLING AND SHIPPING THE SEVERED HEADS OF HUMAN INFANTS!!! I don′t care what sort of research these laboratories are doing, there is absolutely no moral justification for this commerce!

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August 27th, 2015

New Poll Word Cloud on Hillary Clinton, Survey Says ‘LIAR’!

Two new polls are out this morning. One by Gravis for the One America News Network puts Donald Trump in the lead nationwide with a whopping 40%! An increase of 9-points. Dr. Ben Carson is in second with 13%, an increase of about 4-points, followed by Jeb Bush at 10%, a loss of over 3-points. Scott Walker plummeted from 12.5% to 3.5%. Ouch! A second poll from Quinnipac also has Trump way out in front with 28% with Carson at 12% followed by Bush, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, all at 7%. Hillary Clinton still leads in the Quinipac poll with 45%, which is a 10-point loss since last month. The Quinnipac Poll also included a ′word cloud′ of terms people associate with the candidates. The word most people associate with Hillary Clinton is LIAR. Some 61% consider her untrustworthy and dishonest. Double-Ouch!

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August 25th, 2015

Joe Biden Meets With Liz Warren, Obama on 2016 Run

Things are looking much clearer for Vice President Joe Biden as he considers a 2016 presidential run. Over the weekend, Biden met with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren for a ′pow-wow′. On Monday, Biden lunched with his boss, Barack Obama and reportedly got a ′blessing′ to campaign. During the daily White House press conference, Josh Earnest made it abundantly plain that Obama considers selecting Biden as his running mate in 2008 to be the ′best political decision he ever made′. Even better than picking Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State! Are the deck chairs being reshuffled and Hillary about to be thrown to the wolves?

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August 20th, 2015

Michael Savage Callers Ask – How Did Hillary Clinton Get Classified Info?

How did Hillary Clinton receive classified information on her private email account? That is the question posed by many callers to Dr. Michael Savage, host of the talk radio program, ″The Savage Nation″. Savage began his program yesterday bringing up the latest Hillary gaffe during her press conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday. Wearing a ′Prison Orange′ pantsuit, Hillary Clinton tried to fend off questions from reporters about her private email server. Recent reports are that the server was being stored in a bathroom closet in a loft apartment in Denver, Colorado. The location was the business office for a ′Ma & Pa′ IT company with many connections to local Democrats. When Ed Henry of Fox News asked Hillary if she had wiped the server′s hard drives, Hillary responded with a question, ″…Wiped…with like a cloth?″ After opening the phone lines, Dr. Savage then got a flurry of calls from the Washington DC area by people who claimed to have worked in the defense intelligence community. That is when things got VERY interesting…

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August 16th, 2015

Ride of the Valkyries! Trump Buzzes Hillary in Iowa

I love the smell of a deep-fried, battered Twinkie in the morning. It smells like…, Iowa! The Iowa State Fair is going strong this weekend with most of the Democrat and Republican presidential candidates for 2016 attending. Hillary Clinton arrived Saturday morning and by the early afternoon, she was walking through the fair grounds, chatting with folks and munching away at a pork chop on a stick. No stranger to calories, Hillary was having fun when she was suddenly buzzed by a low-flying helicopter. Yes! Donald Trump had arrived and was making good on his promise to give free rides to the kiddies. Officials at the fair had banned him from landing on the fair grounds. Trump, undeterred by fools, set up operations at a nearby baseball field. The only thing missing was Trump playing Wagner at full blast as he circled the state fair from the air.

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August 14th, 2015

Al Gore Considers 2016 White House Run

You know Democrats are getting desperate when they start talking about dusting off Al Gore to run for president in 2016. The guy who claims to have invented the Internet, and won a Noble Peace Prize for predicting that New York City would be under water due to global warming by now is back in the news. As the FBI probe into the Hillary Clinton email scandal is underway, the DNC is getting nervous about their front-running candidate for the White House. Just based on what we currently know, it does appear that at the very least, Hillary Clinton, while serving as Secretary of State, violated at least one provision of Title 18 of the U.S. Code, Part I, Chapter 93, Section 1924 pertaining to the mishandling of classified material.

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August 13th, 2015

FBI Takes Hillary Clinton Email Server

The Federal Bureau of Investigations now has physical possession of the Hillary Clinton email server. This happened as a new report that material classified as ′Top Secret′ were found on at least two emails from the tiny sampling of 40 out of some 30,000 emails. The FBI is also looking into several of Hillary′s staff and their emails, including Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills. A thumb drive containing the some 30,000 emails Clinton turned over to the State Department last December is also being handed over to the FBI by Hillary′s lawyer, David Kendall. All of this is damaging the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign. Bernie Sanders now leads Clinton in the latest polls in New Hampshire while in Iowa, Clinton′s lead continues to decline with Sanders and Joe Biden gaining ground.

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