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July 31st, 2014

Obama to GOP: ‘Stop Just Hating All The Time’

House Republicans passed the bill yesterday to file a lawsuit against Barack Obama for exceeding his executive powers. While giving a speech in Kansas City, Obama replied to the GOP, ′Stop just hating all the time′. What else did we except from him? We have the most corrupt White House in ages. The Obama administration even surpasses that of Nixon′s in breaking the law and manipulating the Constitution. Knowing that the vote was coming, Obama and the Democrats began a campaign last week warning supporters that impeachment was next. The scare tactic worked, raising millions of dollars for Democrat candidates. With the annual summer vacation period approaching, Obama is setting the stage for another major abuse of executive power, acting on the current border chaos to give amnesty to illegal immigrants.

obama to gop

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July 21st, 2014

Gov. Rick Perry to send 1,000 National Guard Troops to Border

Rick Perry, President of the Republic of Texas…, er, um, Governor of the State of Texas, has decided to send 1,000 National Guard troops to the Texas border with Mexico. This follows a wild weekend of drug cartel and illegal immigrant traffickers running amok, including shooting .50 caliber weapons across the border. Since America′s first anti-president, Barack Hussein Obama, refuses to do anything to fix the problems he himself created with his ′Mini-Dream-Act′, Rick Perry is taking matters in his own hands, calling up the guard to assist the Texas Department of Public Safety, a.k.a. the Texas Rangers. Depicted as a bumbling fool during the 2012 GOP primary debates, Rick Perry is demonstrating that he has far more experience and guts when it comes to leadership than Barack ′El Zero′ Obama.

perry sends troops to border

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July 15th, 2014

Is the Border Crisis Obama’s Waterloo?

The flood of illegal immigrants across our southern border has put the Barack Obama administration on the defensive yet again. While the many other Obama scandals, such as the VA hospital and IRS scandals, continue to produce a steady drip of bad news for the White House, the border chaos may be the straw that broke the camel′s back. With a growing number of Democrats publicly criticizing Obama on his handling of the border chaos, we saw this weekend the usual response from Team Obama. Send out Eric Holder to call any critics of Obama as being racists. But this time it may not be enough, as in Chicago, one group of African-Americans, known as The Manchild Movement, took to the streets to complain about Obama spending money on children from Central America while another wave of violence claimed dozens of young lives in the Windy City (see video below). A few members spoke on camera calling Barack Obama the worst president in history, repeating the results of a recent national poll. So is the border crisis Obama′s Waterloo?

obama waterloo

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July 10th, 2014

Glenn Beck Bringing Aid to Young Refugees

Our hero, Glenn Beck, is bringing aid to young refugees being held at McAllen, Texas. Glenn is going with several tractor trailers full of food, water, teddy bears and soccer balls. Barack Obama may be too busy to visit with the thousands of illegal immigrants pouring over our borders, but not Beck! With a heart of gold, Glenn plans to lead his convoy of hope on July 19. But will the Obama administration allow their course of lawlessness be upstaged by the Mercury One talk radio host? Offers of assistance by several religious, or, if you prefer, faith-based, organizations have been rejected. But some folks are already angry with Glenn Beck over this decision to provide material and emotional aid, sending him nasty emails, even death threats! Would you support Beck in this humanitarian endeavor?

glenn beck refugee children

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July 9th, 2014

Michael Savage calls for Obama Impeachment (Open Thread)

Dr. Michael Savage, host of the radio program ′The Savage Nation′, asked his listeners yesterday if the border chaos caused by Barack Obama is grounds for impeachment? Those who called in generally agreed that it is, as Obama threatens our borders, language and culture, the recurring theme shared by The Savage Nation. At least one caller did point out that if the Republican Party actually did win the Senate, or if the House were to start impeachment hearings now, such might cause a backlash in the upcoming election cycles. Dr. Savage agreed that ′The Media′ would have a field day bashing the GOP for taking the country down that road again, especially since the outcome would probably be no better than the slap on the wrist Bill Clinton got for lying about Monica Lewinski. So, my question to you is the latest crisis of the border chaos caused by Obama a different kettle of fish this time? Is this an issue that a larger segment of the population will respond favorably to should the GOP develop the cajones to act?

michael savage obama impeachment

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July 3rd, 2014

Protesters Block Busloads of Illegal Immigrants

On Tuesday in Murrieta, California near San Diego, hundreds of protesters block busloads of illegal immigrants, angered by the Barack Obama administration′s policies. Some 140 women and children from Central America were being transported to a U.S. Border Patrol processing center in Riverside County. It seems that Obama′s policy of promising not to deport children who enter the United States illegally has swamped processing centers in Texas. On Wednesday in Murrieta, a town hall was held where more than 750 legal citizens voiced their anger at local and federal officials over this latest twist in Obama′s plans to destroy America. Aside from the costs of transporting and housing the latest wave of immigrants, meaning more taxes on the citizens, they are also furious about the immigrants carrying many communicable diseases, including tuberculosis and even the swine flu.

Protesters block busloads

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June 30th, 2014

Karl Rove says Obama like King George III

So Karl Rove now chimes in saying that Barack Obama is like King George III for his abuse of executive actions. Rove said on Fox News Sunday that, ″This is imperial power. This is King George the Third. This is some monarch [saying], I am the law.″ Rove calling Obama a king comes just days after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Obama′s recess appointments and as Speaker John Boehner announces that the House will be filing a lawsuit against the Obama administration. After changing the Affordable Care Act some two dozen times and using executive orders to change laws without approval by Congress, Obama has been very frisky as he faces becoming an irrelevant lame duck. Rove also specifically went after Obama for his executive action of ending deportations of illegal immigrant children, now resulting in a crisis along our border with Mexico.

rove obama king

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June 25th, 2014

Obama buys Underwear for Illegal Immigrants

Another week, another Obama scandal. This time it involves the Department of Homeland Security. It seems that Obama wants to buy thousands of pairs of men′s underwear for the illegal immigrants flowing across our borders. A purchase order from DHS calls for buying some 42,000 pairs of underwear, mostly in men′s sizes of medium and large. Some of the underwear will even go as large as 6XL! Oddly enough, the White House claims that this is for the some 48,000 ′children′ illegal immigrants that the Pied Piper Obama is allowing to enter our country. Some border agents now assigned to wet nurse these ′children′ say that many are grown men, complete with gang tattoos. No doubt they are among the thousands of illegal immigrants that the Obama administration is now releasing, moving them to cities across America, beefing up those Democrat voter rolls.

obama underwear for illegal immigrants
Want to help DHS supply underwear for Obama′s illegal immigrants? Here is a fun thong available through Cafe Press you can buy and donate!

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