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November 3rd, 2015

Donald Trump Leads in Polls with 1 Year to go till 2016 Election

With just 90 days until the Iowa Caucus, and 1 year until the 2016 general election, Donald J. Trump is still leading in most of the polls. A new poll from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal did come out today with Ben Carson 3 points ahead of Trump nationwide, but the margin for error is over 6%. Meanwhile, a series of other polls, including some nationwide, still show Trump ahead of the GOP pack of 14 other candidates. Most state polls, including a new one from PPP in Iowa, show Trump leading for the Republican nomination. In Florida, the latest numbers have Trump up on top at 26%, double that of 5th place Jeb Bush and a double digit lead over Marco Rubio. Every poll, even those with Donald Trump in second place, show him as being the best candidate for handling the economy by well over 50%. Trump is also viewed as the best to go against Hillary Clinton.

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September 27th, 2015

Pope Francis Visit to America Ends Today

Pope Francis ends his 2015 visit to America today. He′ll be returning to Rome and the Vatican City after holding mass in Philadelphia this afternoon at 4pm. The crowd is expected to be one million strong or more. This follows masses held in New York City and in Washington, DC earlier in the week. The Papal tour of the USA has caused much debate. Has the Pontiff gone too political in his messages? Did he attack the foundations of Capitalism? Does this make him a Communist? Why so little from the Pope about abortion? Seems that his only reference to protecting life dealt with ending capital punishment. Is the Catholic Church now in league with the forces of Socialism?

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September 24th, 2015

Donald Trump vs Fox News, Round 2

According to Donald Trump, the Fox News Channel is being unfair to him. So, he has decided to suspend appearances on their network for the time being. Trump canceled a scheduled interview for tonight′s ″O′Reilly Factor″ with host, Bill ′Lord Haw-Haw′ O′Reilly. Last night on ′The Kelly File′, Megyn Kelly continued her trashing of Trump with another weekly visit by National Review editor, Rich Lowry. At one point, Lowry claimed that Carly Fiorina ″cut off his balls″ in referring to the fired HP executive performance against Trump during the last debate. Fox News, along with most of The Media, has been beating the drum for Fiorina since then. They have been downplaying, or outright ignoring polls that show Trump still leading the 2016 GOP race. The Media, including FNC, has also been over-hyping stories negative remarks not even made by Trump, yet trying to such tie to him.

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September 22nd, 2015

Scott Walker Walks Out of 2016 GOP Run

…And then there were 15. No, this is not a review of an Agatha Christie novel. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has suspended his 2016 presidential campaign. Walker bailed out of the GOP race for the White House, citing that he did it for the good of the Republican Party. He wants other marginal candidates to do likewise so that a ′true conservative′ with a positive message can emerge and take down the front-runner, Donald Trump. But the reality is that Walker just failed to click with voters. Especially in Iowa, where Walker waffled on the subject of ethanol, a taboo topic in the Land of Corn. Once he did that, his numbers collapsed.

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September 18th, 2015

Croatia Joins Closing Hungary-Serbia Border in Refugee Crisis Caused by Obama

Barack Obama has caused considerable chaos in the world since taking office. Now, the legacy of Obama and Hillary Clinton has resulted in some 4 million refugees from Syria, Libya and elsewhere to flood into Europe. Hungary has closed their border with Serbia, has built a fence and is now planning to extend it further. Croatia announced that they are also closing their borders. Germany, who had promised to take in many refugees, is now rethinking that decision. Europe is being invaded! Meanwhile, Obama′s $500 Million dollar plan to fight the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq was been a dismal failure. Instead of training some 5,000 fighters, only about 65 were trained and only four or five are actually fighting against ISIS-ISIL. We might have been better off just turning those few into $100 Million dollar bionic men.

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August 26th, 2015

Donald Trump battles rude Univision Anchor Jorge Ramos in Iowa

In Dubuque, Iowa, Donald Trump sparred with Univision anchor Jorge Ramos over the subject of illegal immigration. The news anchor rudely interrupted Trump during a press conference prior to a campaign rally. The Donald had just introduced the latest defector from the failing Rick Perry campaign and began taking questions from reporters. Ramos stood up and caused a scene despite several polite attempts by Trump to wait his turn. The Univision anchor refused to cooperate and was escorted out of the room by a member of Trump′s security detail. After Trump took a number of questions from legitimate journalists, he allowed Ramos back in the room. The two then sparred over immigration policy as Ramos asked no questions and instead tried to debate Trump. Trump reminded Ramos that he is suing Univision for $500 Million dollars for breaking a contract with Trump′s Miss USA/Universe franchise. After a few minutes, Donald Trump departed for the rally.

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August 17th, 2015

Donald Trump Outlines Immigration Policy

While Donald Trump serves jury duty today, he is still in the headlines after releasing his immigration policy. The 6-page document details how Trump will stem the flow of illegal immigration into the United States, as well as clean-up the mess left by previous administrations. The Trump plan is getting praise from many unlikely corners, including none other than Ann Coulter! She says its the greatest immigration plan ever written! As we all, whatever Ann Coulter says, no matter how whacky it may sound, she is usually proven correct within 90 days. Donald Trump outlines everything from how he will get Mexico to pay for the construction of a wall along our southern border to ending the whole ′anchor-baby′ thing and clean up the H-1B visa program to create more high-paying jobs for American citizens.

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July 24th, 2015

Donald Trump Visits Border Patrol, Tells Press ‘You’re Finished’

If you are a fan of ′Spectacle′, then you must love Donald Trump! The Donald visited Laredo, Texas yesterday to attend a meeting with the US Border Patrol and other law enforcement officials about the situation along the US-Mexico border. A huge crowd of supporters showed up, perhaps the largest yet in the 2016 presidential campaign. There were some critics of Donald Trump also, including a few members of the hostile press corps. Trump bashed the Liberal Media for taking him out of context and told one such reporter from the Telemundo network, ″you′re finished″. Fans of Trump cheered him on as The Donald continues to tell the truth no matter who it may offend.

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