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May 4th, 2013

NRA Convention 2013 Celebrates Victory Over Obama Gun Grab

Houston, Texas is the scene for the NRA Convention 2013 as Second Amendment supporters celebrate the defeat of Barack Obama′s gun control attempt. The National Rifle Association event began on Thursday and ends Sunday with an impressive list of speakers. Texas Governor Rick Perry, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin and even talk radio stars like ′The Great One′, Mark Levin and our old pal Glenn Beck praised the NRA and real Americans for protecting our gun rights. Meanwhile, our nation′s first anti-president, Barack Hussein Obama, was in Mexico apologizing for that country being flooded with American-made firearms. Forgetting about the Obama administration′s own hand in providing weapons to drug cartels through ′Fast and Furious′, one could argue that most of the guns were made in China, such as semi-auto versions of the AK-47.

nra convention 2013
Glenn Beck is just one of the many patriots speaking this weekend at the NRA Convention 2013 in Houston, Texas. Image Source: NRA website.

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April 18th, 2013

Obama Gun Grab Defeated, Senate Background Bill Fails

The U.S. Senate background bill failed to secure the needed 60 votes to prevent a filibuster yesterday, defeating the entire Obama gun-grab-control agenda. Obama appeared after the vote in the White House Rose Garden with Gabrielle Giffords and some of the parents of the Newtown shooting victims to scold the senators. Even Harry Reid changed his vote to a NO on the proposal submitted by Pat Toomey (R-PA) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) which would have tightened restrictions on private gun sales. The vote is seen as a victory for the Second Amendment, as well as for advocates of the National Rifle Association. Even Obama has been forced to admit that the current legislation would probably do nothing to stop another mass shooting as that which took place last December at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

senate background bill

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April 12th, 2013

New Poll – Police Oppose Senate Gun Control Plan

The White House likes to use policemen as props for Barack Obama speeches, but a new poll shows that police oppose the U.S. Senate gun control plan. Some 15,000 policemen were polled by PoliceOne.com and the results are not good for Harry Reid and the Democrats pushing to rewrite the Second Amendment in the vain hope of curbing gun violence. Of those polled, 95% said that outlawing high-capacity magazine clips would not help. Also, 71% said that banning military-style, semi-automatic ′assault rifles′ would have no effect. Indeed, 20% said that doing so would have a negative effect on public safety! Meanwhile, Senate RINOs, like Pat Looney-Toomey and Lindsey Graham-cracker appear ready to sell-out the American people and the Constitution, once again. When will the voters wise up?

senate gun control

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April 9th, 2013

Obamatopia has fallen… has fallen.

In the midst of an azure sky sprinkled with cinnamon, sugar, and Obama “hopeium;” It would greatly seem that Obamaland; that city on a shining hill that can never be defeated… That prosperous utopian nirvana where there are always enough jobs, money, and exorcist-like grins from Nancy Pelosi… That wonderful paradise where everyone and their momma get to “shirk their duties” and go on expensive vacations and golf outings… is in fact FAILING miserably.

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April 3rd, 2013

NRA School Shield Proposal goes Public

Asa Hutchinson laid out the NRA School Shield plan yesterday at the National Press Club. This follows an earlier press conference held by Wayne Lapierre, head of the National Rifle Association, after the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. In support of the National School Shield, NSS, was Mark Mattioli, father of one of the victims of the horrible event last December. The heart of the 225-page report focuses on school security and the need for more ′School Resource Officers′, armed security guards who have the training and expertise in dealing with potential threats. While providing the option for training and arming teachers and other school personnel are mentioned, the plan leans more towards hiring former police and military who already have firearms training and can pass background checks more quickly.

NRA school shield

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March 29th, 2013

Obama on Gun Control – ‘Shame On Us’

Barack Obama, America′s first Anti-President, once again used the parents of murder victims from the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut to serve him as props and human shields. Pitching his call on Congress to vote on new gun control legislation, Obama declared, ′shame on us′, if the attempt to water-down the Second Amendment is not passed. Well, I have something to say to you, Barack Obama…, SHAME ON YOU for not enforcing current federal gun laws in America′s most violent cities!

obama shame on us

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February 24th, 2013

Obama to Veterans – You are Too Incompetent to Own a Gun!

The arrogance of Barack Hussein Obama knows no bounds as America′s first Anti-President is now trying to prevent our war veterans from exercising their 2nd Amendment rights. Rights for which they have sacrificed so much to protect! The Veterans Administration has been sending out letters to our wounded warriors declaring them to be too incompetent to own a gun. Even threatening to prosecute them under the Brady Law! Once again, we have another indicator of just how much contempt the Obama Administration has for our military and for our Constitution as well!

obama veteran gun rights
Barack Obama pretends to honor military veterans while plotting to take away their Constitutional rights.

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February 13th, 2013

Christopher Dorner Shootout Ends in Blaze

The nationwide manhunt for Liberal Democrat cop-killer, Christopher Dorner, ended in a shootout and a blazing cabin yesterday. Dorner met his fate in the mountains of San Bernardino County near Big Bear, California, not far from where his burnt-out pick-up truck was found last week. Hiding in a nearby cabin, Dorner was surprised when two women arrived to clean the residence. Although he tied them up, one escaped to notify police, causing Dorner to flee, car-jack another vehicle. But he was soon spotted and a moving shootout began as a car chase ensued until he crashed. Dorner then fled on foot to another cabin, where he again exchanged gunfire with authorities. Surrounded and isolated, Dorner apparently shot himself as the cabin began burning, possibly from teargas grenades. His charred body was recovered and awaits positive identification.

dorner shootout

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