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October 2nd, 2015

Oregon Shooting Gunman Targeted Christians

Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon was the scene of the latest mass shooting event yesterday. The suspect, 26-year old Chris Harper Mercer, killed at least 9 victims and wounded ten or more others before being killed. Details are sketchy this early into the investigation. For example, some reports claim that the police shot and killed Mercer, others say he killed himself. Even the exact number of victims has changed several times in the past 24 hours. At least two of those students confronted by Mercer claim that he selected those he killed by asking if they were Christians. Those who admitted they were Mercer killed by a gunshot to their heads. Those who did not answer or said ″No″ were merely shot in the leg.

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September 22nd, 2015

Scott Walker Walks Out of 2016 GOP Run

…And then there were 15. No, this is not a review of an Agatha Christie novel. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has suspended his 2016 presidential campaign. Walker bailed out of the GOP race for the White House, citing that he did it for the good of the Republican Party. He wants other marginal candidates to do likewise so that a ′true conservative′ with a positive message can emerge and take down the front-runner, Donald Trump. But the reality is that Walker just failed to click with voters. Especially in Iowa, where Walker waffled on the subject of ethanol, a taboo topic in the Land of Corn. Once he did that, his numbers collapsed.

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September 19th, 2015

Donald Trump Releases Position Paper, Calls for National Right to Carry Firearms

It is pretty rare when a politician outfoxes the National Rifle Association, but Donald J. Trump is not your average political hack. Trump has issued his second, official, position paper, this time on the Second Amendment. The Donald says that the right to carry firearms should be a national right. That the Second Amendment is the most important amendment in our Bill of Rights as it safeguards the rest along with the entire U.S. Constitution. Trump even calls our right to keep and bear arms ″America′s first freedom″! Usually, its the NRA that has to hold a candidate′s feet to the fire. But Donald Trump not only chopped the wood, but lit the fire for the NRA. How about that, Mr. and Mrs. America? Trump also addresses background checks, improving mental health checks, and adopting tougher criminal sentencing, such as Virginia′s Project Exile program.

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August 29th, 2015

Feds, Conservationists Seek to Ban Guns at National Parks

There is a move to ban firearms and target shooting at our National Parks. Various groups, such as conservation and hiking clubs, are petitioning the Bureau of Land Management to exercise such a ban. The New York Times recently published a story on this. They cite a number of incidents, from Utah to Colorado to North Carolina, where target shooters have been causing damage to the parks. In one case a camper was killed by a stray bullet. The U.S. Forest Service claims that shooting violations at our national parks is up 10% from a decade ago. Naturally, the National Rifle Association is opposing moves by the Feds to close off some areas of the parks from hunters and sport shooters. The vast majority of the violations are from parks west of the Mississippi, where the federal government owns a sizable percentage of the land.

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June 19th, 2015

Dylann Storm Roof Charged with 9 Counts of Murder

For his alleged role in the Charleston church shooting, 21-year old Dylann Storm Roof was charged with 9 counts of murder today during his first court hearing. Roof will face additional charges as the investigation continues. His motivation was to start a race war by committing a mass shooting in South Carolina at the historic, 200-year old Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Dylann Roof is alleged to have been planning this attack, which killed 9 Black worshipers at the church, for some 6 months. This is not the first time he has been in trouble with the law. Roof was arrested twice before in February and April for trespassing and peculiar behavior at a local shopping mall. When arrested in February, he was in possession of the drug Suboxone, also known as Subutex, which has been linked to other acts of violence.

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June 8th, 2015

Obama targets Gun Talk on Internet

There seems to be nothing sacred to Barack Obama, including free speech and private ownership of firearms. So says the the National Rifle Association, NRA, in an article in the Washington Examiner. Using federal bureaucracy and regulations, Obama is attempting to stop all blogs, chats, and even websites from talking about guns. The State Department is preparing to modify the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, ITAR, and the Arms Export Control Act, AECA, to restrict information on firearms. If it goes through, those who dispense even the most basic, technical information on guns and ammunition could face a fine of up to $1 Million dollars as well as a prison sentence.

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March 10th, 2015

ATF Reverses Ammo Ban, Claims ‘Publishing Mistake’

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, ATF, now say that they are not going to ban the so-called ′armor piercing′, green-tipped ammunition common;y used in the AR-15 rifle. That the alleged ban on the M855, 5.56mm NATO rounds was a ′publishing mistake′. A typo! This, despite the fact that they actually tried to justify the ban based on a law from 1986 against purpose-made ′armor piercing′ rounds which could be fired from pistols, or handguns, against law enforcement officers and federal agents wearing ′soft′ body armor. The green tipped ammunition, as I explained in a previous article on the subject, are tipped with a polymer which is designed to improve ballistic performance and actually make the round safer to use when hunting or target shooting.

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March 4th, 2015

Obama Executive Order to Raise Taxes

So now we are hearing talk about the Barack Obama administration considering to use an executive order to increase taxes. Does the US Constitution matter at all anymore? Apparently not! Townhall.com broke a story about how the White House is exploring the idea of using executive actions in new an exciting ways to bring about more Socialism. How can one operate a dictatorship with a pesky Congress always stirring up trouble? We′ve seen this before. Despite a judge blocking the Obama executive order on illegal immigration, the Department of Homeland Security still managed to issue some 100,000 illegal aliens amnesty. The EPA is still busy closing power plants via regulations, since, as Obama put it, utility prices must increase. The FDA is making life hell on restaurant owners through regulations. The FCC is trying to take over the World Wide Web through Net Neutrality. Even the ATF is going after the Second Amendment banning the sale of ammunition. All in a day′s work for National Socialism!

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