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June 8th, 2015

Obama targets Gun Talk on Internet

There seems to be nothing sacred to Barack Obama, including free speech and private ownership of firearms. So says the the National Rifle Association, NRA, in an article in the Washington Examiner. Using federal bureaucracy and regulations, Obama is attempting to stop all blogs, chats, and even websites from talking about guns. The State Department is preparing to modify the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, ITAR, and the Arms Export Control Act, AECA, to restrict information on firearms. If it goes through, those who dispense even the most basic, technical information on guns and ammunition could face a fine of up to $1 Million dollars as well as a prison sentence.

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March 10th, 2015

ATF Reverses Ammo Ban, Claims ‘Publishing Mistake’

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, ATF, now say that they are not going to ban the so-called ′armor piercing′, green-tipped ammunition common;y used in the AR-15 rifle. That the alleged ban on the M855, 5.56mm NATO rounds was a ′publishing mistake′. A typo! This, despite the fact that they actually tried to justify the ban based on a law from 1986 against purpose-made ′armor piercing′ rounds which could be fired from pistols, or handguns, against law enforcement officers and federal agents wearing ′soft′ body armor. The green tipped ammunition, as I explained in a previous article on the subject, are tipped with a polymer which is designed to improve ballistic performance and actually make the round safer to use when hunting or target shooting.

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March 4th, 2015

Obama Executive Order to Raise Taxes

So now we are hearing talk about the Barack Obama administration considering to use an executive order to increase taxes. Does the US Constitution matter at all anymore? Apparently not! Townhall.com broke a story about how the White House is exploring the idea of using executive actions in new an exciting ways to bring about more Socialism. How can one operate a dictatorship with a pesky Congress always stirring up trouble? We′ve seen this before. Despite a judge blocking the Obama executive order on illegal immigration, the Department of Homeland Security still managed to issue some 100,000 illegal aliens amnesty. The EPA is still busy closing power plants via regulations, since, as Obama put it, utility prices must increase. The FDA is making life hell on restaurant owners through regulations. The FCC is trying to take over the World Wide Web through Net Neutrality. Even the ATF is going after the Second Amendment banning the sale of ammunition. All in a day′s work for National Socialism!

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January 29th, 2015

Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent on TV Tonight

RED STATE ALERT! Set your DVRs tonight as former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin travels to the Republic of Texas and meets with the Motor City Madman, Ted Nugent! Sarah and ′The Nuge′ will chat up politics, guns and Rock-n-Roll on this evenings episode of ′Amazing America with Sarah Palin′ on the Sportsman Channel. If you love the smell of high-octane, American gasoline in the morning, then this should please you. No namby-pamby silly talk about how the Taliban are not terrorists or Barack Obama referring to himself 133 times in 3 minutes during a boring speech. Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent go together like blueberry pie and a hot dog.

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November 21st, 2014

Ferguson Gun Sales Surge Prior To Grand Jury Decision

In Ferguson, Missouri, gun sales surge as the community braces for possible violence following the grand jury decision on the Michael Brown shooting. If they determine that no charges should be made against white police officer Darren Wilson, who claims that Brown allegedly attacked him and tried to take his service pistol, then many fear a period of riots and unrest. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has already proclaimed a ′State of Emergency′, activating the National Guard in preparation to potential rioting. Gun stores in the area have seen a major increase in sales and in enrollment in guns safety and handling courses. Overall gun sales are up some 30-50% and at some stores, the increase is closer to 1000%. Thursday night, three protesters were arrested by police as the community sits on the brink of anarchy.

fergsuon gun sales surge

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October 4th, 2014

MSNBC Blames NRA for Ebola

File this under ′Believe It Or Not′! MSNBC hostess Krystal Ball is actually blaming the National Rifle Association, the NRA, for the lack of response on the Ebola Crisis. How did she make this connection in logic? Ms. Ball claims that the reason for the slow response of America on the Ebola Crisis in West Africa is due to the NRA campaigning against Barack Obama appointing Dr. Viveck Murthy as the Surgeon General. One of Dr. Murthy′s positions is that gun ownership should be considered a disease. Democrat senators running in tight elections told Harry Reid they cannot vote to approve Dr. Murthy, so his nomination was tabled. Obama has yet to announce a replacement.

msnbc blames nra for ebola

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July 24th, 2014

NRA Commentator says ‘Everyone gets a Gun’, Kids too!

Commentator Billy Johnson, seen regularly on the NRA News on the Sportsman Channel, says that everyone gets a gun and gun training, children, too! He believes that the world would be a better place if the Second Amendment of our Constitution were taught properly to school children at a young age, along with gun safety and how to shoot. That the younger the better as far as when to start such education. Billy also believes that instead of ′gun-free zones′, which many communities and businesses currently promote, that we should instead have ′gun-required zones′, places where protecting our lives and property should take priority.

evereyone gets a gun

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April 27th, 2014

What? Guns Everywhere and No One Gets Shot???

The NRA convention has come and gone from my hometown, Indianapolis. The media gave it the predictable mixed bag coverage and now the grand debate on gun rights moves to another place and time. Meanwhile, the question that will go unasked, much less answered as the last Bible clinging, gun clutching right wing radical leaves the convention center isn’t what happened here, but what didn’t. Read the rest of this entry »

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