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June 27th, 2014

SCOTUS to POTUS – You Went Too Far, Obama!

Hocus, Pocus, Scotus, Potus! In a 9 to 0 unanimous decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Barack Obama exceeded his Constitutional authority when making recess appointments to the National Labor Review Board. The ruling specified that only the Congress, in this case the United States Senate, can determine when it is in recess. Even the nation′s high court Liberals, said that Obama overstepped his power as president in making the NLRB appointments. A second ruling on matter, brought about by the case of the NLRB v. Noel Canning, concerning a labor dispute between a soft drink bottler and the Teamsters union, ruled 5-4 in a broad interpretation of recess appointments, though still narrower than that used by the White House. The minority opinion in this second ruling, led by Justice Anthony Scalia, said that even appointments during short recesses, such as only 3 days, should be prohibited.

supreme court obama recess appointments

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February 13th, 2014

Senate Approves Debt Ceiling, Clean Bill or Clean Kill?

The U.S. Senate approves the debt ceiling bill, passing the increase 55 to 43. This followed an earlier vote to prevent a filibuster, passing 67 to 31. The House passed its ′clean bill′ on Tuesday with Speaker John Boehner and 27 other Republicans joining all but 2 Democrats against 199 GOP Congressmen who tried to stop it. Unlike previous debt ceiling bills, this one, like that from last Fall, did not put any cash limit on how much money the federal government may borrow. Instead, yesterday′s bill allows the government to borrow as much as they want until March, 2015. Needless to say, Barack Obama and his White House goons are very happy. Not so happy is Senate Republican Ted Cruz, a Tea Party favorite, who at least wanted an amendment to build the Keystone XL pipeline added. Mitch McConnell and Bob Corker were among several GOP Senators who changed their votes to block a filibuster.

senate approves debt ceiling bill

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January 16th, 2014

New Report from Senate: Benghazi Attacks Preventable

A new, bipartisan report from the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee claims that the 2012 Benghazi attacks on our consulate was preventable. The other two major findings of the report are that at least four Al Qaeda affiliated groups were involved in the attack and that the Obama administration has yet to bring any of the terrorists to justice. Perhaps equally important is, yet again, we are given a time-line which proves that the White House, Barack Obama and his incompetent officials, namely Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice, all lied to the American people about the attack being blamed on some stupid You-Tube video. Meanwhile, Fox News reporter, James Rosen, who was being spied upon by the Justice Department, has revealed new, declassified documents from the House closed-door hearings on Benghazi. The gist of which is that the White House statement from September 10, 2012 about precautions for the 11th anniversary of the 2001 terror attacks was a lie. Few, if any, military forces were deployed to respond to any attacks.

benghazi attacks preventable

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November 27th, 2013

What the “Nuclear Option” means for you

I will avoid wasting your time with “Duck and Cover” or the assorted doomsday preparations here, as I go over the assorted (or sordid) details of the latest Democrat strategy of invoking the “nuclear option” in the Senate.

Last week, fresh off the heels of the latest Republican capitulation to Democrats, Harry Reid decided to casually adopt this strategy to end filibusters over certain legislation and judicial nominations. Our current Senate Minority Idiot, Mitch McConnell, responded by saying… “It’s sad!” Read the rest of this entry »

November 22nd, 2013

Senate Democrats use Nuclear Option on Filibuster, End of Democracy?

Did Democracy die in America yesterday when Senate Democrats used the Nuclear Option to end filibusters on lower court appointments? Majority Leader Harry Reid led the Nuclear Option in the Senate votes which limits filibusters winning 52-48. What is the Nuclear Option and what does this mean to you? Simply put, it changes the rules of the U.S. Senate allowing lower federal court judges to be appointed by a simple majority vote. No longer will the minority party be able to block such appointments by means of a filibuster with just 41 senators backing up the block. Harry Reid claims that the Republicans have used the filibuster some 80 times to stop such appointments by Barack Obama, just over half since the Reagan Era. Oddly enough, in 2005, when the GOP ran the Senate, Reid, Obama and other Democrats opposed the Nuclear Option when they blocked court appointments made by George W. Bush more than 40 times. So how would this impact you, Joe or Jane Public? Did Democracy in America die yesterday?

nuclear option filibuster

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October 17th, 2013

House Stenographer Outburst During Government Shutdown Vote, Accuses Freemasons for Godless America

Dianne Reidy, a longtime Congressional stenographer, apparently had enough during last night′s vote in the House of Representatives on ending the government shutdown. The House stenographer took to the microphone and began a rant, accusing Freemasons for writing the Constitution, creating a Godless nation. She praised her Savior, Lord Jesus Christ as she was dragged away. According to Capitol Police, Reidy was taken to a local hospital to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. So was she crazy or has our failed political system driven her to the breaking point? Does she have a point? That the divided nation and our massive debt is due to the Constitution? Will we begin to see more and more of such outbursts as the outrage towards politicians builds?

house stenographer

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October 3rd, 2013

The Ted Cruz Filibuster Caption Contest WINNER!


Here is Texas Senator Ted Cruz in the aftermath of his historic filibuster of the US budget resolution. Cruz talked for 23 hours on the floor of the US Senate.

Caption this photo!

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October 3rd, 2013

GOP Wins Government Shutdown as Harry Reid Tells Cancer Kids to Drop Dead

Barack Obama is exasperated! Not by the House Republicans but by the GOP winning after Harry Reid told children with cancer to essentially drop dead! This latest news on the government shutdown came yesterday and signaled a victory by gaffe for the Republicans. Democrats tried to stay gaffe-free, sending Joe Biden away to prevent him from sticking his foot in his mouth. But Harry Reid is as brain-dead as Biden when he answered a CNN reporter′s question about a separate funding bill to keep the National Institutes of Health, NIH, running. Dana Bash, who may as well send her resume to Fox News now, asked the Senate Majority Leader why the Senate would not consider passing the bill even if it meant it would only help ″one child who has cancer.″ She went on ask if not passing such a bill playing the same game he accuses the GOP of doing? Is she right? If so, then have Republicans in affect won the argument?

harry reid cancer child

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