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August 11th, 2013

Rick Santorum Takes On GOP

Just when you thought it was safe, Rick Santorum is back and takes on the GOP! During his Iowa homecoming, Rick Santorum brings a whiff of candidacy, laying out plans for a Middle Class economic agenda. Gearing up for another obvious presidential run in 2016, Rick Santorum calls the Obama government timid on terror. Still, many question why Rick Santorum is not Conservative enough to challenge other Republican hopefuls, like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul. He failed miserably in trying to beat Mitt Romney of all people. Many other 2016 contenders are also checking in at the Iowa State Fair, such as Donald Trump. Can Santorum rally enough support to make another go at the White House?

rick santorum takes on gop

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August 4th, 2013

Rep. Charles Rangel Calls Tea Party ‘White Crackers’

Charlie Rangel must have been worshiping at a shrine of the Shroud of Trayvon Martin, the hoodie that the Smithsonian now wants to display. Rangel called the Tea Party a bunch of ′white crackers′ during an interview with The Daily Beast. ″It is the same group we faced in the South with those white crackers and the dogs and the police.″, said Rangel. Of course, Rangel is wrong, since the Tea Party is all about individual freedom, something the Congressman knows nothing about. Like all Liberal Democrats, Rangel is all about making government larger and more powerful. One has to wonder about Peter King, another New York state Congressman, who now appears to be pals with Charles Rangel concerning their both supporting the NSA domestic spying of American citizens.

rangel crackers

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May 8th, 2013

Mark Sanford Wins – Obama, Democrats Losers

Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford wins the special election yesterday for the 1st Congressional District, beating Elizabeth Colbert Busch 54-45. The seat was vacated by Tim Scott when he was appointed to the U.S. Senate by current Governor Nikki Haley after Jim Demint resigned to head the Heritage Foundation. Sanford′s victory could be seen as redemption for his silly Appalachian Trail story when he was visiting his girlfriend in South America. Democrats had pushed hard to win the seat and the Liberal Media did all they could to trash Sanford. Will Stephen Colbert hang his head in shame over his sister′s loss? Will Barack Obama now have to face the probability that the 2014 mid-term elections will keep the House in Republican hands?

mark sanford

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November 27th, 2012

Neat Things to Remember

Tonight, I will present a short list of some of my favorite, interesting political ironies, with a short analysis. After the political ironies, we will look at the Al Smith Dinner, one of my favorite parts of the campaign:

“The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing the greatest amount of free meals and food stamps ever, to 46 million people. Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, asks us “Please Do Not Feed the Animals.” Their stated reason for the policy is because the animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves.”
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November 23rd, 2012

Put Up a Fight

Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. is regarded as a very liberal member of the House of Representatives, and was recently re-elected to his House seat… while living in a mental hospital. According to the research I have conducted, he has been living in this mental hospital for health reasons since June, after his diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder.

Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. just resigned from his seat in the US House of Representatives, serving since 1995. What I question is that he’s been incapable of performing his duties as Representative since June, yet he ran for re-election. Then, nearly 2 weeks after his re-election, he resigns, which will cost the taxpayers several million dollars to hold a special election.
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November 8th, 2012

Voter Turnout for 2012 Lower Than 2008

While the postmortem on the 2012 Presidential election begins, it is a notable fact that voter turn in 2012 was much lower than in 2008. Given that some 10 million new voting-aged Americans were eligible to vote, an estimated drop in participation of at least 6 million voters may hold the key to answer many questions. In 2008, some 132,653,958 Americans voted, roughly 62.2% of the country. While some places are still counting ballots, the numbers for 2012 voter turnout are approximately 126 million, roughly 57.5%. Had Mitt Romney just matched the same vote totals that John McCain received, he would have won the popular vote and quite possibly the presidency as well in the Electoral College. So why did so many stay home? Is that why Romney lost?

voter turnout 2012
Voter turnout in 2012 was much lower than in 2008. Image Credit: PBS.org.

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March 24th, 2012

Atmospheric Santorum Ad: OBAMAVILLE

The Rick Santorum campaign recently brought its attention to Barack Obama — as some might say, finally.

In this atmospheric new video, Team Rick gives us a scary, film noirish look at the end of the United States as planned by Barack Obama. It’s so bad that we will all end up in the worst place ever…


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March 22nd, 2012

Santorum Gaffe: Maybe Obama is Better Than Mitt?

Santorum thought he had a pretty darn good point by saying that we need a GOP nominee that presents a clear contrast to President Obama. You could see it in the smugness on his face. But the way he said it was simply gaffetastic.

Santorum started off with a strong and proper message: “You win by giving people a choice,” he said. “You win by giving people the opportunity to see a different vision for our country, not someone who’s just going to be a little different than the person in there.”

This is right, I think. As conservatives, we need to offer the American people a clear contrast to Obama. Every time we’ve offered voters a moderate Republican we’ve lost the White House. In fact, the only clear conservative we offered to the people that lost was Barry Goldwater and he lost because conservatism was so new at the time that Americans hadn’t any real idea what Goldwater was offering them. They didn’t finally have their head-slapping moment until 1980 when Reagan appeared before them. It took from 1964 until 1980 to both convince the establishment that a conservative could win and teach the electorate about just what conservatism meant. And we were only really successful with the latter.
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