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April 28th, 2017

President Donald Trump First 100 Days – The 36th Chamber of Shaolin

Tomorrow marks the 100th day in office for President Donald J. Trump. Only I, your humble pundit, can draw a connection between this occasion and the classic Kung Fu movie, ″The 36th Chamber of Shaolin″. President Trump is not only getting tangible results accomplished, but he is also altering our national ′State of Mind′. While some lesser pundits will call this ′Trumpism′, I call it for what it actually is, ′Trump Fu′! As a Shaolin monk might say, ″Any fool can hear the bell when it is ringing, but only through Buddha (Enlightenment) can one hear the bell when it is not ringing.″

Donald Trump first 100 days

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April 14th, 2017

GBU-43 MOAB Dropped in Afghanistan, ′Mother Of All Bombs′ Kills 36 ISIS Terrorists

Just a week after President Donald J. Trump ordered a flock of Navy Tomahawk cruise missiles to attack an air base in Syria, the U.S. Air Force dropped a GBU-43 MOAB in Afghanistan. The ′Massive Ordinance Air Burst′ weapon, is nicknamed the ′Mother Of All Bombs and has a blast zone a mile wide. It killed some 36 ISIS terrorists using a system of caves and tunnels in the Nangarhar Province along the border with northern Pakistan. The 21,600 pound weapon, however, is not our largest non-nuclear bomb. That honor goes to the GBU-57 MOP, Massive Ordinance Penetrator, which can borrow its way into hardened bunkers deep below the surface. This marks the first time that the MOAB was used in combat since developed in 2003.

GBU-43 MOAB Mother Of All Bombs

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April 13th, 2017

Carter Page Spied Upon by FBI with FISA Warrant

In case you haven′t heard this by now, given that the Main Stream Media is avoiding this story, former Trump advisor Carter Page was spied upon by the FBI using a FISA warrant issued last summer. The 90-day warrant was renewed several times, according to the Washington Post, which broke the news. According to Judge Andrew Napolitano of Fox News, such FISA warrants are not issued to monitor specific individuals, but to addresses which the government believes some form of espionage is underway. The threshold for issuing such warrants is extremely low, only about 0.3% are ever rejected by the FISA courts.

Carter Page FBI FISA

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April 8th, 2017

CNN Rolled by Syrian Refugee, Thanks Trump, Bashes Travel Ban Protesters

CNN anchor-babe Brooke Baldwin got more than she bargained for when she interviewed Kassem Eid yesterday. Kassem is a Syrian refugee and a survivor of a chemical weapon attack in 2013. Baldiwn was attempting to steer him into criticizing President Donald Trump over his travel ban. However, even in the world of ′Fake News′, sometimes ′The Truth′ leaks out! Instead, Kassem praised President Trump for the US missile strike on Syria, and thanked Trump. He then ripped into the travel ban protesters, bashing them for not holding any street demonstrations over the Sarin gas attack this past Tuesday. Kassem Eid told Brooke Baldwin that he agrees with President Trump in that he does not want to come to America but would rather stay in Syria in a safe zone. How about that for a dose of reality?

Syrian refugee thanks Trump

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April 7th, 2017

America Strong Again! US Launches Airstrikes on Syria

President Donald J. Trump sent a clear message last night to Bashar al-Assad. Don′t use chemical weapons! Two US Navy destroyers, the USS Porter and USS Ross, launched a volley of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the Syrian airbase at al-Shayrat, destroying it. Intelligence services have determined that it was from there that the Syrian government launched an attack against civilians on Tuesday using Sarin gas, a nerve agent. Some 80 people were killed, including over two dozen children. Video and images of the victims enraged President Trump, who then ordered the Pentagon for options to respond. Last night′s attack is viewed as a ′measured response′. While Syria claims only six were killed and minor damage to its airbase, the quick, cruise missile attack signals that President Trump is prepared to take decisive action when necessary.

US launches airstrikes Syria

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April 4th, 2017

Susan Rice Unmasked Trump Team Names

Former National Security Advisor to Barack Obama, Susan Rice, is alleged to be the principle suspect in who unmasked Donald Trump transition team members from intelligence documents. Eli Lake of Bloomberg View, part of Bloomberg News, has written that his sources say that Susan Rice was the Obama administration official to order the hidden names of American citizens be revealed in intelligence reports. Normally, when an American citizen is ′caught up′ by way of ′incidental collection′ from eavesdropping on foreign nationals, the names are masked or minimized. Unless there is some urgent need to know who the American is because of possible criminal involvement, such as terrorism or espionage. But, sources seem to indicate that the intelligence reports containing these unmasked Trump Team names have no ′intelligence value′ and certainly no criminal reason to reveal whom they are.


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April 2nd, 2017

Why Wouldn’t Russia Want Hillary Clinton as US President?

Sometimes I feel like the old TV detective, Columbo, who was always gnawed and puzzled by some basic, fundamental oddity at a crime scene. Such is the case of this whole story about Russia trying to influence the 2016 elections. Why would the Russians favor an unpredictable, loose cannon like Donald Trump over a very predictable, typical and highly corruptible politician like Hillary Clinton? I scratch my head and wonder, ″This just does not make any sense!″ Bill and Hillary Clinton have demonstrated throughout their careers that they will do anything for anybody if the price is right. Not to mention a long history of being cozy with Russians.

Hillary Clinton Russia

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April 1st, 2017

CNN – From Fake News to Silly News

The idiocy in today′s journalism just keeps becoming more moronic with each passing day. So much so that it is hard to keep up with all of the silliness. Take a story aired by CNN back on Wednesday, March 22 of 2017. The so-called, ″Most trusted name in news″ actually raised the possibility that President Donald J. Trump was afraid of stairs! No, this is not an April′s Fool Day joke! This is real! CNN actually spent time on on this topic. They left their usual business of generating ′Fake News′ to create some ′Silly News″. Of course, this is not the first time that CNN has aired Silly News…

Donald Trump afraid of stairs

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