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September 6th, 2014

13 Hours In Benghazi – The Truth Comes Out, Again

Friday night, the Fox News Channel aired its special documentary, ′13 Hours in Benghazi′, hosted by anchorman Bret Baier. Based on the new book by Mitchell Zuckoff, we finally hear from eyewitnesses who were actually on the ground during the attacks in Benghazi, Libya the night of September 11, 2012. Three private security contractors who were part of the CIA annex security team were interviewed by Baier at length, telling their story of the terrorist attacks on our diplomatic consulate and CIA annex. We hear from their own lips about the frustration about not being permitted to rush to the consulate to save Ambassador Chris Stevens and his consulate staff. Also, about the long, anxious hours that followed as they called repeatedly for air support, which never came.

13 hours in benghazi

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July 13th, 2014

Bob Beckel ‘Chinamen’ Slur Scandal on ‘The Five’

My favorite Liberal, Bob Beckel, caused another scandal on ′The Five′ when he referred to Chinese people as ′Chinamen′. The other hosts on the Fox News Channel′s talk show all grimaced as Bob tried to recover during his ′One More Thing′ rant about how China is the, ′single biggest threat to national security′. Beckel often complains about the Chinese and this time the focus was on how they come to America to study in our colleges, then return to China where they hack into our computer systems. In recent weeks, there was another wave of hacks into many government websites which have been traced back to China. This latest Bob Beckel scandal from Thursday′s show erupted a small firestorm of outrage on the Internet.

bob beckel scandal

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July 5th, 2014

The Kelly File Special – ‘America’ by Dinesh D’Souza

Last night, Fox News Channel host Megyn Kelly aired a special edition of The Kelly File highlighting the new film, ′America′ by Dinesh D′Souza. Following a 16-minute ′super-trailer′ of the new film, Megyn Kelly interviewed Dinesh D′Souza, then later chaired a ′debate′ between he and former Weather Underground leader Bill Ayers. Instead of focusing primarily on Barack Obama as D′Souza′s earlier film, ′2016′, did, ′America′ exposes the Progressive-Liberal attitudes against American Exceptionalism. A number of outspoken Progressives, such as Noam Chomsky, Ward Churchill, and Michael Moore all tell why they are not proud to be Americans. This provides the backdrop for D′Souza to expose how the Progressive movement has corrupted our major institutions, such as our education system, and why the wold would be an awful place if America had never existed, contrary to the Progressive view of history.

the kelly file special dinesh d  souza

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April 18th, 2014

New Poll Says Obama is a Liar

Another new poll from Fox News shows that most Americans think Barack Obama is a liar. Overall, 61% say Obama has been dishonest. By party affiliation, 60% Republicans, 41% of Independents and even 13% of Democrats believe that Obama is a fibber. His credibility began going downhill rapidly after a flurry of scandals, such as the Justice Department investigating journalists, the IRS harassing Conservatives, Tea Party and religious groups, and the NSA spying on everyone. Then Obamacare sealed the deal as many Obama lies surfaced. Even now, more are emerging as we learn today that in Alabama, widows are losing their healthcare coverage.

obama lies says new poll

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April 1st, 2014

Bob Beckel says Obamacare ‘Will Last For Hundreds of Years’

No, this is not an April Fools joke! On Monday′s edition of ′The Five′ on Foxy News, Bob Beckel actually declared that Obamacare ″will last for hundreds of years.″ This comes as the Obamacare Website went down as the sign up deadline arrives. The Billion-dollar website was again plagued by glitches. But this did not stop the White House from proclaiming success at enrolling some 7 million people at Healthcare.gov. If there is an April Fools joke here, it is coming from the Barack Obama administration. Many believe that the White House has cooked the books as their numbers are ′squishy′.

bob beckel obamacare

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February 21st, 2014

Emperor Obama – FCC Monitoring News Stations

The Barack Obama administration wants the FCC monitoring news stations. A commissioner of the Federal Communication Commission, Ajit PAI, wrote an op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal last week revealing this latest attempt by the White House to control newsrooms. Head of the FCC, Tom Wheeler, tried to tamp down the program which plans to hire a contractor to rate the perceived responsiveness of the news media in providing critical information and critical detail needs to minorities. Wheeler issued a statement that some of the questions the contractors will ask will be dropped. However, the program will move forward, and despite it being allegedly voluntary, there is the perceived threat of TV and radio stations loosing their broadcast licenses if they fail to comply. What′s more, the FCC will also be conducting the same program with print journalism, even though they have no jurisdiction over newspapers. This is the Fairness Doctrine on steroids.

fcc monitoring stations

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February 3rd, 2014

Super Bowl Blowout – Obama Out Spins O’Reilly

The humiliating defeat of the Denver Broncos by the Seattle Seahawks was not the only blowout during Super Bowl XLVIII. The pre-game interview of Barack Obama by Fox News Bill O′Reilly showed why I call Bill ′Lord Haw-Haw′. Obama ran rings around the lightweight questions by the alleged tough guy that O′Reilly likes everyone to believe he is. Even Greg Gutfeld would probably have done a better job asking questions such as where was Obama during the 9 hour long Benghazi attack or who came up with the ′blame-the-video′ story? Instead, we had the usual, unremarkable question set by O′Reilly met with more lies and deflection by Obama.

obama o  reilly interview

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January 22nd, 2014

Glenn Beck does Megyn Kelly, Has Regrets

My hero, Glenn Beck appeared last night with Megyn Kelly on her hit Fox News Channel TV show, The Kelly Files. Megyn interviewed Glenn concerning his open letter to New York Governor Andrew Coumo and his recent remarks about Conservatives not being wanted in the Empire State. Sean Hannity says he may be leaving NY over the governor′s comments and Beck seems to be agreeing that it may be time to move his staff of 200 employees down to Glenn′s studio in Dallas, Texas. Kelly also asked Beck about his old show on the FNC, to which he remarked that he has regrets, believing that he may have played a role in dividing the nation. But, perhaps the bigger story is why Beck was on Megyn Kelly′s show in the first place? For the past three years on FNC, Glenn was nearly the exclusive property of Lord Haw Haw, a.k.a. Bill O′Reilly. True, sometimes Beck would appear on the Fox Business Network on The Don Imus Show, a true treat since Glenn has the wit to dish the I-Man. Many of us already are noticing that Greg Gutfeld seems to be being groomed to replace O′Reilly, changing the ′No Spin Zone′ into the ′Free Unicorn Zone′. Are Big Bill′s days numbered?

glenn beck megyn kelly

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