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February 25th, 2015

Eddie Ray Routh Guilty in American Sniper Trial

Last night, a Texas jury found Eddie Ray Routh guilty of the murder deaths of Chad Littlefield and Chris Kyle in what has been called the ′American Sniper′ trial. The jury of 10 women and 2 men took less than 3 hours to reach their verdict. Judge Jason Cashon sentenced Routh to life in prison without parole. Routh′s defense lawyers failed to convince the jury that their client was guilty by reason of insanity, which would have sent Routh to a mental institute with a potential for release back into the public. The case stems from the 2013 shooting deaths of former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and his friend, Chad Littlefield when they took Routh to the Rough Creek Lodge for some recreational shooting. Litlefield′s parents commented after the verdict that ″justice was served″ while Taya Kyle was absent after leaving the courtroom following testimony from Routh′s mother. His mom apparently knew that her son was a danger but failed to warn Chris Kyle.

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February 14th, 2015

Halifax Shooting Plot Foiled by Canadian Police

CBC News and the Associated Press are reporting that Canadian police in Nova Scotia have foiled a Halifax shooting plot which was planned for Valentine′s Day. Two gunmen were preparing to carry out a mass shooting spree at a shopping mall on Saturday. Three suspects were arrested Thursday by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police while a fourth suspect was found dead at his parent′s home having killed himself. The commander of the RCMP in Nova Scotia, Brian Brennan, told reporters that there is no apparent link with Islamic terrorism at this time, nor were the alleged plotters ″culturally based″ as to their motivation. Brennan did say that the group ″had some beliefs and were willing to carry out violent acts.″ At least two members of the plot had firearms and had planned to kill themselves after inflicting as many casualties as they could.

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December 22nd, 2014

Agitators Backtrack on NYPD Murders

Barack Obama and Al Sharpton were sort of busy yesterday backtracking their anti-cop rhetoric following two NYPD officers shot in Brooklyn Saturday night. Obama, now on another multimillion-dollar vacation in Hawaii, took a few minutes off to issue a statement before playing a round of golf. Al Sharpton held another rally trying to cover his tracks after ginning up hatred against police. Another agitator, NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio also is trying to act like he had nothing to do with motivating gunman Ismaaiyl Brinsley to drive up from Baltimore and commit an act of assassination which he promoted on Instagram. Despite the ambush murders of Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos on Saturday, some Lefty protesters continued their rhetoric, marching down streets in St. Louis chanting ″Pigs In A Blanket″, a reference to one of Brinsley′s Instagram posts. Other incidents occurred this weekend, including the killing of a police officer in Florida, an attempted murder of a cop in St. Louis and vandalism at several police stations across the nation.

ismaaiyl brinsley

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December 18th, 2014

Sons of Guns Update – Grand Jury Indicts Will Hayden

The latest news on William Hayden, former TV star of the series Sons of Guns is all bad. According to the New Orleans Advocate, the East Baton Rouge Parish grand jury has indicted Will Hayden on two counts of raping pre-teen girls. One count stems from his August arrest after being accused of raping the 12-year old daughter of a former employee and probable girlfriend. The second count stems from accusations by another woman who alleges that Hayden raped her in the 1990s when she was 12. In November, the Livingston Parish grand jury also indicted William Hayden with two counts of raping a minor. The first is in connection with the same daughter of the ex-employee, the other for raping his eldest daughter, Stephanie Hayden Ford. The Discovery Channel, which aired Sons of Guns, canceled the Reality TV series about Hayden and his company, Red Jacket Firearms, in September after it became quite clear that Will Hayden was a liability.

will hayden indicted

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December 3rd, 2014

#BlackLivesMatter – Tell Planned Parenthood

On Monday, Barack Obama held a conference at the White House with Al Sharpton and others to discuss the Ferguson protests and riots. That same day, Eric Holder spoke in Atlanta on Ferguson, vowing to end racial profiling by the police. Apparently, they all seem to think that there is some epidemic of Blacks being gunned down by police across America. Or, at the very least, an epidemic of mistrust towards the police in Black communities. Oddly enough, the pro-abortion group, Planned Parenthood, has come out in support of the Ferguson protests. Why do I find this odd? Could it be because some 14 million Blacks have been slaughtered via abortions? That Planned Parenthood has about 75% of their clinics in minority neighborhoods? If there is an epidemic of death and mistrust, its pointed in the wrong direction!

black lives matter

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November 28th, 2014

Ferguson Protests – A Particle or a Wave?

After three nights of violence, the Ferguson protests of the grand jury decision on the Michael Brown case are quieting down. There are still plenty of agitators ginning up anarchy, such as in Los Angeles, St, Louis and New York City. But in Ferguson, Missouri, Thursday night was peaceful with no arrests made by police. Unlike the horror of Monday night, when some 60 businesses burned, looted or vandalized by angry mobs. Dozens of cars were also set on fire, including some 11 police cars, following those immortal words by Michael Brown′s stepfather, ″Burn this b*tch down!″. I have to wonder if some law enforcement agency will have the guts to arrest him for inciting a riot? But then again, his whole family was in on the act, not to mention the Obama White House apparently interfering in the deployment of National Guard troops.

ferguson protests

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November 25th, 2014

Burn, Baby, Burn! Ferguson Protests, Riots, After Grand Jury Decision

Late last night, after 9pm EST, St. Louis County District Attorney Robert McCulloch announced the Grand Jury decision which absolved any criminal wrong-doing by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. Weighing the physical evidence and testimony of some 60 witnesses, the Grand Jury declined to indict Wilson and all possible five counts, ranging from 1st Degree Murder to Involuntary Manslaughter over the shooting death of Michael Brown. In Ferguson, the decision sparked protests and riots, resulting in about two dozen buildings being set on fire and many stores and businesses being looted. Many cars were over-turned and some, including police cars, were put to the torch. In a number of cities across America, organized protests also took place. Barack Obama addressed the need for calm while still playing up to the protesters. Henchman Eric Holder assured all that a federal investigation into the shooting was still ongoing.

ferguson riots

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October 26th, 2014

More Sons of Guns Arrests – Stephanie and Kris Ford Charged with Juvenile Cruelty

There is more legal trouble for the former stars of the TV series, Sons of Guns. Kris Ford faces two counts of cruelty to juveniles while his wife, Stephanie Hayden Ford, faces one count of being a principal to an act of juvenile cruelty. This follows the series demise after the Discovery Channel canceled Sons of Guns when charges of child sexual abuse were brought against Stephanie′s father, William Hayden. These latest allegations against the Fords stem from William Scott, who has a 9-year old son with Stephanie. The child claims that Kris Ford beat him with a belt causing bruises on his right thigh and lower buttocks. The charge against Stephanie is that she was present in the room during the beating. Both are free on $25,000 bonds. The fate of Red Jacket Firearms is questionable having already separated themselves from Will Hayden. If these new allegations lead to convictions, the company could be washed up.

stephanie hayden ford

Orange is the new black for Stephanie Hayden Ford after being arrested for being a principal to cruelty towards a juvenile.

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