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November 21st, 2014

Ferguson Gun Sales Surge Prior To Grand Jury Decision

In Ferguson, Missouri, gun sales surge as the community braces for possible violence following the grand jury decision on the Michael Brown shooting. If they determine that no charges should be made against white police officer Darren Wilson, who claims that Brown allegedly attacked him and tried to take his service pistol, then many fear a period of riots and unrest. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has already proclaimed a ′State of Emergency′, activating the National Guard in preparation to potential rioting. Gun stores in the area have seen a major increase in sales and in enrollment in guns safety and handling courses. Overall gun sales are up some 30-50% and at some stores, the increase is closer to 1000%. Thursday night, three protesters were arrested by police as the community sits on the brink of anarchy.

fergsuon gun sales surge

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October 31st, 2014

Trick or Treat – Landrieu Says Louisiana ‘Racist’ State

Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu apparently does not think much of the voters in the State of Louisiana, telling NBC News that they are racists and sexists. Perhaps this is why she has declared her official residence is her multi-million dollar home near Washington, DC. Landrieu′s comments during an interview may haunt her come Tuesday with her campaign against Republican senatorial candidate, Congressman Bill Cassidy. Most pundits are favoring Cassidy to win, though his victory may not come until a run-off election on December 6th due to a strong, 3rd-Party candidate, Rob Maness. Maness may only get a few percentage points at best, but it will probably be enough to deny either Cassidy or Landrieu from getting 50% of the vote on November 4th.

mary landrieu

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October 2nd, 2014

Boston Herald Obama Cartoon – Racist? (PHOTO)

You know things are bad when a Liberal, Northeastern newspaper, the Boston Herald, runs a Barack Obama cartoon and implies the old stereotype about watermelons. The watermelon toothpaste cartoon by Jerry Holbert has certainly caused a stir. An apology was issued that was more watery than a watermelon, ″…we sincerely regret is we inadvertently offended anyone..″. Sounds more like something a stand-up comic would say after telling a joke in poor taste due to several scotch and sodas. The cartoon poked fun at the recent screw-up by the Secret Service when a man actually entered the White House. Earlier reports that they ad apprehended the fence jumper on the grounds outside were false. This latest scandal resulted in the resignation of the head of the Secret Service, Julia Pierson.

boston herald obama cartoon

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August 24th, 2014

Harry Reid to Asians – I’m Sorry

Does the senior senator from Nevada, Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid, hate Asians? Apparently so! Reid joked to an audience of Asians at a meeting of the Asian-American Chamber of Commerce in Las Vegas last Thursday. He said, ″Wongs ain′t smarter than anyone else″. Oops! On Friday, Reid apologized for his remarks, especially since using the term ′Wong′ is about the equivalent of using the dreaded ′N-word′ when referring to African-Americans. Is the gaffe just the ramblings of a senile, old man who took one too many punches to his head during his brief boxing career? Or is Harry Reid just so full of himself he thinks he can say anything he likes and get away with it?

harry reid asians

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August 18th, 2014

National Guard Sent to Ferguson, MO

The Democrat governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, has ordered the state′s National Guard into the town of Ferguson only hours after doing 5 Sunday talk shows complaining about police militarization. For over a week, the town has been a scene of utter chaos following the shooting death of a black teenager, Michael Brown by a white police officer, Darren Wilson. The incident has sparked racial tension and civil unrest, resulting in looting, terror, violence and many arrests. Some of the protestors are from out of town, like the New Black Panther Party, stirring up more trouble. Efforts to enforce a curfew have led instead to more violence as hooligans throw Molotov cocktails at police.

national guard ferguson

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August 12th, 2014

Has America already lost itself?

America’s priorities are all upside down right now. Never mind our so called leaders; we the people have no clear absolutes anymore, no engagement with reality. Just look at what turns our head and what we tolerate. Read the rest of this entry »

August 5th, 2014

HufPo Links Tea Party Hatred of Obama to Racism, Again…

Writer H.A. Goodman of The Huffington Post once again proves that old axiom of blogging, when you have nothing else to write about, PUNT! In this case, the punt is yet another tired piece of dribble accusing the Tea Party of being a bunch of racists. That Tea Party members only hate Barack Obama because he is black, or African-American. That their issues with our anti-president have nothing to do with his bungling of foreign and domestic policies. Nor with his routine trampling of our Constitution. This, despite of an ever growing litany of abuses and misuses of executive power from the Obama White House. Even John Brennan, Obama′s CIA Director, was finally forced to apologize for the Central Intelligence Agency spying on members of the U.S. Senate, including many Democrats!

tea party not racists

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April 30th, 2014

Donald Sterling Banned for Life by NBA

NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced yesterday that LA Clipper owner Donald Sterling is banned for life by the NBA. The penalties include a $2.5 million dollar fine and prohibits Sterling from attending any NBA games or being at any NBA facilities or events. The Board of Governors of the National Basketball Association will also vote shortly on whether or not to force Sterling to sell the Los Angeles Clippers, which he has been sole owner of since 1981. All of this stems from the public release of private phone call recordings made by V. Stiviano, who is, or was, Donald Sterling′s girlfriend, allegedly. The recordings allegedly indicate that Sterling had a racist attitude over Stiviano, a Latino-African-American herself, posting photos of herself posing with black people, such as Magic Johnson, on her social media sites.

donald sterling banned

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