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May 16th, 2017

Fake News Rampage, from Morning Joe to Washington Post

Monday was another busy day for the Fake News Media! We start out with the ′Love Birds′ at MSNBC′s ″Morning Joe″ falsely claiming that Kellyanne Conway secretly hates President Donald Trump. Yeah, that′s why she gave up a million-dollar business and moved her family to Washington so she can take a huge pay cut to work for somebody she hates. The lies Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough spread are truly beyond all reason. Later in the day, we have the Washington Post publishing another Fake News story about how President Trump leaked classified information to the Russians during a meeting last week at the White House. Forget that the Washington Post got caught publishing two major Fake News items last week about President Trump firing James Comey. Once again, the WashPo only offers innuendo from unnamed, anonymous sources. Meanwhile, those who were actually in the room during the meeting deny the story completely.

Morning Joe Kellyanne Conway

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May 15th, 2017

King Charles III on PBS Masterpiece Theater

When President Donald Trump gets rid of PBS funding in the federal budget, one thing I might miss is ″Masterpiece Theater″. Most of the time they air soapy dribble but once in a while they put on a gem from the BBC, such as ″King Charles III″. Airing last night, the movie is based on a play by Mike Bartlett about what may happen after Queen Elizabeth II dies. In short, its political chaos in the UK as Prince Charles takes over from ′Mummy′ and gets into a row with Parliament. Seems that they want to pass a new law restricting press freedoms from invading people′s privacy and Chucky refuses to sign the law. The matter of ′Royal Ascendency′ comes into play, resulting in a political stand-off between the Monarchy and the Elected Government.

King Charles III

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May 13th, 2017

Mothers Day 2017 Kung Fu Mama Marathon

Celebrate Mothers Day 2017 with the El Rey Network as they air the ″Kick Ass Kung Fu Mama Marathon″! Yep! We will be treated to 6 classic, authentic, Kung Fu movies from those wacky Shaw Brothers, Run Run and Runme Shaw. All in ultra-wide format ′Shaw Scope′! See lovely Chinese babes like Pei Pei Cheng and Ivy Ling Po hack off heads, arms, legs and smash the rib cages of their male opponents. Fountains of blood will gush as these hot ladies wield swords, knives and spears all with extraordinary magnitude! Far better than watching some soapy-dopey flick on the Lifetime or Hallmark channels.

Mothers Day 2017 Kung Fu Mama Marathon

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May 12th, 2017

Media Fake News on James Comey Firing

The Washington Post ran a couple of stories in the past 48 hours which turned out to be totally false. Naturally, the rest of the Fake News Media followed suit, even after Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe testified before the U.S. Senate hearing yesterday. Even Fox News ignored the clarifications on their ′Crawl′. First came a lie about how President Donald Trump fired James Comey after he requested more money to expand the Russia meddling probe. That Trump fired Comey in order to end the investigation, especially after a federal grand jury began issuing subpoenas for documents from Michael Flynn. During his testimony before the Senate, McCabe cleared that lie up, stating on the record that if the FBI needs more money, they ask the Congress, not the White House! He added that the FBI never asks for more funds for any single investigation, and that the Russia probe will continue regardless of who is director.

james comey fake news

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May 10th, 2017

President Donald Trump Fires James Comey

President Donald J. Trump fired FBI Director James Comey yesterday upon the recommendations made by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. If you watched the ′Fake News′ coverage last night or this morning by The Media, one gets the impression that there is something suspicious with the ″timing″ of this decision. Some headlines use the adverb ″abruptly″ to describe said ″timing″. But, the simple ′Truth′ is that Rosenstein was only confirmed as Deputy A.G. Just two weeks ago, receiving 94 ′Yea′ votes from the U.S. Senate. The well respected Rosenstein, who had been serving as U.S. Attorney for the District of Maryland, conducted a review of the FBI and of the Justice Department as part of his duties. His recommendation to dismiss Comey for over-reaching his authority is well founded.

trump fires comey

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May 9th, 2017

Sally Yates Hearing on Michael Flynn

Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Quillian Yates and former Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper appeared before the U.S. Senate committee probing into possible Russian interference in the 2016 elections yesterday. After hours of testimony, it became quite clear that little, if anything, new was learned. Democrat Senators focused on why it took the Trump administration 18 days to fire Michael T. Flynn after Yates informed the White House that Flynn may be subject to being blackmailed by the Russians? They also raised more questions about if the Trump campaign was colluding with Russia. Republican Senators focused more on the unmasking of the names of American citizens in intelligence reports who had been ′captured′ through ′incidental surveillance′. Also on who was responsible for the unmasking of names and who may have leaked this information to the Press?

Sally Yates hearing

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May 8th, 2017

French Election Results Big Win for Emmanuel Macron

Globalists are breathing a sigh of relief. Yesterday′s French election results ended with Emmanuel Macron winning big over Marine Le Penn. The populist candidate only got about 35% of the total votes cast for an actual candidate. About one-third of all ballots cast were blank, a vote for ′None-of-the-Above′. Macron mostly won big in Paris, grabbing about 90% of the votes. Le Penn did well in outlying areas of France, as well as with younger voters. Which may be odd considering that Macron is the youngest leader of France since Napoleon Bonaparte. The French election was a battle between two ′outsiders′, as this was the first election in modern times where neither of the two largest political parties in France succeeded. Overall voting reflected this with a very low turn out.

French election results

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May 6th, 2017

Hillary Clinton New Money Scam

Hillary Clinton is at it again! Fresh off of her defeat, Hillary needs money. Lots of money! So, she is starting a new ′non-profit′ political action group to resist President Donald Trump. Hey, gotta milk all the mileage she can from her sucker list of campaign contributors! After all, now that she no longer has any hope of achieving power, donations to the Clinton Foundation have dropped off significantly. Especially with Barack Obama out on the speaker circuit gobbling up those $400,000 fees from Wall Street bankers. How else do you expect Hillary Clinton to afford private jets and $5,000 bottles of wine for her and Huma Abedin to enjoy? Or replace those shoes Hillary keeps losing from stumbling about?

Hillary Clinton resist

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