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September 19th, 2014

Florida Schools Approve Satanic Coloring Book

What goes on in Orange County, Florida? Well, the school board there has approved the distribution of ′The Satanic Children′s BIG BOOK of Activities′ coloring book! In the spirit of freedom of religion, or freedom FROM religion, The Satanic Temple has published their new coloring book and will be distributing them to the Orange County School District. A Florida judge recently dismissed a lawsuit against the school district from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, an atheist group seeking to prevent any religious materials in public schools. While this may have been seen as a good thing for ′mainstream′ religions, it opened the doors to all comers, including devil worshipers.

satanic coloring book

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September 18th, 2014

Pope Says World War 3 Has Begun

Last week, while holding mass at an Italian World War I military cemetery, Pope Francis observed that World War III may already have started. ″Even today, after the second failure of another world war, perhaps one can speak of a third war, one fought piecemeal, with crimes, massacres, destruction.″ The head of the Catholic Church has also recently come out supporting military action against the Islamic State following the beheadings of Western hostages and the wholesale slaughter of Christians in Iraq and Syria. Chinese military professor Han Xudong was also stated that World War 3 may have begun as we are in, ″an era of new forms of global war.″ Territorial conflicts and control of major sea lanes in the western Pacific have increased tensions. Then we have the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Strife abounds across Africa. Whether one, or more of these regional conflicts ignites a global war seems problematic as, in total, the potential for massive bloodshed is high even without grand alliances. In fact, one could argue that this is actually World War 4!

world war III

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September 17th, 2014

Benghazi Hearings Begin Amid Latest Cover-Up Allegations

Today on Capitol Hill, the Benghazi Select Committee begins to hold hearings on the 2012 attack by terrorists in Libya, resulting in the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Led by Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC), the select committee will seek to resolve the many unanswered questions that exist. For example, why was there no additional security sent despite two earlier attacks and who started the whole ′blame-the-video′ story? This all comes as new allegations of a cover-up in the State Department have been made by former official Raymond Maxwell who claims that he saw staffers sifting through documents in order to conceal them from the Accountability Review Board, or ARB. The Obama administration, as well as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, along with their allies in the Progressive-Liberal Media, often refer to the ARB report as a ′case-closed′, protecting Obama and Clinton from any blame. Of course, the ARB not only apparently did not have full access to all documents, as Maxwell alleges, but they also never interviewed Hillary Clinton, nor other key staff members in the State Department, nor even those who were in Benghazi during the attack!

benghazi select committee

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September 16th, 2014

Pre-Midterm Election thoughts

I hear a lot of people saying, “We gotta take the country back!” I admit that from time to time I’ve been guilty of that myself, but no more. I no longer think it’s about taking the country back. I’d be happy if we’d just stop giving it away.

I’m 58 years old and stunned at how much we’ve given up just in my lifetime. Oh, we’ve grizzled and mumbled and whined about it but in the end, we let it go a little bit at a time. We consoled ourselves with this “well, it just isn’t worth the fight” mentality, yet somehow it has always been worth the fight to the left so more often than not, they’ve gotten what they came for. Meanwhile, we’ve lived to fight another day, except that “another day” never comes. To this day we haven’t found a single thing worth fighting for (save possibly the second amendment) or a single line in the sand we couldn’t step back from. Why then are we so surprised at what we’ve lost? More importantly, what has been their secret weapon that has us backpedaling on every front?

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September 16th, 2014

The War on Poverty, a $22 Trillion Dollar Failure

How does it feel to spend $22 Trillion dollars on something and have nothing to show for it? If you think that is bad, that something, the War on Poverty, has even gotten worse after all of that money was spent. Begun 50 years ago by then President Lyndon Baines Johnson, the War on Poverty was meant to help the least fortunate in America. As wars go, this was the most expensive, costing three times more than all ′military′ type wars the United States have fought since the American Revolution through today. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, which released a new study on the subject, the War on Poverty has been a total failure. The poverty level is at 14% in America today, exactly the same as it was in 1967. One-third of U.S. citizens now receive some form of welfare, including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, costing taxpayers an average of $9,000 per recipient. Yet, according to the Census Bureau, in today′s inflated economy, it would cost five times more than the nearly $1 Trillion dollars spent annually to make a dent in the poverty level. Are you ready to pay 5 times more in taxes?

war on poverty

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September 15th, 2014

Sarah Palin Family Brawl

The initial story of the Sarah Palin family brawl, reported by a blogger, Amanda Coyne, and later repeated by one Eric Thompson on ABC′s Good Morning America, seems to be false. A close friend of the Palin family told Real Clear Politics another version of the events which occurred during a birthday party for several snowmobile racers in Anchorage, Alaska. The party was hosted by Matt and Marc McKenna, who were celebrating their birthday. The Palins were invited as they were friends of the McKennas and also Todd was celebrating his 50th birthday. According to the first version told by Coyne and Thompson, the Palin family started the fight when son Track Palin went after Conner Cleary, an old boyfriend of his sister Willow Palin. Other guests joined in including Todd and Bristol Palin, who was said to have had a ″good right hook″ as she clobbered the owner of the home the party was held at, Chris Olds. The Anchorage Police said of the Palin family brawl that it was largely due to excessive alcohol and that no charges have been made.

sarah palin family brawl

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September 14th, 2014

British David Haines Beheaded in ISIS Execution Video

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also known as either ISIL or ISIS, released a new execution video showing British aid worker David Haines being beheaded. Once again, the deed was performed by the so-called ′Jihad Johnny′, a left-handed man with a distinct Cockney accent who is believed to have once been a resident in the UK. Haines, 44, was abducted over a year ago while working for a relief group in Syria. Before his demise, he read a statement prepared by ISIL-ISIS warning the United Kingdom not to ally with the United States in attacking the Islamic State. Prime Minister David Cameron later issued a strong statement calling the murderers ″evil″ and once again vowed to oppose the radical ideology of the terrorists.

david haines beheaded by ISIS

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September 13th, 2014

CBS Bans Pledge of Allegiance Ad (Video)

File this one under Liberal Media Bias. CBS Sports Network has rejected a TV ad from the Windermere Real Estate Tri-Cities firm because it is ″too political″. The ad shows the 4-year old granddaughter of Dave Retter, the owner of the realty company, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. The ad, entitled, ″Our Future″, was meant to run this weekend during the CBS Sports broadcast of the Wrangler Champions Challenge rodeo event on Sunday. The commercial was filmed a month ago and was intended to be run now, partly because of the 9/11 commemorations this week. Dave Retter told the local newspaper, The Tri-City Herald, ″We just thought it′s around Septe. 11, Patriot Day, and rodeo is as patriotic a sport as it comes. We′ve had so many positive responses, we felt it would be fun to run something positive.″ Apparently, CBS Sports does not think that anything patriotic is ″something positive″.

cbs bans pledge of allegiance ad

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