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December 22nd, 2014

Agitators Backtrack on NYPD Murders

Barack Obama and Al Sharpton were sort of busy yesterday backtracking their anti-cop rhetoric following two NYPD officers shot in Brooklyn Saturday night. Obama, now on another multimillion-dollar vacation in Hawaii, took a few minutes off to issue a statement before playing a round of golf. Al Sharpton held another rally trying to cover his tracks after ginning up hatred against police. Another agitator, NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio also is trying to act like he had nothing to do with motivating gunman Ismaaiyl Brinsley to drive up from Baltimore and commit an act of assassination which he promoted on Instagram. Despite the ambush murders of Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos on Saturday, some Lefty protesters continued their rhetoric, marching down streets in St. Louis chanting ″Pigs In A Blanket″, a reference to one of Brinsley′s Instagram posts. Other incidents occurred this weekend, including the killing of a police officer in Florida, an attempted murder of a cop in St. Louis and vandalism at several police stations across the nation.

ismaaiyl brinsley

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December 21st, 2014

America Unearthed – Marco Polo Discovers America

What if Marco Polo discovers America in the 13th Century for China′s Ming dynasty? Does North America belong to China? Since the United States owes China so much money, they may as well claim us! But for forensic geologist Scott Wolter, at least this week′s episode of America Unearthed on the History Channel H2 was not another treasure hunt. We′re back to speculation about pre-Columbian visits to America. Our journey begins near San Francisco at the East Bay Rockwall, which bares some resemblance to part of the Great Wall of China. Scott even flies to China to learn more about Admiral Zheng He, a 15th Century explorer whose 7 voyages of discovery were truly amazing. One of his ships may even have reached the East Coast of North America, leaving a token medallion, or ′business card′ of Emperor Xuande with Indians in North Carolina. Plus, there are many maps based on ′ancient Chinese secrets′ which show North and South America. So let′s set our sails and get started!

america unearthed marco polo

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December 20th, 2014

Brad Meltzer’s Lost History – The White House Cornerstone

Where is the White House cornerstone? Do the Freemasons have it stashed away? Or is it, and its commemorative brass plaque, still buried deep in the foundation at the Southwest corner of the White House? These are among the questions asked in this week′s episode of Brad Meltzer′s Lost History on the History Channel H2. We also have the story of four lost letters from the Vietnam War and the missing pistol from the infamous home of ′The Amityville Horror′. So let′s go relic hunting!

brad meltzer  s lost history white house cornerstone

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December 19th, 2014

Sony Caves, Hackers Save Us from ‘The Interview’

I am mildly amused by the reaction to the news of Sony Pictures canceling the release of the movie, ′The Interview′, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. A group of hackers calling themselves Guardians of Peace have been releasing emails and other documents after breaking into Sony′s computers. This week, they up′d the ante by threatening ′9/11 style attacks′ if the movie, ′The Interview′ were opened at theaters on Christmas Day. The plot of the flick is about two dopey talk show hosts being granted an interview by North Korea′s leader, Kim Jong-un. The CIA then tries to hatch a scheme to have the two dopes assassinate Jong-un. While many are outraged by Sony caving in to the hackers demands, I, for one, am grateful to them! They have saved us from another stupid movie starring the idiot Seth Rogen. They also have peeled back the veil of deception and shown how Hollywood Liberals are a bunch of hypocrites.

seth rogen the interview

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December 18th, 2014

Sons of Guns Update – Grand Jury Indicts Will Hayden

The latest news on William Hayden, former TV star of the series Sons of Guns is all bad. According to the New Orleans Advocate, the East Baton Rouge Parish grand jury has indicted Will Hayden on two counts of raping pre-teen girls. One count stems from his August arrest after being accused of raping the 12-year old daughter of a former employee and probable girlfriend. The second count stems from accusations by another woman who alleges that Hayden raped her in the 1990s when she was 12. In November, the Livingston Parish grand jury also indicted William Hayden with two counts of raping a minor. The first is in connection with the same daughter of the ex-employee, the other for raping his eldest daughter, Stephanie Hayden Ford. The Discovery Channel, which aired Sons of Guns, canceled the Reality TV series about Hayden and his company, Red Jacket Firearms, in September after it became quite clear that Will Hayden was a liability.

will hayden indicted

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December 17th, 2014

Judge Declares Obama Immigration Action Unconstitutional

On Tuesday in Pittsburgh, US District Court Judge Arthur Schwab ruled that the Barack Obama immigration executive order is unconstitutional. The federal judge issued the rule in a criminal case pending against an illegal immigrant from Honduras. Judge Schwab ruled that Obama′s executive action amounted to an ″unilateral legislative action″, well beyond any presidential powers authorized by the United States Constitution. The judge also said the executive order violated the ′Take Care Clause′, which requires the president to ′take due care′ while executing laws. Naturally, the White House and Justice Department reaction is that the judge erred and the ruling will be overturned. Liberal legal pundits are pointing out that Judge Schwab is a Republican and is misinterpreting the separation of powers.

obama immigration 1

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December 16th, 2014

Taliban Kills 130 in Pakistan School Attack

Remember the Taliban? The Islamic terror group that the Barack Obama administration wanted to negotiate with as we pull our troops from Afghanistan? Well, the Taliban are still in the terror business as they have killed at least 130 people, including some 80 children, in a Pakistan school attack today. An army public school in Peshawar was the target as at least 6 to 8 Taliban fighters entered the building and began their murderous rampage. At least one teacher was burned alive in front of students and many children were beheaded. The group known as the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, or TTP for short, is claiming responsibility. The attack on the school is retaliation for the ongoing Pakistan military assault in North Waziristan called Operation Zarb-e-Azb. The school′s 500 students were attacked around 10:30am local time. Along with the dead and injured, an unknown number of students and teachers are being held hostage.

pakistan school attack

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December 15th, 2014

Police Free Sydney Hostages

After a 16-hour standoff, Australian police free 30 Sydney hostages held by an Islamic extremist at a Lindt Chocolate Cafe located in the Martin Place Plaza. The siege was ended when police stormed the cafe using flash-bang grenades. The hostage taker has been identified as an Iranian-born Muslim cleric named Man Haron Monis, whom had called himself ′Sheikh Haron′. He was well known to police after being arrested for writing offensive letters to the families of Australian soldiers killed while serving in Afghanistan and was sentenced to 300 hours of community service. The 40-year old terrorist was also charged as being an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife and more recently with a sexual assault charge from an attack on a woman back in 2002. Monis was out on bail awaiting trial when he seized hostages at the popular chocolate shop in downtown Sydney.

Sydney hostages

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